Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

  • Great Value
  • 10" Profile
  • Cool Tencil Cover
  • 2.5" Gel Top Layer
  • 7.5" Support Layer
  • Best For All 3 Sleep Styles
  • Stellar Value
  • 10" Profile
  • Cool Tencil Cover
  • 3" Gel Top Layer
  • 7" Support Layer
  • Best For Side Sleepers

Lucid 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid’s 10 inch gel memory foam mattress is a great value. Most people don’t know this, but it has 2 comfort options –  a medium plush style, and a softer plush version. The plush version has .5″ more pressure relieving gel memory foam on top, with .5″ less support foam, making it ideal for side sleepers.  The medium plush is ideal for side sleepers, but does a decent job supporting back and stomach sleepers. Lucid’s medium firm is much more ideal for back and stomach sleepers, but still handles pressure points for side sleeping too

Lets take a look at each mattress below.

Lucid 10" Comfort & Support

10" Medium Firm Firmness & Comfort

Firmness & Comfort – Lucid’s medium firm is a 6-7 on a 1-10 scale. It’s great for all 3 sleep styles, including side, back & stomach.

Edge Support – Being a firmer mattress, edge support holds out well with the 10″ medium firm. Over 28 verified reviews on Amazon positively mention edge support. Check those reviews out here.

Weight Limit – Weight limit is around 300 lbs for Lucid’s 10 firm. Anything over 300 lbs, and I recommend Lucid’s 8″ firm (perfect for back & stomach sleepers).

10" Medium Plush Firmness & Comfort

Firmness & Comfort – Lucid’s medium plush is on the opposite end of the spectrum, a 3-4 on a 1-10 scale. It’s great for primarily side sleepers (with occasional back and stomach).

Edge Support – Edge support is surprisingly good on the softer version. Over 40 verified comments on Amazon positively mention edge support. You can read those here.

Weight Limit – Surprisingly, Lucid’s medium plush 10 inch still supports weight well. Many verified reviews weighing between 250-300 lbs report great overall support. You can read those here.

Lucid Construction

10" Medium Firm Construction

Mattress Cover – Lucid’s 10 inch covers are the same. They’re a soft, breathable tencel / polyester blend. Similar to cotton in durability and airflow.

Top Comfort Layer (Gel Foam) – Their 10″ cover is a simple 2.5″ gel infused ventilated memory foam cover. This does a great job supporting back and stomach sleepers. Side sleeping is well support too, just not as well as their 10″ medium plush version

Bottom Comfort Layer (High-Density Foam) – Lucid adds .5″ of high density foams to give a slightly firmer feel. This is all you can hope for in a memory foam mattress at this price. A foam layer this thick will support the mattress for many years.

10" Medium Plush Construction

Mattress Cover – Same covers. Breathable Tencel polyester blend. I recommend reading more verified reviews on Amazon mentioning the cool cover here.

Top Comfort Layer (Gel Foam) – Lucid’s 10″ medium plush layer adds .5″ of gel memory to accommodate pressure points a little better. This adds much more support for side sleeping compared to it’s medium firm brother.

Bottom Comfort Layer (High-Density Foam) – Lucid removes .5″ of high density memory foam in their medium plush version to accommodate side sleeping a little more

Lucid 10" Off-Gassing + Heat

Heat – Heat is a fairly big problem with memory foam mattresses. The great thing about Lucid’s mattress is it only has 2 layers. Most memory foam styles today employ 4-5 different layers. 

Additional layers may add more opportunities for heat pockets to form. Lucid’s simple 2 layer approach with ventilated gel memory foam reduces this from happening. 

Verified reviews on Amazon almost universally mention vfew instances of heat issues with both comfort levels. You can check those reviews out below:

Off Gassing – Like most memory foam mattresses (and new foam products in general), you’ll probably experience a slight smell at first. This usually goes away after 24 hours once Lucid fully decompresses. There’s very few negative experiences I’ve seen that report an overwhelming smell.

Ventilated Gel Infused Memory Foam – Not all memory foam is ventilated with gel. Lucid’s 10″ styles do both. Lucid infuses their memory foam with gel to remove heat pockets at night and keep an overall “cool’ environment. 

Lucid Policies

As mentioned previously in my Lucid mattress reviews, Lucid’s policies are straightforward.

Return Policy – All Lucid mattresses have a 30 day return policy, whether they’re processed through Amazon or their own website. I like Amazon’s return policy a lot more than most other sites. It’s fairly simple, and they never hassle you

Warranty Policy – All Lucid mattresses come with a 25 year warranty. It covers all damage beyond normal wear and tear beyond 1.5″ inches of “normal use”. I recommend visiting their warranty page if you’re interesting in reading their full warranty.

Price / Performance

Lucid 10 Medium FirmLucid’s 10″ medium firm is surprisingly much cheaper than it’s 10″ medium plush counterpart. I recommend considering their medium firm if you sleep in all 3 positions and don’t want a very soft mattress.

Check out our pricing chart below to see what we mean.

Lucid 10 Medium Plush – Lucid’s 10″ medium plush is a little over $100 more for their Queen than their 10″ medium firm. Unless you know you primarily sleep on your side and want a softer memory foam feel, I can’t comfortably recommend their Firm, being over 

Lucid 10" Price, Dimensions & Weight

Since both mattresses are 10″. Dimensions and weight are the same.

SizeMedium FirmMedium PlushWeightDimensions
Twin  58 lbs75″ x 39″ x 10″
Twin XL  62 lbs80″ x 39″ x 10″
Full  78 lbs75″ x 54″ x 10″
Full XL  82 lbs53″ x 80″ x 10″
Queen  89 lbs80″ x 60″ x 10″
King  112 lbs80″ x 76″ x 10″
California King  112 lbs84″ x 72″ x 10″
lucid 10 inch mattress dimensions


Lucid's 10" Medium Firm Is Ideal For People That:

  • Primarily sleep on their back & stomachs – If you’re primarily a back and stomach sleeper with occasional side sleeping, Lucid’s 10″ medium firm is perfect. They put more foams in the base support layer while removing .5″ of gel memory foam in their top layer. The end result is a mattress that accommodates all 3 sleep positions fairly well.
  • Want a firmer memory foam feel with a little motion transfer  -Since this is a medium firm mattress, the firmness will affect motion transfer a little. Softer memory foam mattresses tend to reduce motion transfer better than firmer memory foam mattresses. While Lucid’s medium firm does a great job reducing motion transfer, it won’t reduce it to the same degree as their medium plush style. 
  • Want the best value (under $200) – Since Lucid’s medium firm is over $100 less than it’s medium plush sister. It’s the ultimate value between the two if price is your primary concern. The best part? If you know you need a firmer mattress anyway, buying Lucid’s 10″ medium firm on Amazon becomes even easier.

Lucid's 10" Medium Plush Is Ideal For People That:​

  • Primarily sleep on their sides – If you’re primarily a side sleeper the choice is easy. Lucid’s 10″ medium plush is the way to go if you need your pressure points relieved sleeping on your side. There’s almost no better option for side sleeping than a softer memory foam mattress. Blood flow increases, pain points are relieved – it’s a win-win. 
  • Want a softer memory foam feel with little-no motion transfer – Softer memory foam mattresses generally do a better job reducing motion transfer than firmer, stiffer memory foam styles. Lucid’s 10″ medium plush does an amazing job reducing motion transfer and making it virtually impossible to feel your partner move in bed. 
  • Don’t care as much about value to sacrifice a softer option (Under $300) – Since Lucid’s medium plush is $100 more than it’s medium firm brother, I recommend the medium plush to people that know they need a softer memory foam mattress to accommodate their pain points. 
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