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Editor’s Note: Weber Grills are never usually on clearance. Old models rarely (if ever) go on ‘clearance‘ online. The worst part? New models sell quickly. You might get lucky finding specific Weber models on clearance during off-season inventory clean outs, but that’s rare. Very rare. The good news?  A much better option involves checking Amazon Warehouse directly to see if you can purchase a clearance model. Amazon Warehouse has openbox, used, refurbished, and everywhere in between. These are essentially clearance Weber grills at a serious discount. 

Weber Grills Clearance (all models)

Spirit II Series


309 Reviews

Genesis II Series


233 Reviews

Smokey Mountain


2,012 Reviews

Original Kettle


1,180 Reviews

Chances are a luxury car won’t go on clearance, even if it’s an older model. That same concept applies to Weber grills going on clearance.

Weber grills usually never go on clearance. They have 4 main grill series that are their most likely to go on clearance. These models are:

All 4 of these grills may go on clearance at some point during the year. There’s a ton of factors that go into which model goes on clearance, when. This makes it a very unlikely scenario. The result? Finding a Weber grill on clearance is almost like winning the lottery.

There is good news, however. Amazon Warehouse.

Amazon Warehouse is like clearance. Why? It’s a section on Amazon where like-new, refurbished, and used products are sold at a steep discount. 

We strongly recommend taking a look at Weber models on Amazon and seeing if you can snag one at a significant ‘clearance-like’ discount.

Let us know if you find one in the comments! We’d love to hear (our readers would too). 

Pro Tip: Amazon regularly offers free grill assembly with select grill purchases (depending on your location). Search Weber Grills on Amazon here & find out if a grill you’re looking for has free assembly. 

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