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Editor’s Note: Amazon’s warehouse deals (AWD) are covered under the same A-to-Z protection (found here) and return policies as their normal marketplace products. It’s that simple! There’s some incredible deals on AWD worth looking at. We’re always scouring AWD on a weekly basis to find marked down items difficult to find any place else. Good luck!

What Is Amazon Warehouse Deals Return Policy?

Since 2015, Amazon’s warehouse deals return policy is very simple. You can return any item you order from AWD within a 30-day period after receiving shipment

Keep in mind, Amazon Warehouse Deals are usually items and products that are refurbished, used, returned or considered warehouse-damaged.

Amazon will always list the physical and functional usability of each item they sell on their warehouse deals. 

can you return amazon warehouse deals? Details Explained

As we mentioned above, Amazon Warehouse deals return policy is very simple. Their returns are covered under the same A-to-Z return policy as all their normal marketplace items are. 30-days from shipment. No questions asked. 

It’s really that simple. 

We recommend checking out Amazon’s full return policy page here for additional info.

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