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What Is A Green Tea Mattress?

While the name is confusing and vague, a Green Tea mattress is really simple. It’s a mattress that infuses their foams with Green Tea. Why? Green Tea is a relatively safe, trustworthy antioxidant. It’s a natural derivative that’s extracted and placed in foams to maintain it’s freshness. This is especially true in reducing initial odors & off-gassing from a brand new mattress.

Zinus popularized this Green Tea foam infusion in their Zinus Green Tea mattresses. While there’s no direct studies measuring effectiveness & antioxidant properties with Green Tea, at worst it’s an interesting addition to making a mattress more eco-friendly. At best it’s a genuinely effective way to reduce odors & keep a mattress fresh.

Our 3 Favorite Green Tea Mattresses

Zinus’s 3 main mattresses that infuse their memory foam with Green Tea include:

  1. Memory Foam – Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress
  2. Gel Memory Foam – Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress
  3. Hybrid (spring + memory foam) – Zinus 12 Inch Euro Box Top Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress

1. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

  • Best selling mattress on Amazon
  • 4-layers of durable support & comfort
  • Green-tea infusion for fresh odor reduction
  • Accommodates all 3 sleep positions very well
  • Comparable in feel to mattresses 10-20x in price
  • May be too firm for some (6.5 on a 1-10 scale)

Summary: Zinus’s Green Tea infused memory foam mattress is one of Amazon’s best selling mattresses. Odor is significantly reduced with their Green Tea infusion, and it’s surprisingly difficult to tell the difference between their sub-$200 mattress (at the time of this post) & Tempurpedic. If you want a budget memory foam mattress that’s eco-friendly, holds up extremely well, and accommodates all sleep positions, Zinus’s 12″ Green Tea mattress is our strong recommendation. 

2. Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

  • Ideal for all 3 sleep positions
  • Best selling mattress on Amazon
  • Gel memory foam for heat control + cool sleep
  • May arrive to your home with some initial smell

Summary: Unlike Zinus’s regular memory foam green tea mattress, their Gel-infused line makes a small, but significant alteration. They not only infused their foams with green tea, but they also infuse them with gel. This makes a huge difference for capturing & dissipating heat at night. The result is a much cooler sleep. This is perfect for sleepers that tend to sleep hotter at night than others. The best part? It’s price. It accommodates shoppers looking for ultra-value; which is a lot easier said than done when it comes to finding healthy eco-friendly mattresses on a budget.  All foams are CertiPUR Certified, and it comes with a beautiful soft fabric-knitted jacquard cover. It’s about a 6.5 on a 1-10 firmness scale. It has 4 layers of airflow memory foam gel infused + green tea. 

3. Zinus 12 Inch Euro Box Top Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress

  • Holds up really well with heavy duty coils
  • One of Amazon's most popular hybrid beds
  • Best of both worlds hybrid coil + foam feel
  • May arrive with some initial smell

Summary: Zinus’s 3rd and final Green Tea infused mattress is their hybrid pillow top + coil design mattress. Unlike Zinus’s Green Tea memory foam & Gel infused mattress, Zinus’s euro box hybrid has heavy duty coil springs for support & durability, with a soft fiber-quilted cover & green tea foams underneath to create a soft, cloud-like feel on top. It’s still a medium firm bed, about a 6 on a 1-10 firmness scale. Zinus uses high quality Green Tea foams that are durable & perform very well. This mattress is perfect for people looking for a best of both worlds feel. The durability of a coil mattress with the comfort & versatility of a memory foam mattress. 

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