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Zinus Coupon, Discount, & Promo Codes ​

Verdict: Zinus is Amazon’s most popular mattress line. Even more, Zinus’s most popular mattress on Amazon is their  Zinus 12″ Memory Foam Green Tea mattress. Their Zinus Green Tea mattress comes in 6″, 8″, 10″ & 12″ heights.

Zinus’s price-to-value ratio is pretty incredible. The problem? Because their value is so good, rarely do they offer direct discounts or coupons. 

The good news? There’s still 2 major ways you can find a Zinus discounted without coupons or promo codes.

  • Amazon Warehouse – Amazon warehouse is one of the most overlooked places to get incredibly good deals on all Amazon items. The catch? They’re all used or like-new in some capacity. We understand buying a ‘used’ mattress seems odd, but hear us out. Most returned items on Amazon warehouse are incredibly good condition. Amazon is extremely strict with product condition accuracy. 
  • Holiday Sales – Amazon regularly has deals and sales throughout the year, especially on their Gold Box deals page here. Check back regularly or save the Gold Box deals page link to your browser to make sure you take advantage of any flash-deals in the future. 

Current Zinus Sale Prices

Click below to find current sale prices for each Zinus mattress size (linked directly to Amazon.

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Zinus 6"

Zinus 8"


Zinus 10"


Zinus Coupons & Coupon Codes

Zinus is an ultra-budget memory foam brand. Their most popular mattress (their 12″ Green Tea) is priced very competitively on Amazon. 

The result of such a value-driven brand? Zinus rarely offers direct coupon codes for their product because it’s already priced so low. Their margins are thin, so offering any coupons is not possible under normal circumstances. The good news? Amazon regularly offers Zinus as their “deal of the day” since Zinus is their #1 best selling mattress. 

Zinus Discounts & Discount Codes

Zinus doesn’t offer any direct discounts or discount codes.

Amazon does offer a neat feature that allows you to filter all current discounts. Continue below to view all existing Zinus discounts on Amazon.

Zinus Promos & Promo Codes

Zinus does not offer any direct promo codes at this time. If they ever decide to offer promotional discounts in the future, we’ll be the first to update them here in this section. 

Zinus Mattress Amazon Promo Code

Zinus doesn’t have any direct mattress promo codes on Amazon. However, Zinus is regularly featured on Amazon’s deal of the day. We recommend visiting Amazon’s deal of the day page to see if they chose Zinus for that daily deal.

Another fantastic way to get a good deal on a Zinus mattress is by visiting Amazon Warehouse. Amazon Warehouse sells used or like-new products returned by customers or damaged and refused on delivery. We understand buying a mattress non-new is odd, but trust us, Amazon is strict with listing condition accuracy.

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