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Last Update: 2019-05-23

Editor’s Note: Costco is one of the few stores on memorial day that are closed. The good news? Amazon Warehouse (used and like-new products on Amazon) & Amazon’s Memorial Day Page has some ridiculously good deals to kick off the summer. Amazon Memorial Day prices are as good (if not sometimes better) than Costco sales prices on Memorial Day.

Is Costco Open On Memorial Day (hours)?

is costco open or closed on memorial dayCostco is one of the only big-brand retail stores that closes on Memorial Day. We respect Costco a lot for this. Why? Because Costco employees have the day off to celebrate the beginning of Summer. This is great news.

Even better? With Costco closed on Memorial Day, there’s still fantastic deals and sales online. Amazon’s Memorial Day sales have some of the best deals to start summer of 2018. 

Some of our favorite deals include items like lawn mowers, 

Costco Memorial Day vs Amazon Memorial Day

Since Costco isn’t open on Memorial Day, our next favorite bet for snagging some ridiculously good deals is Amazon’s Memorial Day page. Why? Amazon is known for having some ridiculous Memorial Day deals in the past. How do we know? Simple; most price-trackers we checked on Amazon from 2017 Memorial Day show 50%+ deals on well-known brands. 

Amazon Deals like:

  • Grills
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Gardening Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses

Make no mistake – Costco has some ridiculously good deals on Memorial Day too, but Amazon has overshadowed Costco over the past few years. 

Why Is Costco Closed On Memorial Day?

Costco is closed on Memorial Day to celebrate the 1st unofficial day of summer. Also, Costco is an incredibly family-friendly retailer. They go out of their way to make their employees happy every chance they get. This carries over into holidays. The result? Costco is not open on Memorial Day.

Warning: If you plan on going to Costco on Memorial Day to buy a grill – don’t; they’ll be closed! Either visit, or plan ahead and visit Amazon’s Memorial Day page and look at their competitive deals, too!

Costco Memorial Day Hours

Since Costco isn’t open on Memorial Day, there’s no Costco store hours to report. As we mentioned earlier, we recommend checking out Amazon Warehouse & Amazon Memorial Day deals in lieu of Costco not having available store hours on Memorial Day.

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