Mattress shopping is like car buying. Sleazy, dirty, and dishonest. 

The worst part? A new mattress company makes an appearance almost every week. The process becomes that much more confusing.

Even industry experts have difficulty keeping up.

Uncomfortable store showrooms with pushy sales people is the norm. Lying down on a mattress for 5 minutes? Lets be honest, that isn’t leading to an informed, confident purchase decision. 

This is where we come in.  Our team has tirelessly reviewed online mattresses across several different types & styles. Our reviews are as object as possible.  I lay out the pros and cons in simple, easy-to-read formats.

Continue below for our latest reviews by mattress brands & types.

Reviews By Mattress Type


Innerspring mattresses are the oldest mattresses styles today. Outdated? Definitely not. Innerspring mattresses made key adjustments over the generations. These adjustments lead to many technological refinements. Sturdier coil technologytempered steelhigher coil gauges, and more.

Innerspring mattresses are ideal for people looking for a traditional innerspring feel with a longer life-span and comfortable top layers with a “bouncy” feel (suitable for sex)

Budget Friendly​

Innerspring mattresses range from $150 - $1500. Lower quality does exist - thin gauges, lower quality materials. Look for higher quality materials, like more coils, thicker gauge, and pocket coil technology.​

Most Popular

Other mattress styles get a lot of buzz, but make no mistake - innerspring mattresses are by far the most popular types in 2017. Since the 19th century, manufacturers have nearly mastered how to craft varied feel, firmness, and support levels.​

Sleeps Cool + Airflow

Innerspring mattresses sleep very cool. Foams, especially memory foam, is notorious for heat retention, aka "sleeping hot." Airflow through innerspring coils is excellent.

Memory Foam

Memory foam, unlike foam, feels much different. Also known as visco-elastic polyurethane foam, memory foam has distinct properties and feel. Memory foam molds and contours to a sleeper’s unique body position.

Memory foam mattresses are ideal for people that want increased blood-flow and healthy pressure point relief from an encapsulating memory foam-like feel.

Compressed Support

Memory foam will mold and compress to the shape of your body. This leads to a host of positive health effects, including increased blood flow, circulation, and more.

Pressure Relief

Memory foam is renowned for it's pressure relief properties. Memory foam will relieve tension and pressure in key pressure points - unlike other styles.

Body Contouring

Memory foam will mold and contour to the sleeper's individual body shape. This is essential for a restful and recovered night's sleep.

Gel Memory Foam

Gel memory foam is simple. It’s memory foam infused with cool gel. Gels are designed to capture and dissipate heat away from your body. It does a great job. Many low, mid, and high end memory foam mattresses now put gel in their top layers. 

Gel memory foam mattresses are ideal for people that sleep hotter than average. Gel does a great job at drawing heat away, keeping your body cool at night. 

Gel Particles

Gel particles infused in memory foam allows for better airflow and heat reduction than without.

Cool Sleep Surface

Gel memory foam wicks heat away from the body and keeps an even, cool sleep surface.

Better Airflow

Gel particles capture hot air in the mattress, ultimately allowing better airflow and circulation at night.


Hybrid mattresses combined a coil base with foam top layers; typically memory foam, latex, or a combination of both.

Hybrids do a great job blending benefits from memory foam, springs, and latex into one affordable mattress.

Hybrid mattresses are ideal for people that enjoy a coil mattress, but also like properties from memory foam (mold and contouring support), or latex (bouncy, cool sleep)

Extreme Value

Hybrid mattresses provide great value. Don't want to pay $3000 - $5000 for a 100% memory foam or latex mattress? Hybrids are your answer.

Cooler Sleep

Hybrid mattresses combine great airflow from spring mattresses and sets them as the foundation for a foam top layer. A smart combination for heat-conscious mattress shoppers.

Unique Feel & Benefits

Combining pocketed coil support with foam comfort layers allows for a unique combination of feel, support, and longevity. Benefits include tension and pressure relief from memory foam (or latex) with a sturdy coil support structure.


Latex mattresses are known for several things, including comfort, breath-ability, bounce, and responsiveness. They’re also considered much healthier than any other mattress style because of latex’s natural properties. 

Latex mattresses are ideal for people that want a healthy, natural sleep. They’re also great for people that want a mattress that molds and contours like memory foam, without the drawbacks like heat & off-gassing.

Unique Bounce

Latex has a unique bounce. Much different than innerspring mattresses that are known for their bouncier feel. The result is fantastic pressure and tension relief through the body.

Natural & Organic

When it comes to mattress types, latex is as natural as it gets. Extracted from the hevea-hraseilenis tree. Harvested, shipped, and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Little-no off-gassing and odors either.

Fast Foam Response

Memory foam takes 30-60 seconds to return to it's initial position. Latex? Anywhere from 1-3 seconds. The result is a host of unique benefits only latex can claim.

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