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Weber Grill Coupons & Coupon Codes

Editor’s Tip: Amazon warehouse has some ridiculously good deals on Weber grills right now. They aren’t traditional ‘coupons‘ or ‘discount codes,’ but they’re lightly used Amazon warehouse Weber grills. Check these Amazon warehouse deals on Weber grills here and see if there’s any deep discounts on open-box or like-new Weber grills.

Weber makes some of the best gas, charcoal, and smoker grills in the world. They find a way to combine durability, versatility, and great build quality in all grills they make. The problem? Weber rarely (if ever) runs coupons or coupon codes. Why? A few reasons, but the main one being they sell a premium product that’s in high demand. Why offer a coupon code when people are willing to pay for them at current prices?

Weber’s 6 most popular lineups include:

Make no mistake, Weber grills are worth their sticker price; the previous we made are alternative viewpoints to consider. 

Continue reading for Weber’s latest potential discount and promotional codes.

Weber Company Info

Weber Genesis II E-310 Reviews

Weber Grill Discount Codes

weber discountsFinding discount codes on Weber grills is next to impossible. Our next best solution? Click here to visit Amazon and find current potential discount code sale prices for Weber gas, charcoal & smoker grillsFree shipping is available on many of Weber’s grills; even expert assembly (depending on your zip code).

Weber sale prices usually stay the same year-round, so you can usually purchase with complete confidence knowing you’re getting the lowest available Weber grill price online.

Pro Tip: Most Weber grills on Amazon automatically offer free ‘Expert assembly‘. This usually depends on your zip code. Our recommendation? Visit one of their grills (like the Genesis II E-310), and check to see if you’re eligable for free expert assembly. Read more details on Amazon here

Weber Grill Promo Codes

As of March 2018, Weber grills on Amazon (or in stores) don’t directly offer promotional codes of any kind. Our guess?  Weber works on relatively thin margins. For over 120 years Weber manufactured gas grills in the U.S.. In 2015, Weber decided to move their Spirit II and Genesis II line production to China. Why? Costs to manufacture their gas grills were too high in the U.S.. We can only hope Weber brings back production in the U.S. sometime in the future, but for now – no promo codes.

Why Doesn't Weber Offer Promotional Codes?

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a few reasons why Weber doesn’t offer promotional codes. Weber aims to maintain a relatively high quality in the grilling space. Promotional codes may potentially dilute that image. Also, Weber most-likely works on thin-ish margins (as noted by their move to manufacture their Spirit & Genesis II lines in China). 

The result? Less promotions (even though they never ran promos in the past, either). 

Weber Gas Grill Printable Coupons

weber coupons and coupon codesAt this time, Weber has no gas grill printable coupons. Most Weber coupons that exist today were from many years ago that have expired. Weber has no current coupons to take advantage of, including printable. Our thoughts? Not a problem. Weber grills are already priced very well in our book. Take a look at Weber’s current pricing on Amazon & decide if Weber prices make sense for you.

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