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Editor’s Note: Does Freesync work with Nvidia? The short answer; no, it doesn’t. But there’s still good news. If you want to combine an Nvidia GPU with a Freesync monitor, you can! Turn off Freesync in your monitor settings, and like magic, it becomes a regular monitor. But if you’re like most people without G sync or Freesync, you have occasional stuttering in games. There aren’t many good solutions available right now if you don’t have a G sync or Freesync monitor. That’s why we strongly recommend taking a look at some Freesync or Gsync monitors. Go to Youtube & watch the real impact both syncing options have on your eyesight & overall enjoyment (both gaming & web browsing). These are your best options in 2018 (if you can afford them). If you can’t afford G Sync right now, go with a cheaper Freesync monitor & hope Nvidia offers support in the future.

Does Freesync Work With Nvidia?

amd freesync technology - does freesync work with nvidia A Freesync monitor does in fact work with an Nvidia video card. But there’s a catch. Freesync itself (the technology) does notwork with Nvidia video cards. 

The simple math – Freesync monitor Nvidia video card = A regular monitor

No math required. 

But, there’s a catch! People usually ask if Freesync works with Nvidia cards for two reasons

  1. They see a Freesync monitor they like – They’re eyeing a beautiful Freesync monitor (like this one on Amazon), and they happen to own an Nvidia card.
  2. High prices – They’re turned off by the expensive prices of G sync monitors. Both scenarios offer 2 solutions, and they’re quite simple. 

Continue reading below to understand why you’d ever use a Freesync monitor with Nvidia (and alternative solutions that might actually be better). 

Scenario 1: You Like The Look Of A Specific Freesync Monitor

does freesync work with nvidia - LG 27UD58-B 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync
LG 27UD58-B 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync

If you’re eyeing a Freesync monitor and own an Nvidia card, our suggestion? Buy it! Why?  Simple. Disabling Freesync means it acts like a regular monitor!

Now, there’s a few caveats to this. For one, Freesync only works with AMD video cards. The good news? The monitor itself works with any video card, including Nvidia cards, but you just won’t be able to activate Freesync – AMD’s adaptive refresh rate technology. The monitor itself still performs as well as any other monitor you buy (build quality considering). It’s basically like owning a monitor without any Freesync or Gsync features.

Scenario 2: Gsync Is Too Damn Expensive! Can't I Use Freesync?

Acer Predator XB271HU

You have an Nvidia card and you’re eyeing Freesync monitors because Gsync is just too damn expensive. Trust us, we understand your pain. Gsync is much more expensive than most people are willing to spend on a monitor. 

But keep 2 things in mind. 

  • Gsync on average performs better than Freesync. Why? Nvidia has stricter controls on which panels (monitors) they put their G sync technology in. Gsync technology itself functions much better with Nvidia cards than vsync does on regular monitors. You’re paying extra for an additional quality of life; no screen tearing, ever
  • Nvidia’s Gsync monitors are getting cheaper every month. Early 2018 Gsync monitors are cheaper than ever. The Acer Predator XB271HU is a perfect example of this. If you’re on the fence between a Freesync and Gsync monitor, we strongly recommend taking a look at 2018 Gsync monitors. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 
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