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Lull Overview

Lull Mattress Reviews + Size Comparison

  • Good Value
  • 10" Profile
  • Okay Value
  • 10" Profile
  • Okay Value
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  • Outstanding Value
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  • Great Value
  • 10" Profile
  • Great Value
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  • Great Value
  • Perfect for memory foam lovers
  • Risk-free 100-night trial
  • Free shipping


  • Not good for people that like a bouncy spring or latex feel
  • Doesn’t have as much frills as other mattresses in this price range
  • Not for people that weigh over 275+ lbs

Lull Review

Like most memory foam mattresses, Lull has a distinct memory foam comfort that feels like you’re sleeping “in” the bed. For people that enjoy sleeping inside the mattress with little-no motion transfer, Lull is a great option. Lull is specifically designed to accommodate all sleep positions, and for most people? It does a really good job. 

Lull might not be as popular as other memory foam bed in a box styles like Casper & Purple, but it has all the main features you’d expect from a quality mattress. Features that do a great job keeping the mattress cool – aligning your mid-section for proper spinal positioning. You’d pay 1-3 times more for something similar to a Lull in a physical retail store.

Continue reading for a fast, simple breakdown below.

Lull combines memory foam with a durable support base to create a cool, supportive mattress that’s built to last 10 years

lull mattress firmness

Lull Comfort & Support

Firmness Lull is a medium firm mattress, between a 6-10 on a 1-10 comfort scale. Although Lull says firmness is a 6 on a 1-10 scale, it’s actually closer to a 6.5 – 7. 

Comfort – Lull is designed for all 3 sleep positions. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side, Lull accommodates you surprisingly well. 

Edge Support –  Lull is a little firmer than average, so edge support is good. You do sink quite a bit, but no where near the levels you’ll see with other mattresses in this price range.

Support + Weight Limit – Lull reports a 250 lb weight limit for their mattress. If you’re over 300 lbs I recommend going with a mattress that’s designed for heavier folks. I usually give a 25 lb grace period above what a company reports, so even up to 275 lbs should be more than fine. 

Comfort and support can mean different things for different people. Weight, shape, size, and sleep preference all play roles in how supportive and comfortable a mattress is. The good news? Lull’s mattress supports most sleepers most of the time

Lull is a 6-7 on a 1-10 firmness scale. Ideal for all 3 sleep styles, including back, stomach, and side. High density support foams mean Lull supports sleepers up to 275 lbs

Lull Construction

Lull Layers

Lull does a surprisingly good job combining their 3 foam layers to create a supportive, cool gel memory foam mattress. Most bed in a box styles are 8-10″, so seeing Lull at 10″ means it’s a fairly substantial option. The result is a mattress that doesn’t “bottom-out” as much as other cheap, low quality options at this price range.

Cover – Lull uses a polyester & rayon blend for their cover. It’s a stretchy, flexible material that does a good job staying soft & keeping the mattress cool at night. 

Top Comfort Layer (1.5″ memory foam) – Lull uses a top memory foam layer that distributes weight evenly and contours to pressure points. This is essential for relieving stiff pressure points (lower back & neck specifically). If you’re sitting at a desk for long periods of time, this becomes that much more important.

Lull claims ideal sleep temperature is 69 degrees. Their 1.5″ visco memory foam top layer isinjected with gel polymer is designed to transfer heat from the body at night. The top fibers combined with an open cell foam structure enhance airflow and push hot air away from your body.

Middle Therapeutic Layer (1.5″ memory foam) – Lull smartly places 1.5″ of additional transition foam for healthy spinal alignment. This is where Lull’s cradling and support come from. The part I like most from this layer is you won’t get stuck like other memory foam mattresses. There’s a pretty good level of bounce back and support so you’re not struggling to move at night.

Base Support Layer (7″ high-density poly-foam) – Lull’s base layer is designed to absorb movement and energy so you don’t feel your partner (pets included) when they shift positions (or get up) at night. 

This layer also happens to be fairly durable. It’s strong, resilient, and adds stability & structure to Lull mattress. It’s designed to keep the mattress lasting with normal use for 8-10 years.

Lull uses a soft, breathable, and flexible cover from rayon & polyester. All 3 layers in Lull work together to create a contouring, support mattress that relieves pressure & tension in your pain points. It’s designed to last 8-10 years with normal use

Lull is between a 6-7 on a 1-10 firmness scale. This provides strong support and comfort for multiple sleep positions, especially back and stomach sleepers. Combine this with quality materials, and Lull becomes a surprisingly durable mattress for such a relatively low price point. 

Heavier individuals & couples also do well on a Lull.

Lull Problems Explained

Like all mattresses, Lull isn’t without problems.

Side SleepingLull is a 6.5 – 7 on a 1-10 firmness scale. The result is a firmer mattress that does a really good job accommodating back and stomach sleeping. The problem? If you’re primarily a side sleeper, Lull may not be the best for you. Can it accommodate side sleeping? Of course. But accommodating doesn’t mean it’s ideal. 

Bed in a Box StyleLull is a bed in a box mattress. A small % of people do not like bed in a box styles. Compressed foam rolled in a box and delivered to your doorstep is a fantastic concept, but some people prefer a more traditional luxury delivery experience.

Lull might not be ideal for people that (1) sleep on their sides & (2) don’t like bed in a box mattresses

Lull Customer Service

lull customer service overview
Lull's Customer Service Overview

Online mattress companies have to rely on their superior customer service to ease hesitation from buying a mattress online site unseen. Unlike some mattress companies, Lull has good support. They’re available by phone 7 days a week, from 6 am – 6 pm PT. They generally respond quickly to emails. They also have their own on-site chat service to answer questions as you browse their site. You can check their customer service page out here.

Lull Return Policy Review

Lull has a hassle free, simple return policy.

Mattress Return Policy – Lull has a 100 night sleep trial. Unlike other mattress companies, Lull does not require you to sleep on their mattress for 30 days before returning, which I like a lot. 

The best part? Lull allows you to return within 100 days from purchases on Amazon too. Most other bed in a box companies only offer Amazon’s 30 day return period on their mattresses sold on Amazon. 

Lull Warranty

Ghostbed has a straight forward 10 year warranty. You can read their full warranty on their site here.  

Lull has a simple 100 night sleep trial that applies to Amazon purchases too. Hassle free 10 year warranty

Lull Delivery & Shipping Time

Since Lull is only sold online. Delivery and shipping times are quick, especially from Amazon

Lull does not offer removal. It arrives in a packaged box delivered to your doorstep. Their delivery service doesn’t setup or take away your existing mattress. If you’re looking to get rid of your old mattress before you receive your Lull, I recommend donating to a charity like Goodwill, Salvation ArmyHabitat for Humanity, and Hope Services. They’re all great charities to donate your old mattress to.

Lull Financing

Affirm Financing – Lull uses Affirm financing. Affirm is one of the most popular financing options used among a lot of mattress companies. Their approval rating is high, and making monthly payments through their platform is really easy. You can read more about Affirm on Lull’s website here.

Lull Sale

Ghostbed runs several sales through major holidays during the year. I recommend visiting our Ghost bed coupon and promo code page for our latest Lull updates. 

You can also visit Ghost bed’s Holiday Deals page directly on their site to get latest sale information.

Lull Amazon Overview

Lull sells their 10 inch cooling gel memory foam mattress on Amazon too. 

It comes with fast 2-day shipping. Some areas have next-day delivery, which is essentially delivery within 24 hours. All their sizes are usually in stock.

Lull Is A Great Mattress For People That:

Want A Mattress That Accommodates All 3 Sleep Styles – Lull is specifically designed to accommodate all 3 sleep positions, and it really does. Rarely have I seen someone complain about Lull being too firm for side sleeping. If you’re primarily a side sleeper? Lull may not be for you, but if you’re an occasional side sleeper? It’s a fantastic option.

Want Real Value – Lull does a lot of things right. Combining 3 layers to accommodate pressure points, stay cool, and keep long-term durability is something not many other mattresses can claim. Combining a top memory foam layer with their proprietary mid layer for therapeutic support makes a big difference for aligning the spine and relieving pressure points. 

Looking For A Great Price/Value Ratio – You’d be hard-pressed to find a 10″ mattress with 1.5″ of gel memory foam, 1.5″ of their proprietary foam, 7″ of high density poly foam support priced as well as Lull is.

Please don’t hesitate to write any comments or questions below. I’m quick and happy to respond.

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