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Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, there’s no way to hide your order history forever. Amazon doesn’t completely delete your history . The good news is you can still archive individual orders. From your account settings, go to ‘Your Orders‘. Once you’re on ‘Your Order’ page, you can select an individual order and click ‘Archive order’. This completely hides your order from your Order history screen. Amazon limits your archived orders to 100.

How To Hide Orders On Amazon - The Simple Method

Hiding orders on Amazon is something that most people need to do at some point. Whether it’s to hide a Christmas present from your family, or maybe you have a surprise anniversary gift for your spouse. The worst part is it’s not exactly easy to figure out how. 

The good news is it’s quite simple.

Continue below for 3 simple steps on how to hide orders on Amazon.

Is There A Way I Can Hide Orders On Amazon? 3 Easy Steps

1. Login To Your Amazon Account

Sign inhow to view archived orders on amazon - step 1 sign in to your Amazon account using your username password

2. View 'Your Orders'

Pro Tip: Click here to view ‘Your Orders‘ & skip Step 2.

how to view archived orders on amazon - step 2 your orders pageOnce you sign in to your Amazon account, navigate to Your Orders page by:

  1. Locate ‘Accounts & Lists‘ on the top right of your screen.
  2. A drop down menu will appear. Click ‘Your Orders‘ (second from the top).

3. Scroll Down To An Individual Order & Click 'Archive order'

how to hide order history on amazonOn ‘Your Orderspage:

  1. Find a specific purchase order you’d like to hide. 
  2. Click ‘Archive order’ at the bottom. 
  3. Your order is now hidden from the Orders screen. 

As we earlier mentioned, hiding your order doesn’t delete it permanently. It only removes it from your default order history view tab. We wish Amazon created a method to permanently delete order history. Maybe they’ll add this feature sometime in the future. 

How To Hide Order Purchase History On Amazon

Hiding your order purchase history is the same as hiding your order history. There’s no way to do it. The best you can hope for is hiding your order by archiving it, outlined above.

We do however recommend turning off your browsing history on Amazon. You can do that by visiting your Amazon history here. Amazon will keep your browsing history from view.

When you turn your Amazon browsing history off, they won’t show you items you’ve clicked on in the past, or searches you make on your device.

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