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Ghostbed Coupons, Discount, and Promo Codes

Ghostbed is an 11″ latex + gel memory foam hybrid mattress sold and backed by Amazon and Ghostbed’s website

Ghostbed is made in the USA, something HGA really appreciates. Their mattress has a 20 year warranty with a 101 night sleep trial.  Their mattress happens to be incredibly comfortable, and offers genuine value above other bed in a box style mattresses. 

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2. Current Ghostbed Sale Prices

Click here to see current sale prices for each Ghostbed size on Amazon. (One-day shipping is available)

2. Ghostbed Coupon

Ghostbed packs a ton of real value in their gel latex & memory foam hybrid mattress. I rarely come across a bed in a box mattress under $700 (newly discounted! Queen) with both latex and gel memory foam in their comfort layer. 

The result? Ghostbed doesn’t offer coupon codes because their product is already priced relatively low.

Ghost bed doesn’t offer any direct discounts or discount codes on Amazon.

4. Ghostbed Military Discount & Discounts

Ghostbed Military Discounts – In February 2016, Ghostbed ran a really cool promotion where they donated 2 mattresses a month to military veteran charities. Beyond that, Ghostbed does not offer a military discount anymore at this time. 

Ghostbed Discounts – Ghost bed doesn’t offer any direct discounts or discount codes on Amazon. The good news? That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Most companies that offer discounts of any kind usually inflate the price of their mattress, and offer a discount code for the difference. There’s no real savings. Ghostbed keeps their prices low (which means it’s a good value). Our favorite place to get a Ghostbed mattress is on Amazon. Shipping is fast, simple, and most importantly? Free.

5. Ghostbed Promos & Promo Codes

Ghostbed doesn’t offer promo codes not offer any direct promo codes right now. Why? The same reasons they don’t offer a coupon, discount, or promo code program. Ghostbed’s value exists without discounts or sale prices. 

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