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Editor’s Note: Amazon charges for preorders when your preorder ships from their fulfillment center. It’s that simple. If your preorder is months in advance, you won’t be charged until your preorder ships. This is Amazon’s normal process for all products. No charge until shipment is sent. You can also visit Amazon’s preorder page here if you have any additional questions.

When Does Amazon Charge For Preorders?

Amazon charges for preorders when your order status changes from’ Not yet shipped’ to ‘Ready for shipment’. In other words, you get charged for preorders when Amazon ships your preorder.

Even better, if your payment declines, Amazon will send you an email stating something went wrong. You’ll have additional time to add a secondary payment option so you don’t lose your preorder.

When Does Amazon Charge For Preorders? Process Explained

You’re only charged when your order ships from Amazon’s fulfillment center. 

When you place an order on Amazon, your bank is contacted to confirm adequate balance in your account. 

From there, your bank will confirm a sufficient balance. The good news? Amazon’s payment software only accepts payment for your preorder when your item(s) ships from their fulfillment center.  

Price Fluctuations

When Amazon first lists a pre order item, it could be months before its actual launch date.

Since Amazon bases their release date on information given to them by the pre order company in question, that date can change as pre order release date gets closer. 

The result? If the price drops, Amazon will charge the lower price when the pre order item ships. If the price drops after Amazon charges your card, they’ll refund you the difference. Even better, if the price goes up after your the ship date, Amazon won’t charge you the higher cost! 

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