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When Do Weber Grills Go On Sale + 3 Best Times To Buy

Editor’s Note: Weber grills rarely if ever go on sale. They use minimum advertised price to ensure retailers never sell below a certain $. The worst part? The few times Weber grills ever go on sale are unpredictable & hard to track. The good news? Amazon Warehouse has some amazing deals on a lot of Weber models, including their Spirit II & Genesis II You can see some of these deals on Amazon here.  Even better, check Amazon Warehouse deals here to see if any used (with varied conditions) Weber models are discounted.

Portable (Q)



501 Reviews

Spirit II



249 Reviews

Genesis II



229 Reviews




193 Reviews




196 Reviews

do weber grills ever go on sale + best time to buy a weber grill
Weber Smokey Mountain

Weber grills are some of the reliably built, fun-to-cook– with grills available in 2018. What really matters is do Weber grills go on sale? If they do, when do Weber grills go on sale? Like most things, it depends. The few rare sales that may happen during the year are hard to predict or even track. The good news? The biggest holidays can have Weber grill sales in some form. These holidays include:

  • Father’s Day 
  • Memorial Day 
  • Black Friday 
  • Cyber Monday
  • Post-Christmas

We like the Genesis series (particularly their E-310 model found on Amazon) the most, given it’s ridiculous build quality & price-value proposition. Finding a major sale or deal on these Weber models proves very difficult. Sure, we’ve seen small rare deals on Weber Genesis & Spirit grills, but you really need to dig for them. At least several times in the past few years Weber has held deep discounts in a few physical locations, but the chances of landing a steal on one of those is almost like winning the lottery.

How do we know? We’ve done the pricetracking research  to find the absolute lowest Weber grill prices across all their models. 

The best time to buy a Weber grill almost always depends on where you are in the grilling season. Grilling season begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor day. This is generally not an ideal time to buy a Weber grill. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, but expect low prices. Why? Weber rarely has any real sales or promotions they run , so it’s worth buying a Weber when you’re ready to purchase one

Amazon seems to be a convenient place to buy a Weber with real discounts throughout the year. For one, you can use Amazon’s store card & get special 6 or 12 month financing & special sign up offers (depending on how expensive a grill you buy). 

Amazon Warehouse is another amazing opportunity to check for Weber sales prices. on your location, you’ll receive free delivery & assembly. Most Weber grills take anywhere from 2-3 hours to assemble, so having this option available makes a big difference for a lot of people. 

Do Weber Grills Ever Go On Sale?

do weber grills ever go on saleDo Weber grills ever go on sale? The short answer – it depends. We’ll explain.

Minimum advertised pricing (MAP) is a fancy word for a company setting a minimum price retailers can sell their product for. Weber is one of a few companies in the grilling space that sets MAP with all their grill models. 

The result? Weber grills rarely go on sale more than $50 – $100 max. Most places carrying Weber grills usually stock them year round (which is not the case for many other gas or charcoal grill brands).

The only other time where a Weber grill may go on sale is old floor models. Old floor models usually indicate one thing – no one was interested in buying it, and now it’s collecting dust (and space). Don’t be afraid to speak to a store manager and tell them you’re willing to buy the Weber floor model for a 30% discount. 

Pro Tip: Amazon regularly offers free grill assembly with select grill purchases (depending on your location). Search Weber Grills on Amazon here & find out if a grill you’re looking for has free assembly. 

3 Best Times To Buy A Weber Grill

Memorial Day, Father’s Day & Labor Day

best time to buy a weber grill

There’s several times throughout year that make buying a Weber grill a smart decision. These are:

  • End of Season December & January are months when most grill companies clear old inventory out by marking prices down. Weber is no exception. While physical locations may be a good idea to check and see if Weber grills are steeply discounted, we much prefer places like Amazon, especially Amazon Warehouse Weber Grills
  • Father’s Day – Father’s day could have some good grill sales in 2018.  Father’s day is about 20 days after Memorial Day, so some Memorial Day sales might carry over (unlikely).
  • Memorial Day – Memorial day is start of the grilling season for most people – which means good potential sales. Since Weber doesn’t hold in-store sales (almost ever), we strongly recommend taking a look at Amazon Warehouse Deals & their store card.

Weber Grills On Sale Amazon

Weber grills for sale on Amazon is one of the best ways to buy a Weber. Why? A few reasons.

Amazon Warehouse (used) – Amazon warehouse is a fantastic alternative to how you’d usually buy a grill online (on Amazon or another site). They’re lightly used items grills sold on Amazon at a discount. We recommend scrolling over “Used” near the usual ‘Add to Cart’ button to look at additional details on cosmetic damages or other listed imperfections. Amazon Warehouse can be a hit or miss, but make no mistake – you can get some ridiculous deals on a Weber grill in 2018 . Our favorite Weber grills we found on Amazon Warehouse includes:

Does Weber Have BBQ Sales In Canada?

Does Weber Have BBQ Sales In CanadaSurprisingly, Canada Weber BBQ sales are similar to U.S. sales. 

Weber pricing follows the same general trend in Canada too. This means MAP pricing. Weber will not allow retailers in Canada to sell their grill below a minimum $ they set. Outside of Lowes, Home Depot, and small local stores, there aren’t many opportunities to buy a Weber in Canada. As a result, we recommend checking out Amazon Canada’s Warehouse Deals to see if you can snap a good deal on a used Weber. 

Weber Portable Gas Grill Sale

Gas Q Series

Weber’s Q series is their premier portable gas grills. They have decent cooking space, even BTU heat, and they’re extremely well built & portable. The Weber Q series rarely goes on sale. But don’t let that discourage you from taking a look at Q series pricing. These models are so well built, even if you don’t see a $10 or $20 discount off it’s normal pricing, we still recommend considering them. 



915 Reviews



636 Reviews



153 Reviews



501 Reviews



191 Reviews

Weber Electric Grills On Sale

Electric Q Series

Weber’s electric Q series (see on Amazon here) is one of our favorite electric models on the market right now. They both use 1560-watts of electric heating with 189 and 280 sq. ft. cooking surfaces (respectively).  They’re ultra portable, cook extremely evenly, and they’re priced well. Look below to see Weber’s latest sale prices on their electric Q series. 

The problem? Like the normal gas grill Q series models, they rarely go on sale (because they’re in such high demand). That says one thing – they’re probably worth the price! Take look at both models, and read some comments we directly link to below. The electric Q series from Weber is perfect for balconies & apartment buildings, too. 

Electric Q1400


501 Reviews


Electric Q2400


191 Reviews


Weber 2 Burner Grill Sale

3 Entry Level Weber Gas Grills With Extra Frills & Cooking Capacity For 2-4

Weber has 3 main 2-burner gas grills with potential sale prices worth considering. They are:

The differences between all 3 models are really simple. The Spirit II, Genesis II, and Genesis II LX are successively better,  improving in build quality, manufacturing processes, storage space, and cooking capability.  From the cover insulation, to BTU capacity, even heating distribution (which makes a big difference cooking steaks, chicken, and other meats) – the list goes on. The LX even has a side-burner too.  The main point? All sales for all 2-burners are listed below with links to Amazon to read more info about their specs, sale prices, and reviews.

Spirit II E-210


197 Reviews

Genesis II E-210


103 Reviews

Genesis II LX E-240


26 Reviews

Weber 3 Burner Grill Sale

3 Mid-Tier Weber Gas Grill With Extra Frills & Cooking Capacity For 4-6

Weber has 3 main 3-burner gas grills with potential sale prices worth considering. The 3-burner models are:

The differences between all 3 models are similar to the 2-burner differences. They progressively improve in build quality, materials used, storage capacity, .  From the cover insulation, to BTU capacity, even heating distribution (which makes a big difference cooking steaks, chicken, and other meats) – the list goes on.  Keep in mind the LX model has a side burner too. The main point? All sales for all 2-burners are listed below with updated links,prices & reviews to Amazon. 

Spirit II E-310


249 Reviews

Genesis II E-310


229 Reviews

Genesis II LX E-340


125 Reviews

Weber 4 Burner Grill Sale

2 High-End Gas Grill Models With Extra Frills & Cooking Capacity For 6+ People

Weber has 2 main 4-burner gas grills with potential sale prices. They are:

These are what Weber considers the higher end models in their Genesis line. Both the E-410 and LX E-440 have stainless steel cooking grates with all the latest tech and frills you’d expect in higher priced Weber gas grills. One thing to keep in mind ; the LX is Weber’s only existing model that’s completely manufactured in the U.S. From the cover insulation, to BTU capacity, even heating distribution (which makes a big difference cooking steaks, chicken, and other meats) – both models do good things in many areas.

All potential sales for Weber’s 4-burner models on Amazon are listed below with updated links, prices & reviews. 

Genesis II E-410


229 Reviews

Genesis II LX E-440


72 Reviews

Weber Performer Deluxe Sale (Weber 15501001)

3 Great Performing Charcoal Grills

The Weber Performer Deluxe series rarely go on sale. Why? It’s Weber’s highest end Performer series grill. It does so many things right. It’s particularly good for people that love charcoal grilling but hate lighter fluid taste. Although the Performer Deluxe series rarely goes on sale, we linked to Amazon below in case any existing sales start. Read through reviews, take a look at what real customers are saying, and decide if their Performer series is ideal for you. There’s 3 models in the Performer series.

Each model adds unique frills that add more cooking space, make cleanups easier, better build quality, and more.



137 Reviews


Performer Premium


111 Reviews


Performer Deluxe


227 Reviews


Pro Tip: Pick up Weber’s Chimney Starter (found on Amazon) if you plan on using their Performer series BBQ charcoal grills. Their chimney starter means you never have to taste lighter fluid in your food again. 

Weber Kettle For Sale (Weber 14401001)

3 Great Performing Charcoal Grills

Weber’s Original Kettle line is their staple for basic, no-frills charcoal BBQ grills.  They come in 3 models, the 18“, 22“, and 26“.  Only the 26” model has stainless steel cooking grates, stainless steel cleaning system, and rust resistant aluminum dampers. If any Weber models have sales in 2018, their Kettle line stands as a good candidate. Memorial day might hold a sale on Amazon for these grills, so keep a look out by saving one of the links below.

Original Kettle 18"


394 Reviews

Original Kettle 22"


1,149 Reviews

Original Kettle 26"


186 Reviews

Weber Master Touch Sale

Great Charcoal BBQ Grill For All Experience Levels 

Weber’s Master Touch series, like most other models, rarely go on sale. Their BBQ charcoal grills are widely popular, so sales don’t happen often. The good news? It’s priced very low already (for what you get). Taller legs, lid shield, large grilling surface – the list is extensive. All-in-all the Master-Touch is a masterclass in BBQ charcoal grilling. Take a look on Amazon, see if there’s an existing sale prices. If there aren’t, go to Amazon Warehouse & see if used Weber Master-Touches are on sale.

Weber Ranch Kettle For Sale (Weber 60020)

A Serious Grill (But Not For Everyone)

The Weber Ranch Kettle is one of the Weber’s most unique grills for sale in 2018. They’re extremely niche, meaning they only appeal to a very specific type of griller. If you cook for big gathers multiple times throughout the year, and you’re willing to spend money on a high capacity, incredibly good build quality charcoal BBQ grill, we strongly recommend taking a look at the Weber Ranch Kettle. 

The Weber Ranch Kettle almost never goes on sale. Your only hope is finding a floor model in a local store, or checking Amazon’s Warehouse deals here

Weber Grill Covers On Sale

Many companies create their own Weber covers for Weber grills. Some go on sale, others don’t. We picked our 3 favorite grill covers for Spirit, Genesis, and Kettle models. These may go on sale during major holidays, so keep your eye out and check below to see if any of them are on sale right now. 

Spirit II Cover


264 Reviews

Genesis II Cover


63 Reviews

Kettle Grill Cover


337 Reviews

Weber Accessories On Sale

Weber accessories add real quality of life improvements to your Weber grilling experience. Most Weber accessories are priced very fairly. When Weber accessories are on sale? That’s the time to buy them. Click one of the links below (directly to Amazon) to see which of their accessories on sale right now. 



348 Reviews

Drip Pan


1,933 Reviews



414 Reviews



43 Reviews

Weber Natural Gas Grills On Sale

All Weber Spirit, Genesis, Genesis LX, and Summit series grills offer natural gas alternatives. Natural gas is arguably much easier, more convenient, and much less costly than propane alternatives. The result? Natural gas grills may cost a little more than propane (on average). Still, trying to find a Weber natural gas grill on sale won’t be easy (for all the reasons we mentioned above). We compiled all Weber’s natural gas series grills for you to check & see which one is on sale. 

Spirit II E-310


249 Reviews

Genesis II S-310


229 Reviews

Genesis II LX S-340


125 Reviews

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