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Question: How To Change Shipping Address On Amazon Order?

Answer: The short answer is yes, you can change the shipping address on your existing Amazon order. Navigate to Your Orders page (link to Amazon) and find the order you’d like to edit. You’ll have the ability to edit your shipping information to your correct address.

The catch? You must make sure your order hasn’t shipped yet! If your order has already shipped, there’s still a few unconventional options. Take a look at our article on how to edit your Amazon order after it already shipped if that’s the case.

How To Change Shipping Address On Amazon Order

We’ve all done it. We place an order on Amazon, but forget to change our shipping address or order information. We completely understand!

The good news? Changing your order shipping address on Amazon is surprisingly simple. There’s 2 main steps. 

There are other factors to consider. We cover them below with our 2 step tutorial on how to change your amazon shipping address on an existing order.

Editor’s Note: You can’t modify orders that already shipped. For situations like this, we recommend checking out our guide on how to change your shipping address on an amazon order already shipped.

3 Easy Steps On How To Change Shipping Address On Amazon Order

1. Navigate to Your Orders

Sign inhow to view archived orders on amazon - step 1 sign in to your Amazon account using your username password

Once you sign in, navigate to ‘Your Orders‘ section (linked to Amazon).

Continue to step 2. 

2. Determine if shipping started already

Pro Tip: Click here to view ‘Your Orders‘ & skip Step 2.

On ‘Your Orderspage there’s 2 possibilities that can happen:

  1. Bad: Your shipment is already on it’s way. At this point we recommend taking a look at our article on how to edit a shipping address on an order that already shipped.
  2. Good: Your order hasn’t shipped yet, and you’re still able to make edits to your address. Navigate to your order in question and simply click “edit order”.

Once you change your shipping address from step 2, hit save and you’re all set to go!

How To Change Shipping Address On Amazon Order Summarized

See? That wasn’t so bad! The main takeaways are simple and don’t need to be over-complicated.

Stick to these 2 steps outlined above and you’ll be on your way to editing your amazon order shipping address with ease.

  • Check Your Orders page to see if you can make edits to your newly placed order.
  • If you’re unable to make edits, check out our how to edit a shipping address on an order that already shipped. If you can make the edit, change your address accordingly!

Best of luck from the HGA team!

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