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Sleep On Latex Review

  • 10-year warranty
  • Free shipping & returns
  • 100% natural latex
  • 3 firmness options for all sleepers
  • Soft, organic New Zealand wool cover
  • Relatively new company (2013)
  • Some initial memory foam smell

Sleep On Latex Verdict

Sleep on Latex is a 100% natural latex mattress sold on both Amazon & their website. It does several things really well. For one, it’s 100% natural latex. Natural latex is one of the best types of latex mattresses you can buy. Second, it’s an ultra-value latex option without sacrificing quality. It’s priced under $1200 (Queen). For perspective, the average latex mattress is north of $1900. The value is obvious in a big way. 
Sleep on Latex offers 3 different comfort levels. All sleep positions are well accommodated with their soft, medium-firm, and firm versions.
We recommend checking SOL’s mattress out if you enjoy all the benefits of a latex mattress (amazing pressure point relief, dust mite resistance, hypoallergenic, 100% natural, etc) without paying $3,000+

Sleep On Latex Mattress Review

Sleep on Latex is a 100% natural, ultra-value, budget-friendly latex mattress that’s sold 50-70% less than similar quality latex styles you’d find in stores (and even online). It comes in 7″ and 9″ height options, and has 3 firmness levels to choose from (soft, medium-firm, and firm) to accommodate all 3 sleep positions. 

Sleep on Latex is is not for everyone, but if you like a latex feel that conforms to your body with great bounce, amazing pressure relief that rivals (and sometimes beats) memory foam, and cool sleep properties,  Sleep on Latex is one of the best values going into 2018 we’ve seen.

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Sleep On Latex Comfort & Support

Firmness & Comfort

100% natural latex

Latex feels much different than memory foam and innerspring mattresses. Anyone that has laid on a latex mattress will tell you. It doesn’t quite conform to every point on your body like memory foam (which may be a good thing), and it doesn’t form impressions like innerspring mattresses tend to. Sleep on Latex feels resiliant, cushy, and supportive. Since they use Dunlop (a firmer latex material) it isn’t as springy as Talalay (a softer latex material). 

Soft Version – Sleep on Latex’s soft mattress is best for side sleeping (with occasional back and stomach sleeping). If you’re primarily and back and stomach sleeper, we recommend their firmer version. On a 1-10 firmness scale, SoL’s soft is a 3.5 – 4. 

Medium Firm Version – Sleep on Latex’s medium-firm is ideal for an equal use of all 3 sleep positions. If you constantly turn and shift at night and don’t hold a single sleep position, their medium-firm is a great option. Their medium-firm is a 5.5 – 6 on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being table-top hard. The slightly firmer feel is designed to accommodate pressure points really well like their soft version, but it provides a little more resilience when you do lay on your back and stomach. 

Firm Version  SoL’s firm version is a back and stomach sleeper mattress. If you occasionally sleep on your side, their mediumfirm may be more appropriate. People tend to choose the firm if they need to sleep on their back for personal or medical reasons (always consult your doctor first).  Their firm is a 

Note: If you’re buying a King size and you and your partner have different firmness preferences, we recommend buying 2 Twin XLs with different firmnesses and placing them together to act as a single King-size mattress.

Edge Support

Sleep on Latex has surprisingly good edge support. Latex mattresses have fantastic edge support to begin with, but since Sleep on Latex uses Dunlop (a more resilient latex material) edge support is great. Since their mattress is 100% natural latex, if you get up from sitting on the edge, the latex will return to it’s initial position almost instantaneously, a feature we really like

Support + Weight Limit

Support – One of the benefits of a latex mattress is it’s fantastic support.  Latex is renowned for being some of the longest lasting beds money can buy. Sleep on Latex is no different. Because Dunlop latex is such a strong latex material, it does a really amazing job supporting sleepers pain points, and contours just enough to support proper body alignment.

Impressions – Innerspring and to a lesser extent memory foam mattress owners complain about impressions. Impressions on a latex mattress is rare, especially a 100% natural latex foam mattress like Sleep on Latex’s. 

Weight Limit – Because there’s less impressions and overall better support on a latex mattress, weight limits are more flexible. 

Note: Comfort and support mean different things to different people. Weight, shape, size, and sleep preference all play roles in how supportive and comfortable a mattress can be. Sleep on Latex is a really good Dunlop latex option, but not all people like that latex feel. If you’re not confident you enjoy how latex feels, we recommend visiting a local store & trying some Dunlop mattresses out to decide if your body responds well. 

Sleep on Latex has 3 firmness options, a soft, medium firm, and firm. Their 100% natural Dunlop material has fantastic general & edge support. Accommodates all weights, and impressions are minimalnone.

Sleep On Latex Construction

All Sleep on Latex’s mattresses are manufactured and shipped from their Chicago facility. They come in 2 heights, their 7″ and 9″ model. 

Mattress Cover

Sleep on Latex’s pure green mattress uses a 1″ quilted New Zealand wool cover wrapped in organic cotton. Wool is naturally flame resistant, so it meets all fire-retardant mattress laws without stuffing unnecessary chemicals in their mattress. This is something we love seeing, and for a lot of people it makes a big difference.

Both New Zealand wool and organic cotton do an amazing job keeping the mattress cool. Wool does an amazing job insulating foam from heat sources, and the organic cotton breaths well.


Latex is much different than memory foam. Memory foam mattresses usually stuff several layers together hoping to provide different firmnesses and cooling layers. Latex usually only needs 1 or 2 layers, a support & a comfort layer. 

7" Height

sleep on latex 9 inch height

SoL’s 7″ height is a simple 6″ base layer of Dunlop latex foam with 1″ quilted wool cover wrapped in an organic cotton cover. 

Top Layer (comfort & cooling) – 1″ quilted wool wrapped in organic cotton. Adds softness and heat insulation while maintaining a natural fire barrier.

Bottom Layer (foundation + support) – 6″ of Dunlop latex for compression & support. 


9" Height

sleep on latex 7 inch height

SoL’s 9″ height changes with 2″ extra soft layer of Dunlop foam. Their 9″ layer accommodates side sleeping a little more (in general). Most people choose this comfort layer because it’s a more substantial option. 

Top Layer (comfort & cooling) – 1″ quilted wool wrapped in organic cotton. Adds softness and heat insulation while maintaining a natural fire barrier.

Middle Layer (comfort + support) – 2″ of natural Dunlop latex that adds extra support and comfort for side sleeping. Also acts as a transition layer between the top wool layer and bottom support layer. 

Bottom Layer (foundation + support) – 6″ of Dunlop does a really good providing compression and support, ultimately adding more longevity to the mattress. 

sleep on latex organic new zealand wool
Organic New Zealand Wool
sleep on latex organic cotton cover
Organic Cotton Fabric

Sleep on Latex has 2-3 layers. Their 7″ height has 2 simple layers, a 1″ wool/organic cotton cover and 6″ Dunlop support. Their 9″ height adds 2″ of softer Dunlop transition layer

Sleep On Latex Customer Service

Sleep on Latex was started by 2 brothers in 2013. Their 100% natural pure green foam they use is all from a factory in Sri Lanka. We like this because it allows them to have full quality control of their latex foams. They genuinely believe they use the best latex foam available in the world.

All Sleep on Latex mattresses are sewn and assembled in their Chicago factory. 

Lets look at their return & warranty policy.

Sleep On Latex Return Policy

Sleep on Latex has a 100-night return policy.

We recommend reading Sleep on Latex’s full trial-return policy page here if you have any additional questions we didn’t answer.

Sleep On Latex Warranty

Sleep on Latex has a standard 10-year warranty. It covers up to 1″ of impressions. Mattress companies usually cover up to 1.5″ of impressions., but Latex does not impress nearly as much as memory foam and latex, so 1″ coverage is more than enough in most cases.

SleepOnLatex has a 100-night return period with a generous 10 year warranty that covers up to 1″ of impressions

Sleep On Latex Price & Dimensions

Since SleepOnLatex has 3 firmnesses. The result? Prices vary slightly between each firmness and size. Pay attention to their prices to make sure you pick appropriately for your budget.

Sleep On Latex Mattress Price + Dimensions

SoftMedium FirmFirmDimensions
Twin – $749Twin – $799Twin – $84975″ x 39″ x 7″ or 9″
Twin XL – $749Twin XL – $799Twin XL – $84980″ x 39″ x 7″ or 9″
Full – $999Full – $1,049Full – $1,09975″ x 54″ x 7″ or 9″
Queen – $999Queen – $1,099Queen – $1,19980″ x 60″ x 7″ or 9″
King – $1,499King – $1,549King – $1,69980″ x 76″ x 7″ or 9″
Cal King – $1,499Cal King – $1,549Cal King – $1,69984″ x 72″ x 7″ or 9″

Sleep On Latex Amazon

Amazon – Sleep on Latex sells their 9″ height on Amazon in their soft, medium, and firm.

What Makes Sleep On Latex Good + Unique


  • 10-year warranty
  • Free shipping & returns
  • 100% natural latex
  • 3 firmness options for all sleepers
  • Soft, organic New Zealand wool cover


  • Relatively new company (2013)
  • Some initial memory foam smell

Sleep on Latex isn’t just another bed in a box mattress. They distinguish themselves by not only being latex, but 100% natural latex, a big difference with a host of additional benefits. 

Sleep On Latex Is A Great Mattress For People That:

Love A Resilient Latex Feel – Sleeponlatex uses Dunlop latex. Dunlop is a more resilient, firmer feel than Talalay (in general). The result is a mattress that has that familiar latex bounce with great body, spine, and general support.

Need A Mattress That Supports Heavier People – Since Dunlop latex is more resilient than other mattress types like memory foam and spring coils, our heavier readers are much more accommodated. We comfortably recommend Sleep on Latex for all weights and sizes. If you’re over 300 lbs, we recommend their firm

Are Budget Conscious / Value Shoppers – Sleep on Latex has one of the least expensive prices we’ve seen for a 100% all natural latex mattress. For the features, material quality, and longevity, it’s difficult for us to recommend considering a better option for our budget conscious readers looking for a 100% all natural latex mattress. 

Hate Body Impressions – Dunlop latex develops minimal (if any) impressions over it’s lifetime. This is not the case with innerspring, and to a lesser extent memory foam mattresses. If you want a feeling of ‘floating on top‘ of your mattress (or at the very least want your mattress to return to it’s initial position), Sleep on Latex is one of your best options to consider. 

Want An 100% All Natural, Healthy, & Cool Sleep With Great Airflow – Sleep on Latex does several things right that make their mattress a healthy + cool sleep, including:

  • New Zealand Wool + Organic Cotton Cover – They use wool stitched under their organic cotton cover. This does 2 things; it allows them to comply with all flame retardant laws using natural wool (which also insulates heat & keeps the body cool), and their organic cotton cover has natural airflow.
  • 100% Natural Latex – No poly foam, no synthetic or blended latex. Just 100% natural latex. Little to no off-gassing, hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and much more.

Please don’t hesitate to write any comments or questions below. I’m quick and happy to respond.

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