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Ghostbed Reviews

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Ghostbed Review

Ghostbed by Nature’s Sleep is a deceiving mattress. At first glance, they look like most other typical bed in a box styles; a neutral gray cover with a white top. Ghost bed is far from typical. They separate themselves from similarly priced bed in a box mattresses very well. They’re a hybrid mattress with uniquely combine latex, cool gel memory foam, and a high density foam support layer.

Sleeping on a Ghostbed won’t feel like sleeping in a hole, and most owners report a cool, comfortable sleep.  

Ghostbed isn’t for everyone, but for the price? They’re a great value. 

Lets find out why.

Ghostbed Mattress Overview

Ghostbed is a bed in a box mattress. This means it’s shipped to your doorstep decompressed in a box. Decompression usually takes several short hours. 

Ghostbed is a unique mattress at their price because they decided to combine latex & memory foam in their top comfort layer. Combining both materials gives great bounce (from latex), but also gives fantastic pressure and tension point relief (from memory foam). This means you won’t get stuck in the mattress, but their foams will still contour to your uniquer body position. This is a very unusual design choice at such a low price point. Latex is much more expensive to extract, process, and ultimately place into a mattress. This is a testament to Ghostbed’s commitment to provide real value for their customers. 

Lets take a closer look at how comfortable and supportive Ghostbed really is.

Ghostbed combines latex and memory foam in their comfort layer, adding a unique bounce with strong pressure relief

Ghostbed Comfort & Support

Firmness Ghostbed is a medium-firm mattress.  On a scale of 1-10, Ghostbed is a 6.5 out of 10, with 10 being table-top hard.

Comfort – Ghostbed places their latex layer directly under the mattress cover. This means 2 things – A cooler sleep with more softness and bounce. Their memory foam layer rests right underneath the top latex layer, so there’s good resistance that allows the foams to contour and respond to your body shape.

Edge Support – Ghostbed has decent edge support. It’s not as good as firmer, more expensive memory foam/latex styles in the $2,000+ range, but it performs well for it’s price category.

Support + Weight Limit – Ghostbed has a really high weight limit for this price range. Their mattress can support 750 lbs (altogether). Ghostbed recommends purchasing their King size option with their foundation if you’re over 300 lbs.

Comfort and support can mean different things for different people. Weight, shape, size, and sleep preference all play roles in how supportive and comfortable a mattress is. Fortunately, Ghostbed is designed to support most sleepers most of the time. However, Ghostbed is generally more ideal for primarily back and stomach sleepers. 

Ghostbed is a 6.5 on a firmness scale of 1-10; ideal for back and stomach sleepers – accommodates side sleepers well too. Supports up to 750 lbs

Ghostbed Construction

Ghostbed is an 11″ American crafted mattress. Most bed in a box styles are 8-10″, so Ghostbed is a more substantial option. The result is a mattress that doesn’t “bottom-out” nearly as much as some other cheaper, lower quality mattresses around this price.

Continue reading below for a full breakdown to decide if Ghostbed is a good option for you.

ghostbed comfort and support review
Ghostbed Layers

Ghostbed Mattress Cover – Ghostbed uses a soft, plush viscose & polyester blend cover. It’s a thin material that wicks heat and moisture away from the body. Being thinner, their cover sleeps much cooler.

Ghostbed Top Comfort Layer (Latex) – Ghostbed places 1.5″ of latex foam right underneath their cover. Putting latex as a first top comfort level is becoming more popular with hybrid bed in a box mattresses. Combining latex and memory creates a “best of both worlds” sleep experience.

I enjoy mattresses that place latex in their top comfort layer. Latex is natural, soft, breathable, and has great bounce – all while having cool sleep properties. Latex also returns to it’s initial position much faster than memory foam, so you don’t feel stuck laying in a Ghostbed. 

They aerate their latex too. Doing that improves airflow and breathability too. This improves temperature and cooling regulation – both being essential for a cool sleep

Ghostbed Top Compression Layer (Memory Foam) – Ghostbed smartly places 2″ of 4lb density cooling gel memory foam underneath their latex. This allows both the latex foam and the memory foam to adjust and contour really well to individual pressure points. The result is a mattress that’s much more responsive to your body shape. 

Ghostbed Base Layer (Poly-foam) – There’s not much to say about Ghostbed’s base support layer. They use a supportive, high-density poly-foam .

Ghostbed uses a plush, thin cover that breaths cool and wicks away heat. 1.5″ of latex and 2″ of memory foam for a “best of both worlds” comfort layer.  All resting on a 7″ high density foam base

Ghostbed Too Firm ?

Ghostbed is between a 6-7 on a 1-10 firmness scale. This provides strong support and comfort for multiple sleep positions, especially back and stomach sleepers. Combine this with quality materials, and Ghostbed becomes a surprisingly durable mattress for such a relatively low price point. 

Heavier individuals & couples also do well on a Ghostbed.

Ghostbed Problems Explained

Like all mattresses, Ghostbed isn’t without problems.

Side Sleeping – Ghostbed is a 6.5 – 7 on a 1-10 firmness scale. The result is a firmer mattress that does a fantastic job accommodating back and stomach sleeping. The problem? If you’re primarily a side sleeper, Ghostbed may not be the best mattress for you. Can it accommodate side sleeping? Of course. But accommodating doesn’t mean it’s ideal. 

Bed in a Box Style – Ghostbed is a bed in a box mattress. A small % of people do not like bed in a box styles. Compressed foam rolled in a box and delivered to your doorstep is a fantastic concept, but some people prefer a more traditional luxury delivery experience.

Ghostbed might not be ideal for people that (1) sleep on their sides & (2) don’t like bed in a box mattresses

Ghostbed Customer Service

Online mattress companies rely on their customer service to ease customer hesitation of buying site unseen. Unlike some mattress companies, Ghostbed has good customer service. They’re available by phone Monday – Friday, and they respond quickly to emails. They have their own on-site chat service to answer questions as you browse their site.

Ghostbed customer service overview
Ghostbed's Customer Service Phone

Ghostbed Return Policy Review

Ghostbed has a fairly simple return policy, but it differs depending on which products you return. 

Lets cover each instance below.

Mattress Return Policy – Ghostbed has a 101 night sleep trial. Ghostbed requires you to sleep on their mattress for 30-days before returning. I understand why Ghostbed does this, but for some people this can be a dealbreaker. Ghostbed refunds you in full once they receive the returned mattress.

Groupon Return Policy – You can’t return your Ghostbed if you purchase through Groupon or another online voucher program. 

Mattress Protector Return Policy – Ghostbed considers their protector a personal item, which means Ghostbed does not accept mattress protector returns. 

Foundation / Box Spring Return Policy – Similar to the Ghostbed mattress protector, Ghostbed’s foundation / boxspring is a non-returnable item. All sales are final.

Ghostbed Return Process

How To Return A Ghostbed – Mentioned earlier, Ghostbed requires you to sleep on their mattress for 30 days before being eligible for return. Ghostbed’s sleep trial begins the moment it ships for delivery. If the mattress isn’t working for you between days 31-100, simply give them a call, and they’ll process your return. 

Ghostbed does have a break in period, however. Keep this in mind when you first receive their mattress. Don’t be alarmed if their mattress is too firm at first. Over a few days the foams will settle and compress more, and it’s firmness will fall into that 6-7 range. 

Amazon Ghostbed Return Process – If you ordered a Ghostbed through Amazon, all returns are processed directly with Amazon. Also, Amazon’s sleep trial is only 30-days. Most people know if they love a mattress or not within 30 days, but this might be a deal-breaker for some.

Ghostbed Warranty

Ghostbed has a long 20-year warranty. They only require proof of purchase through their website if you have a warranty claim – something all Ghostbed owners should have when they initially purchase. 

Year 0 – 10 – Ghostbed will replace or repair your mattress if it’s deemed defective. Customers are required to pay for transportation costs to repair or replace the warrantied mattress.

Year 11 – 20 – Years 11-20 is prorated. After the 11th year if there’s a warranty issue, you’re required to pay 55% of your original purchase price. This is a fairly good warranty compared to most I’ve seen. Most bed in a box companies only offer 10 year warranties. Having this option from year 11-20 is convenient.

Ghostbed’s warranty covers physical flaws or indentations over an inch. 

Ghostbed has a 101 night sleep trial, but you can’t return for the first 30 days. Amazon has a 30-day return policy for Ghostbed. Ghostbed has a 20 year warranty, covering defects from years 0-10. Years 11-20 is prorated, requiring a 55% cost to replace from years 11-20 (if deemed defective).

Ghostbed Delivery & Shipping Time

Since Ghostbed is only sold online. Delivery and shipping times are quick, especially from Amazon

Ghostbed does not offer removal. Ghostbed arrives in a packaged box. Their delivery service doesn’t setup or take away your existing mattress. Ghostbed recommends donating your old mattress to a favorite local charity. In my experience, Goodwill, Salvation ArmyHabitat for Humanity, and Hope Services are all great charities to donate your old mattress to. 

Continue reading for a full breakdown of Ghostbed shipping & delivery time, including setup

Ghostbed Shipping Time (before delivery)

Amazon – Ghostbed has 1 & 2 day shipping options on Amazon. You can view Ghostbed shipping options on Amazon here.  

Ghostbed’s Website – Ghostbed’s shipping takes a little longer on their site, but not too much longer. Once you play your order on their site, your merchandise is shipped within 24 hours. From there you’ll receive a tracking code in your email address once it ships. It usually takes a few business days to arrive at your home.

Note: Ghostbed charges $600 to ship to our friends in Alaska & Hawaii. You can read the full FAQ breakdown on their site here.

Ghostbed Delivery Time (during delivery)

Ghostbed does not offer white glove delivery, so there’s no pressure to schedule an available 4-hour time window to accept delivery. The mattress is usually dropped at your front door if you’re not home at time of delivery.

Ghostbed Setup (after delivery)

Ghostbed setup is simple. Once your open and unpack your Ghostbed, it generally takes several hours to fully inflate. Once the mattress full inflates, you can begin laying on it. Smell (if any) usually dissipates after 24 hours. 

Ghostbed setup overview
Ghostbed Setup Overview

Ghostbed Weight & Dimensions

There’s one main takeaway with Ghostbed’s pricing. Their

Ghost Bed Dimensions + Weight

SizeWeightDimensions (L x W x H)
Twin58 lbs75″ x 39″ x 11″
Twin XL62 lbs80″ x 39″ x 11″
Full78 lbs75″ x 54″ x 11″
Queen89 lbs80″ x 60″ x 11″
King112 lbs80″ x 76″ x 11″
Cal King112 lbs84″ x 72″ x 11″

Ghostbed Financing

Klarna Financing – Ghostbed uses Klarna for their financing. Klarna is a really popular financing option used among a lot of mattress companies. Their approval rating is high, and making monthly payments through their platform is really easy. You can read more about Klarna on Ghostbed’s site here. 

Zippy Lease-To-Own – Leasing to own is something I often see with homes and cars, but rarely do I see it with mattresses. This option is primarily for credit challenged and little-no credit customers. Read through Ghostbed’s FAQ page to read more about Zibby. 

Ghostbed Sale

Ghostbed runs several sales through major holidays during the year. I recommend visiting our Ghost bed coupon and promo code page to check for latest updates. 

You can also visit Ghost bed’s Holiday Deals page directly on their site to get latest sale information.

Ghostbed Amazon Overview

Ghostbed sells their 11 inch cooling gel memory foam mattress on Amazon too. 

It comes with fast 2-day shipping. Some areas have next-day delivery, which is essentially delivery within 24 hours. All their sizes are usually in stock.

The Ghostbed comes delivered in a box shipped to your doorstep. Decompression takes up to 48 hours. Fortunately, most users report full inflation after a few short hours. 

Ghost bed Reviews On Amazon

As of this post, Ghostbed has 336 reviews, with a 4.0 out of 5. Out of those 336 reviews, 140 are verified purchases.

Find your size below and click to read verified reviews from real customers.

Ghostbed SizeAmazon Reviews
Twin8 Verified Twin Reviews
Twin XL3 Verified Twin XL Reviews
Full14 Verified Full Reviews
Queen53 Verified Queen Reviews
King50 Verified King Reviews
Cal King12 Verified California King Reviews

Ghostbed Groupon

Interestingly, Ghostbed sells their mattress on Groupon. This is a rarity with such high profile mattresses like Ghostbed. The good news is they offer free GhostPillows with your purchase. Prices on Groupon are similar to Amazon prices (Amazon prices are lower sometimes, you can check here), so the main benefit of buying on Groupon is a free pillow

Note – Ghostbed does not accept returns on purchases made through their voucher sites like Groupon. As a result there is no trial period if you buy through Groupon. 

Ghostbed Accessories & Support

Separate from their mattress, Ghostbed also sells several accessories. I haven’t reviewed any of them, but all reviews and feedback I’ve seen on them see relatively positive. 

If you need an adjustable base, box spring, or pillows, take a look at these options below.

Ghostbed Pillow

Ghostbed’s pillow uses interesting coolburst airflow technology. It’s a fancy proprietary term that means their pillow will keep you cool at night without having to flip it. Their performance fabric is designed to wick moisture away from your head and face.

You can check out Ghostbed’s pillow on Amazon.

Ghost Bed Pillow Prices
Ghost Bed Foundation Prices

Ghostbed Foundation / Box Spring

Ghostbed sells a 9-inch foundation made in the USA. It has a 3 year limited warranty. It isn’t made of particle wood, which I really like. They use 100% solid wood that’s designed not to squeak. 

Their foundation supports up to 2000 lbs with 14 solid wood top slats. Assembly is relatively easy with a stretch fit cover that matches their mattress.

You can check out Ghost Bed’s foundation on Amazon.

Ghostbed Mattress Protector

One main annoyance from people that have restless sleep is noise. Noise is a primary factor on why people get poor sleep. 

I genuinely like Ghostbed’s noiseless waterproof mattress protector because it reduces noise well. It has all the main benefits you’d expect out of a high quality protector. Strong water barrier, durable, allergen and bacteria resistance, antimicrobial, and a lot more. 

Check their protector out on Amazon.

Ghost Bed Protector Prices
Ghost Bed Adjustable Base Prices

Ghostbed Frame Adjustable Base

Ghostbed doesn’t sell a standard metal frame – they actually offer an adjustable power base.

Their base has all the main features you’d expect and more out of an adjustable base at this price range. However, their adjustable base does not offer wall-hugging technology. This isn’t a deal breaker for most people, and at this price range, very few adjustable bases offer that feature. 

How Good Is GhostBed?

Ghostbed offers a lot of unique features for a mattress priced competitively. Ghostbed does a great job separating themselves on features compared to other similarly priced mattresses.

Ghostbed Is A Great Mattress For People That:

Want Bounce & Pressure Relief – More hybrid mattresses are starting to combine both latex & memory foam in their comfort layer. Combining latex and memory foam does wonders for pressure point relief and bounce. Latex adds some resistance and durability while adding bounce, and memory foam adds great tension and pressure relief on your body’s pain points.

Want A Single Comfort Level Designed For All 3 Sleep Positions – Ghostbed offers 1 comfort level – a 6.5-7 on a scale of 1-10. This accommodates back and stomach sleeping very well (heavy sleepers do well also). Combining latex and memory foam allows those firmer top layer foams to accommodate side sleeping too.

Looking For A Great Price/Value Ratio – You’d be hard-pressed to find an 11″ mattress (most bed in a box styles are 10″) with 1.5″ of latex, 2″ of high density memory foam layer, and 7 full inches of high density poly foam support.  

Please don’t hesitate to write any comments or questions below. I’m quick and happy to respond.

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