Lucid Mattress Review

Lucid mattress is popular, ultravalue memory foam & latex mattress company. They pack an incredible value in a small package. They offer a wide range of price options and styles for memory foam & latex hybrid mattress lovers. I recommend considering Lucid mattress if you’re on a budget looking for a mattress that relieves pressure points, stays supportive, and has several options priced under $300.

Lucid Mattress Reviews

Lucid is a direct to consumer mattresses manufacturer. They offer several great gel memory foam mattresses primarily sold on Amazon.

Interestingly, Lucid has confusing product listings on Amazon. They separate similar mattresses into different product pages, so it takes a while to figure out which mattresses are similar. Even worse, their own site excludes a few mattresses – only making them available on Amazon.

I can imagine people making mistakes buying the wrong firmness or heights on Amazon from these poorly organized listings. The good news? We break it all down in our review below. 

Lucid’s mattresses range from a 4″ folding bed to a 16 inch plush memory foam and latex mattress. They accommodate a wide range of sleep styles, including back, stomach, and side

All Lucid mattress benefits include:

  • Conforms well to your body’s pressure & pain points
  • Ventilates well for coolness & breathability
  • Shipped & compressed a small, convenient box
  • Long 25-year warranty
Continue reading for a quick summary of each mattress including a full review

Lucid Mattress Amazon List

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid’s memory foam mattress line has a common theme. At least 2″ – 3″ comfort layer of gel memory foam (their 5″ size has only 1 inch of gel memory foam), 6″ – 9″ of high density support foam (5″ & 6″  heights have 4 and 5 inches support foams, respectively).

Lucid Mattress Cover – Lucid’s 5, 6, and 8 inch mattress covers are polyester. Their 10″ and 12″ mattress covers use a breathable soft tencel blend.

Read our Lucid gel memory foam mattress reviews below:

While we don’t have individual reviews for Lucid’s 6″ & 8″ versions, we recommend checking them out below.

Lucid 14 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid has 2 different 14 inch plush mattresses – both with completely different firmness. 

Lucid 14 Inch Ultra Plush Memory Foam – is one of the softest mattresses you can buy at any price. It’s amazing for side sleeping, but not so good for back and stomach sleeping.

Lucid 14 Inch Plush Memory Foam – is a firmer (yet still plush) version of their 14 inch plush style. Lucid creates this additional firmness by placing gel memory foam as their top most layer. This 14 inch version accommodates back and stomach sleeping much better. 

I highly recommend checking out our full 14 inch plush memory foam review.

Lucid Latex Mattress

Latex is a fascinating mattress type. It’s bouncy, resilient, yet still provides amazing pressure & tension relief. Oh, and it lasts longer than other foam types too.

Lucid has 2 latex foam mattresses worth considering, both with different heights & firmness

Lucid 16″ Plush – Lucid’s 16 inch is an ultra-plush memory foam & latex mattress. They add a top-most layer of 1″ bamboo charcoal memory foam, creating that ultra plush feel. 

Lucid 10″ Firm – Lucid’s 10 inch medium-firm style is more subdued, low-profile version of it’s big brother. No gel memory foam, no bamboo. It’s a no-frills options for people that want a great latex feel for around $300. I highly recommend our full breakdown. 

Lucid 4" Folding Mattress

Lucid’s 4 inch folding mattress is as close as you’re going to get to a legitimate portable mattress. It’s relatively inexpensive ($142 for a Queen size), and it’s surprisingly comfortable.

I highly recommend checking out our full review

Lucid Bed Overview

Lucid offers several different products outside their mattresses, including:

Lucid Rollaway Guest Bed

Lucid’s rollaway guest bed is a perfect, easy-store solution for guests to sleep on without taking up a ton of space. It comes with a mediumplush 4″ mattress on a heavy duty bed frame which includes a 25-year warranty. 

It comes in 3 sizes, their

We recommend checking out Lucid’s guest bed on Amazon here. Click our full review for a fast, complete breakdown under the picture.


Lucid l300 Adjustable Bed Base

Lucid L300 adjustable bed base that’s available in Twin XL and Queen. It’s a substantial value at only $699 for it’s Queen size ($449 for Twin XL). 

It comes with:

  • Wireless remote + flashlight
  • Upholstered frame (charcoal gray)
  • 750 lb weight capacity
  • Independent head (0-60 degrees), and foot incline (0-45 degrees)
  • Dual USB charging on both sides (a feature we really like)

Check out our full review under the picture. Check it out on Amazon here.

Where Is Lucid Mattress Made

All Lucid mattresses are made in China. I’d be a lot more concerned about overseas mattresses a few years ago, but China is making big strides in quality control. Mattresses made in the USA generally use higher quality materials, but the gap is much narrower now than ever before. 

Lucid Mattress Company + Policies

Lucid has friendly return and warranty policies. Check them out below. 

Lucid Mattress Warranty

Lucid has a standard 25 year warranty on mostly all their products. It covers normal wear and tear up to 1.5″ inches. Filing a claim is simple. Simply call their customer service here.

Lucid Mattress Return Policy

Lucid mattress has one of the shortest return trial periods I’ve seen from a bed in a box mattress company. Their trial period is a short 30-days. Although it’s a very short trial period, I think most people can tell if they love a mattress or not in a few days. 

If you’re still not sure and you’re getting close to 30 days, I recommend calling their customer service & asking for an additional trial period extension.


Lucid mattress has a ton of heights, sizes, and comfort levels to choose from. Although their Amazon listings are confusing to navigate, our Lucid mattress reviews break it down as simply as possible. Their gel memory foam (with bamboo) and latex styles offer a fairly incredible available for their price.

Lucid mattresses are fantastic for people looking to relieve pressure pointssupport their pain areas, & save money, with several options priced under $300.

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