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Zinus Mattress Reviews

Zinus Inc

Part of my mattress reviews series, Zinus Mattresses are some of the most affordable mattress options. They’re a mattress in a box style on Amazon, with prices ranging from under $100 to as high as $600 (their most expensive priced model being a gel-infused memory foam hybrid).

But, there’s a big problem.

Zinus has a confusing # of mattress options on Amazon. The simple breakdown is:

They have a seemingly endless list of different heights, styles, mattress types, and everything in-between.

The good news?

I break everything down in the most comprehensive Zinus mattress review online.

Simple, fast information to help you make a genuinely informed buying decision.

Click one of the styles below to find out if their memory foam, hybrid, or innerspring style is best for you.

Zinus Types

Zinus offers several main mattress style. We’ve only reviewed their memory foam line as of Dec. 2017. We plan on reviewing their euro box top hybrid foam and spring and gel-infused memory foam hybrid line soon.

Continue below for a brief overview of their memory foam line.

Zinus Furniture

Zinus sells more than mattresses. They have a massive furniture selection on Amazon, too. Like their mattresses, Zinus’s furniture selection is wide-ranging with serious value. Zinus’s furniture selection includes.

They sell even more furniture on Amazon, but these are the main categories.

Not only is Zinus incredibly affordable, but the process seems much easier than going in a physical store and price haggling with a pushy sales person.

Zinus Policies

Zinus Return Policy

Zinus has a simple return policy.

On AmazonAmazon’s basic 30 day return policy applies to all mattresses, including Zinus. 

On the Zinus website – Zinus offers a 100 day sleep trial if you purchase from there site. Shipping may take longer, but you get an extra 2+ months. 

Zinus Warranty Policy

Zinus has a 10 year worry free limited warranty. They address most of these warranty issues over the phone. Their customer service # is 1-800-613-1225.

Their full warranty page is here

The short version is Zinus will replace your mattress if it’s defective because of workmanship or structural defects excluding:

  • normal foam softening over time from break-in as long as “continual pressure reducing and pressure relief properties of the mattress” is not lessened.
The bottom line? For a sub-$300 gel memory foam mattress, Zinus’s warranty is more than adequate.

Zinus Customer Service

Zinus has strong customer service support, especially given their price. They have a dedicated phone line (unlike other bed in a box companies in this price range). They’re generally good at solving issues and problems as they arise.

Zinus Product Registration

Whether you purchase a Zinus mattress on their site or Amazon, there’s no requirement to register. 

Zinus does have a “Register & Stay Connected” page. This page allows you to register your product on their site. 

Where To Buy Zinus Mattress ?

Zinus sells their mattresses in a few different places online, including:

Zinus Mattress Sam's Club

zinus mattress sams club

Sam’s Club sells a wide variety of Zinus mattresses. Primarily selling their Night Therapy line. Their Night Therapy line is incredibly popular, coming in spring, memory foam, and hybrid variations.

Zinus Mattress Amazon

zinus mattress amazon is Amazon’s best selling mattress. Shipping on Amazon is reliable and fast. Purchasing a Zinus mattress on Amazon is probably the best place to purchase one.  

Zinus Mattress Walmart

zinus mattress walmart

Zinus sells mostly all their same products from Amazon on too. 

My only problem with purchasing a Zinus product on Walmart is that Walmart’s 3rd party ecosystem is not as big as Amazon’s. The result is a much wider and reliable selection on Amazon (in general) when it comes to Zinus mattresses. In some cases, shipping isn’t even available on

I recommend checking Zinus out on Amazon vs. Walmart because:

  • Walmart has barriers to their seller marketplace  – Walmart & Amazon have different seller networks. Options, variation, and prices for Zinus products may be higher compared to Amazon.
  • Less competition – Prices may be higher for some Zinus items on Walmart vs Amazon because there’s less sellers.
  • Smaller product selection – I found most Zinus products from Amazon on Walmart, but not all. I found some Zinus products only on Amazon.
  • Higher shipping costs – Some Zinus items I found cost $10-$50 to ship from Walmart vs. Amazon’s free prime network.

Zinus Coupon

Zinus has a few special coupons worth taking advantage of. Read my full Zinus coupon page here for their latest coupons. It’s worth a quick glance to see if there’s any current offers.

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