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Layla Mattress Reviews

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Layla Verdict

Layla Sleep is part of a new wave of technology-driven mattress companies. They’re a double sided mattresses with a firm & soft side. Layla use interesting tech to stay as cool (or cooler) than their competition.  They’re one of the strongest options in the $600 – $900 price range.

  • Free shipping
  • CertiPur memory foam
  • 120-night trial + 10-year warranty
  • Accommodates all 3 sleep positions
  • 1 soft & 1 firm side flippable design
  • Copper-infused memory foam to keep cool
  • Relatively new company
  • Some initial memory foam smell

Layla Mattress Review

laya sleep review

Out of what seems to be a sea of copy-cat bed in a box mattress companies, Layla does a really good job separating themselves with benefits from a unique construction & design. Layla does some pretty innovative things that no other mattress company does as of late 2017 – early 2018. They:

  • Use a proprietary ThermoGel tech, a non-toxic food grade cooling agent that triggers (activates) when your body temperature rises (which we found fascinating).
  • Copper infused memory foam that uses copper cells to keep the mattress cool through copper’s good thermal conductivity (transfers heat well). Because copper is a good thermal conductor, it provides a constant cooling effect not seen in other mattresses.
  • Double-sided. Two firmness levels with a soft & firm feel. It’s virtually 2 mattresses in 1, with both sides using a high density copper memory foam layer that does a spectacular job keeping the mattress cool and providing appropriate firmness (depending on the side).

Layla mattress is not for everyone, but if you like a pressure relieving and body contouring  memory foam feel and prefer a mattress that sleeps especially cool at night, Layla is one of the best options to consider in 2018. 

Layla Comfort & Support

layla mattress layers and construction

Firmness & Comfort

Layla Firm Side – Layla’s firm side is about a 7 – 7.5 on a 1-10 firmness scale (with 10 being table-top hard).  The top comfort foams are firmer (and shorter – only 1″ of copper memory foam), providing a more leveled, floating feel on top of the mattress. Layla’s firm side is fantastic for primarily back & stomach sleepers. Layla’s soft side is much more accommodating for side sleeping. 

Layla Soft Side – Layla’s soft side is about a 3 – 3.5 on a 1-10 firmness scale. The top comfort foams in the softer (and higher – 3″ of copper infused memory foam), providing a much more soft feel that’s designed to relieve pressure & tension areas & pain points which work wonders for improved sleep

We recommend reading some of Layla’s Amazon reviews mentioning firmness here.

How To Change Layla's Firmness

Changing Layla’s firmness is really simple. If you’re flipping it for the first time, it’s most likely on the soft side (which is standard configuration). All you need to do is:

  • Remove Layla’s mattress cover (zippered and removable)
  • Flip the mattress (bottom facing side is now facing the ceiling)
  • Zip the cover back

It’s a small hassle removing the cover and zipping it back on, but we believe this is significantly more convenient than exchanging out to a new comfort level entirely (or even worse, having to return & buy a new mattress). 

Edge Support

Layla has great edge support on both sides. Their firm side has a little better edge support than their soft side, but it isn’t noticeable. We don’t recommend sitting on the edge of either firmness (side) for several hours at a time, but edge support adequately accommodates many shapes & sizes without losing much (if any) firmness.

Support + Weight Limit

Layla mattress supports a range of sleep styles well.  We’ve come across very few specific reviews mentioning noticable impressions or sagging support in a Layla. We believe this is a fairly good testament to Layla’s legitimate support

Comfort and support mean different things to different people. Weight, shape, size, and sleep preference all play roles in how supportive and comfortable a mattress is. Fortunately, Layla Sleep designs their mattress so most sleepers most of the time. Having a flippable mattress makes a huge difference to piece of mind

Layla is flippable with 2 separate firmness. Firm side is a 7 firmness (for back & stomach sleeping + occasional side). Soft side is a 3 firmness (side sleeping with occasional back & stomach)

Layla Construction

Layla Sleep is a 10″ profile made in the USA.  They have 4 layers that create an interesting and unique design that allows them to make the bold claim that their mattress has no weight limit

Continue reading for a quick breakdown of Layla’s construction.

Layla Layers

Layla mattress does a lot of things right in their construction. Their copper infused memory foam tech is something we really like a lot. It’s such a reliable way to constantly disperse heat away from the body, keeping you constantly cool at night.

Layla Mattress Cover

Layla’s cover is ThermoGel infused, which is a fancy way of saying it disperses heat well and keeps the mattress very cool.  If you’re interested, I recommend reading more about Layla’s cover technology on TechnoGel’s site here.

Comfort Layers

layla layers

Layla’s top layer and bottom layer changes depending on which side you’re laying on. If you’re laying on the soft side (1 & 2), the firm side (3 & 4) is your bottom support, and vice-versa. It leads to a confusing idea on how to picture Layla’s construction. 

We’ll do our best to lay out Layla’s layers quickly and simply below.

Layla Firm Side Layers

layla firm layer
Layla Firm Top Layer
layla firm base
Layla Firm Bottom Layer

Layla’s firm side uses:

  • Firm Top Layer – 1″ copper infused memory foam for heat reduction & pressure relief. It’s also designed to:
    • rapidly transfers heat away from your body
    • deep, compressed support
    • antimicrobial properties
    • 3.5″ density
    • firm
  • Firm Bottom Layer – 4.5″ base support foam designed to keep you firmly on top of the mattress without too much “give.”

Layla Soft Side Layers

layla soft layer
Layla Soft Top Layer
layla soft base
Layla Soft Bottom Layer

Layla’s soft uses:

  • Soft Top Layer – 3″ copper infused memory foam that does a really good job providing legitimate pressure & tension relief by encapsulating your pressure points & relieving tension from pain areas.
  • Soft Bottom Layer – 2″ convoluted air flow foam with benefits that include:
    • deep eggcrate shaped foam that captures & relieves body pressure points 
    • fantastic air flow 
    • antimicrobial properties
    • 1.8 lb density

Layla has 4 layers. Firm side uses 1″ copper memory foam with 4.5″ of high density foams. Soft side uses 3″ of copper memory foam with 2″ convoluted air flow foam. Both sides do a fantastic job relieving tension & pressure points while keeping the body cool.

Layla Customer Service

Online mattress companies need great customer service. Without it, potential customers lose faith buying a mattress online site-unseen. The result is really strong customer service from Layla. They readily have chat and phone agents available to answer questions you might have, and their chat service provides quick and accurate responses.

Lets look at a fast breakdown of Layla’s return & warranty policies below.

Layla Mattress Return Policy

Layla has a 120-day return policy, one of the longer trial periods in the mattress industry. Most bed in a box styles have 100-day or 101-day sleep trials. Layla goes above and beyond by offering an extra 15-20 days, which can make a difference in certain situations. 

Layla mattress has a simple return policy. It’s 100 nights, and if you don’t love it from nights 31-100, just call them and they’ll process a no-hassle return. 

We recommend reading Layla’s full trial-return policy page here if you have any additional questions we didn’t answer.

Layla Warranty

layla warranty

Layla mattress has a standard 10-year warranty. It covers up to 1.5″ of impressions.

Read Layla’s full warranty page here.

Layla has a 4-month return trial period with a 10-year warranty, covering up to 1.5″ of impressions

Layla Financing

Affirm Financing – Layla uses Affirm for their financing. Affirm is one of the more popular financing options used among mattress companies right now. Their acceptance rate is relatively high, and making monthly payments through their platform is quick & easy. You can read more about Affirm financing on Layla’s site.

Layla Sale

Layla runs several small discounts throughout the year. I recommend visiting our Layla mattress coupon page to quickly see their latest coupons & discounts.

Layla Mattress Amazon Reviews

Amazon – Layla sells their 10″ copper infused memory foam mattress on Amazon. Layla stands behind purchases on Amazon by honoring their full 120-day trial with purchases made on Amazon, something other company generally don’t do. 

Amazon Shipping – Shipping a Layla from Amazon is relatively fast, averaging 3-5 business days (faster than many other mattresses). All Layla’s sizes are usually in stock.

Layla ships delivered in a box shipped to your doorstep. Decompression usually takes 24 hours. Since Layla uses relatively high-quality materials, decompression doesn’t take long. Most reviews we’ve read mentioned inflation taking less than a few hours.

As of this post, Layla Sleep has 22 customer reviews on Amazon, with a 4.6 out of 5. Out of those 22 reviews, 8 are verified purchases.

Find your size below and click to read verified reviews from real customers

Layla Mattress Amazon Reviews

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What Makes Layla Sleep Good + Unique?

  • Free shipping
  • Strong price point
  • CertiPur US-Certified memory foam
  • 120-night trial & 10-year warranty
  • Accommodates all 3 sleep positions
  • Flippable design. 1 soft & 1 firm side
  • Copper-infused memory foam to keep cool
  • Relatively new company
  • Not for primarily side sleeping

Layla isn’t just another bed in a box mattress. They distinguish themselves really well from similarly priced foam mattresses. They accomplish this uniqueness by infusing their memory foam with copper to conduct heat away from the body, keeping their mattress cool. 

Layla’s flippable dual-firmness design makes it a fairly incredible price/value if you view getting 2 mattresses for the price of one. Too firm? flip it. Too soft? Try their firmer side. It’s a win-win for most people.

layla returns and shipping

Layla Is A Great Mattress For People That:

Want Improved Blood flow & Airflow – Layla’s copper infused memory foam technology works wonders for constantly keeping the mattress cool. Copper’s heat conductivity means heat is consistently captured and cool air uniformly circulates throughout the mattress.

Like Buying The Latest Mattress Technology – Buying the latest technology is exciting. Layla’s copper infused memory foam and ThermoGel cover combine to do an amazing job keeping the sleeper cool & night, capturing and wicking heat away from the body. 

Mattresses are boring, sure, but they’re important. Really important. With new mattress tech released every year, more & more companies are forced to innovate their construction layers to stand out in a sea of similar-looking (and feeling) bed in a box mattresses. 

Are Looking For A Strong Price/Value Ratio -You’d have a difficult time finding a 10″ mattress with new and interesting technologies. All in 1 design to keep the sleeper cool & relieve pressure & tension points in uniquely effective ways. 

Also, Layla Sleep’s mattress is flippable. This means 2 things:

  • You can flip the  mattress when you decide you want a firmer or softer sleep,
  • You can adjust firmness based on your partner’s preferences. This reduces the hassle of trying the mattress out and exchanging / returning if the firmness doesn’t immediately work for you or your partner’s sleep preferences.

Love Memory Foam – Layla’s copper infused memory foam layer is an ideal memory foam layer without the typical heat-laden memory foam issues. Memory foam sleeps hot. It’s been a problem for many years. Gel infused layers and airflow designs help this problem, but don’t solve it. Layla’s copper infused memory foam layer come as close as you’ll get to solving this heat issue. 

Layla’s memory foam layer encapsulates your body and makes you feel like you’re sleeping in a supportive cloud if you’re on the soft version, and on top of a cloud if you’re laying on the firmer side. 

Fans of memory foam will most likely enjoy Layla’s mattress.

Want A Mattress That Accommodates All 3 Sleep Styles – Since Layla’s mattress is designed to flip with 2 separate comfort levels, all 3 sleep styles are effectively accommodated. This doesn’t mean their firm side doesn’t support side sleeping (and vice versa). This simply means Layla’s firm version is ideal for back & stomach sleeping (with some side sleeping), and their soft version is ideal for side sleeping (with occasional back & stomach sleeping). 

Want A Mattress With 2 Firmness Options (2-in-1) – Layla’s mattress is designed to accommodate a range of weights and sizes given it’s flippable nature. Unless you’re north of 300 lbs, you won’t have any issues feeling properly supported on a Layla mattress.

Please don’t hesitate to write any comments or questions below. I’m quick and happy to respond.

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