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Bear Mattress Reviews

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Bear mattress brings innovative cover technology to the bed in a box mattress space. Bear’s mattress has no weight limit, specifically designed to support even heavy NFL linebackers. If you’re an athlete or lead an active lifestyle, Bear is a really strong choice to consider.

  • Designed to improve blood flow
  • 100-night trial & 10-year warranty
  • Designed for active & athletic lifestyles
  • FDA approved Celiant cover technology
  • Good price point - $850 for Queen size
  • Relatively new company
  • Not for primarily side sleeping

Bear Mattress Review

Bear mattress does a great job separating themselves from the dozens of other bed in a box mattresses out there. They do this by specifically designing their mattress for active people – people that like to exercise, play sports, and explore outdoors. Their mattress caters to a younger generation of American sleepers that want a mattress that supports their pressure points from a physically demanding lifestyle.

Bear mattress uses interesting and unique materials in their memory foam design, combining proprietary memory foam and 4 unique layers. Each layer plays a different role in reducing pressure and tension in various pain points in the body, and their gel-infused graphic memory foam work to keep good airflow. 

Bear is able to achieve these things while keeping costs down, staying at a competitive price that allows them to separate themselves from a seemingly indistinguishable list of bed in a box mattresses.

Bear mattress is not for everyone, but if you lead a relatively active lifestyle (or are planning to) and you need an accommodating mattress, Bear may be a smart choice to consider.

Bear Comfort & Support


Bear mattress is a medium-firm – firm mattress.  On a firmness scale of 1-10 (with 10 being table-top hard), Bear is a 6.5 – 7 out of 10.

We recommend reading some of their Amazon reviews mentioning firmness here.

bear mattress support and comfort


Bear’s unique 4-layer design makes for a surprisingly comfortable sleep. It’s a little firmer than other mattresses in this price range, but that isn’t a bad thing. The added firmness allows the body’s midsection to stay properly supported. 

Many users report feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning from their previous days workout or activities. We recommend reading some of those reviews here

Bear uses memory foam in their top comfort layer. The result is a contoured feel around your pressure points. This pressure-relieving feel is fairly unique feel to memory foam, and it feels like every angle of your body is contoured and supported which does wonders for blood flow, in our experience.

Edge Support

Bear mattress has really good edge support given it’s firmer comfort level. It’s no better or worse than other mattresses in this price category. We wouldn’t recommend sitting on the edge of the mattress for several hours at a time, but sitting on the edge for relatively short periods of time doesn’t cause abnormal amounts of sag. 

Support + Weight Limit

Bear mattress doesn’t have a weight limit. Bear says they have NFL linemen sleeping on their mattress. That impressed us a lot!  Their online reviews from real customers back these claims up, from our experience sifting through hundreds of reviews. We’ve yet to come across a review mentioning sagging or failed support from their mattress. Does that mean none exist? Of course not, but it’s a testament to their legitimate support

Comfort and support can mean many things to different people. Weight, shape, size, and sleep preference all play a role in how supportive and comfortable a mattress is. Fortunately, Bear designs their support so most sleepers feel accommodated most of the time

Bear mattress is a 6.5 on a firmness scale of 1-10; ideal for back and stomach sleepers – accommodates side sleepers well too. Bear mattress supports NFL linebackers. According to Bear, their mattress doesn’t have a weight limit

Bear Construction

bear mattress review layers

Bear mattress is a 10″ mattress crafted in America.  They have 4 layers that create an interesting and unique design that allows them to make the bold claim that their mattress has no weight limit

Continue reading for a fast breakdown of Bear’s construction.

Bear Layers

Bear mattress has 4 layers. Most bed in a box styles in this price range only have 2 or 3 layers. Simple is sometimes better, and when it comes to mattresses – less layers can mean better airflow. But in Bear’s case, having 4 layers can make a positive difference with support & airflow. 

Continue reading for a quick breakdown of Bear mattresses layers.

Bear Mattress Cover

Bear mattress uses one of the most unique covers we’ve come across. They use a Celliant technology woven into the fabric which is an FDA determined medical device. Bear says benefits from their Celliant cover technology include:

  • faster recovery
  • more energy
  • better endurance
  • increased performance
  • enhanced blood flow
  • enhanced tissue oxygen levels that improve sleep quality, health & wellness

The most interesting aspects of Bear’s cover technology is that the FDA determined:

  • Celliantengineered products are clinically proven to promote increased localized blood flow
  • FDA determination to usher in new era of performance fabrics, responsive textiles
You can read more about FDA’s determination here.
Home & Garden Authority always take company’s bold claims about their “unique” technology with a grain of salt, but if the FDA verifies Bear’s claims, we’re taking it a little more seriously.

Bear mattress uses an innovative Celiant cover approved by the FDA – designed to improve blood flow and tissue oxygen levels. This in-turn improves sleep quality, health & wellness

Top Comfort Layer (Graphic Gel Memory Foam)

Bear mattress uses a 1″ layer of graphite gel memory foam right underneath their top celliant cover. 

According to Bear, their graphite gel foam is designed to rapidly adapt to individual support and comfort levels. Their gel particles are supposed to keep the body cool and wick heat and sweat away from the body at night. From hundreds of user experiences we’ve read online, Bear mattress does a really good job keeping their top layer supportive with firm resistance. 

We recommend reading some of those reviews here

Top Response Layer (Foam)

Underneath their 1″ graphite gel memory foam layer, Bear uses a 2.5″ response memory foam. This responsive memory foam is designed to bounce and respond to the body. This bounce and response does a really good job keeping pressure points relieved while optimally aligning the spine. 

Base Support Layer (High-Density Foam)

Bear places a 6.5″ high density support foam to strengthen their top comfort layers and add durability. Bear stands behind this with their 10-year warranty.

Bear’s 4 layers include 1.5″ of graphite gel memory foam, 2.5″  of responsive foam for airflow and pressure relief, and 6.5″ of high density support foams for longevity.

Bear Customer Service

Online mattress companies need great customer service. Without it, potential customers lose faith buying a mattress online site-unseen. Bear mattress’s customer service is good, not great. This isn’t a knock on Bear, it’s just a testament to how stiff competition is with other customer service oriented mattress companies out there. 

Bear’s customer service hours are weekdays from 10:00 am – 6:30 pm EST. 

The only issue we take with Bear mattress’s customer service policies is their return policy. They virtually force customers to sleep on their mattress for a minimum of 30-days before being eligible to return. While we don’t love this concept at all, we ultimately understand it. 

Lets look at a fast breakdown of Bear’s return & warranty policies below.

Bear Mattress Return Policy

Bear mattress has a fairly simple return policy. It’s 100 nights, and if you don’t love it from nights 31-100, just call them and they’ll process a no-hassle return. 

Lets take a closer look at Bear’s return & warranty policies.

Bear Returns

Bear has a 100 night sleep trial. As we mentioned earlier, Bear requires customers to sleep on their mattress for 30-days before return eligibility. Only a few mattress companies do this, including Ghostbed, and we understand why they do it. For some people this can be a deal-breaker. The good news is Bear refunds you in full once they receive your returned mattress in that unlikely scenario.

We recommend reading Bear’s full return policy page here if you have any additional questions we didn’t answer.

Bear Warranty

Bear mattress has a standard 10-year warranty. It covers up to 1.5″ of impressions.

Read Bear’s full warranty page here.

Bear has a 100-night sleep trial, requiring you to sleep on it for 30-days before returning. Warranty is 10-years., covering up to 1.5″ of impressions.

Bear Price & Dimensions

Bear Mattress Price + Dimensions

SizePriceDimensions (L x W x H)
Twin 75″ x 39″ x 10″
Twin XL 80″ x 39″ x 10″
Full 75″ x 54″ x 10″
Queen 80″ x 60″ x 10″
King 80″ x 76″ x 10″
Cal King 84″ x 72″ x 10″

Bear Financing

Affirm Financing – Bear uses Affirm for their financing. Affirm is one of the most popular financing options used among mattress companies right now. Their acceptance rate is relatively high, and making monthly payments through their platform is fairly easy. You can read more about Affirm financing on Bear’s site here.

Bear Sale

Bear runs several small discounts and sales throughout the year. Their sales average around $100 off. I recommend visiting our Bear mattress coupon page to quickly see their latest discounts.

Bear Mattress Amazon Reviews

Bear mattress sells their 10″ graphite gel memory foam mattress on Amazon too.

Shipping on Amazon for Bear mattress usually takes 7-14 days. All their sizes are usually in stock.

Bear comes delivered in a box shipped to your doorstep. Decompression usually up 24 hours. Since Bear mattress is a relatively high-quality bed in a box mattress, decompression is fast. Most users report full inflation after a few short hours. 

Find your size below and click to read verified reviews from real customers.

What Makes Bear Mattress Good + Unique?

  • Designed to improve blood flow
  • 100-night trial & 10-year warranty
  • Designed for active & athletic lifestyles
  • FDA approved Celiant cover technology
  • Good price point - $850 for Queen size
  • Relatively new company
  • Not for primarily side sleeping

Bear mattress offers a lot of unique features for a mattress priced on Amazon (Queen). They do a great job separating themselves on features compared to other similarly priced mattresses.

bear mattress amazon reviews

Bear Is A Great Mattress For People That:

Want Improved Recovery & Bloodflow – Bear mattress’s Celiant technology in their cover is specifically designed to improve recovery and blood flow in your body. These are 2 crucial elements to a healthy life. 

Lead An Active or Athletic Lifestyle – Bear mattress is specifically designed for people that lead active and athletic lifestyles. Their mattress responds and contours to inflamed pressure points to relieve pressure & tension throughout the body.

Are Looking For A Great Price/Value Ratio – For $850, you’d be hard-pressed to find an 10″ mattress (most bed in a box styles are 10″) with 1″ of graphite gel memory foam, 2.5″ of pressure relieving response foam, and 6.5 inches of high density poly foam support.  

Like Memory Foam – Bear mattress’s memory foam graphite gel layer responds really well to pressure and pain points in the body. If you’re a fan of memory foam and like that responsive feel, we strongly recommend considering them. 

Want A Mattress That Accommodates All 3 Sleep Styles – Bear mattress is a 6.5 – 7 on a 1-10 firmness scale. The result is a firmer mattress that does a great job accommodating back & stomach sleeping. The good news? Bear still accommodates occasional side sleeping too. 

Want A Mattress With No Weight Limit – Bear mattress is designed to accommodate heavy NFL linebackers. The average NFL linebacker weighs 240 lbs. Bear says their mattress has no weight limit. For our heavier sleepers, don’t worry! Bear mattress is a really strong option if longevity & durability is a concern.  

Please don’t hesitate to write any comments or questions below. I’m quick and happy to respond.

Bear Accessories

Separate from their mattress, Bear mattress sells several accessories. I haven’t reviewed any of them, but all reviews and feedback I’ve seen on them see relatively positive. 

If you need an adjustable base, box spring, or pillows, take a look at these options below.

Bear Pillow

The Bear pillow is designed for all sleep positions with really good cooling and recovery tech. 

Their pillow contours well to the sleeper’s head position, providing good neck, head, shoulders & spine support.

Bear’s pillow uses an interesting dual mesh side panels for improved airflow throughout sleep. This makes a big difference for keeping your head position cool at night.

Bear’s pillow is washable, zippered, and comes with free shipping & a 2-year warranty.

Bear Mattress Foundation

The Bear foundation is a simple slatted solid wood foundation that acts as a sturdy base. It’s easy to assemble (no tools needed), made in America, and shipped directly from Bear. 

Bear Mattress Protector

The Bear mattress protector is a waterproof  protector that has a few surprising benefits that makes it a strong value for it’s price. These benefits include:

  • HeiQ Adaptive Fabric Technology that’s designed to remove moisture and heat away from the body
  • Breathable with good airflow, and 100% waterproof that protects against stains liquid damage
  • Works well with Bear’s Celliant technology in their cover
  • Protects against dust mites, bacteria & allergens
  • Relatively elastic & fits similar to a sheet to stay in place without shifting

The bear protector comes with free shipping & a 10-year warranty.

Bear Frame

Bear has a straightforward heavy duty metal frame with tapered legs and no sharp edges. Assembly is simple with no tools required.

Additional benefits include:

  • 2500+ lb capacity with zero motion transfer or noise (makes a big difference)
  • Smooth contoured edges making it easy to clean
  • Made in the USA
  • Works with standard headboards
  • Ships free via FedEx
  • 8″ Profile
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