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Save On Sleep on Latex Coupons & Discounts

Sleep on Latex (found on Amazon & SOL’s website) is a 100% natural latex mattress made with durable Dunlop latex. Their Pure-Green mattress comes in 3 firmness levels, including:

Already have a mattress & want to improve comfort on your existing mattress? We strongly recommend taking a look at Sleep on Latex’s toppers (found on Amazon & their website). Their toppers are 100% natural latex, stay very cool, are hypoallergenic, and do a fairly incredible job improving comfort on existing mattresses. 

Continue reading for Sleep on Latex’s latest coupons and discounts.

1. Current Sleep On Latex Sale Prices

Click here to go to Amazon and find current prices for Sleep on Latex mattress (Free shipping is available). Sleep on Latex sale prices usually stay the same year-round, so you can usually purchase with complete confidence knowing you’re getting the lowest available Sleep on Latex price

2. Sleep On Latex Coupon

As of March 2018,  SleeponLatex (found on Amazon) doesn’t directly offer coupons. Our guess? They don’t advertise direct coupons on their website because they work on thin-margins & their prices are relatively low to begin with. For a 100% natural latex mattress, their prices are extremely low. Other 100% natural latex mattresses we’ve seen run upwards of $6000. 

The good news? Sleep on Latex still runs a 5% discount under coupon code MUG05. We recommend trying it on Amazon here

3. Sleep On Latex Discount Code

Like their coupons, Sleep on Latex doesn’t run direct discounts on their site. Similarly to their coupons, it seems like Sleep on Latex’s philosophy on discount codes revolves around offering the best value by keeping low prices year-round. We like this philosophy a lot. Why? Because it doesn’t force potential customers to purchase at certain times throughout the year. 

4. Sleep On Latex Military Discount

Some companies (especially mattress companies) like to run military discounts ranging from $50 – $100 for brave service members. It doesn’t look like Sleep on Latex runs military discount programs as of early 2018. 

We’ll immediately update this page if SoL adds a military discount in the future. 

5. Sleep On Latex Promo Code

Sleep on Latex does not offer any direct promotional codes as of March 2018. The good news? Even without any direct promo codes, Sleep on Latex still keeps relatively low prices both on their website, and on Amazon. Their most popular comfort level is their medium-firm (found on Amazon here). Read through their reviews & make the most informed possible decision on whether Sleep on Latex’s 100% natural latex mattress is right for you in 2018!

Please leave a comment below if you have any specific questions about SleeponLatex discounts, coupons, or promo codes.

If we missed any coupon codes or discounts please let us know in the comments. 

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