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8 Best Mattress Under $500 (by size)

8 Best Mattresses Under $500 (by size)

Not everyone can pay $2000+ for a high-quality mattress. Our readers come from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of budgets & preferences. Our goal is laying out the absolute best options across a range of prices. The result? We’ve decided to review the best mattresses under 500 by size & overall value. Finding the best mattress under $500 is no easy task. Even though under $500 is a budget-range, there’s still a ton of options to choose from. It gets confusing, fast.
Our Criteria: We developed several criteria for the best mattress under 500. These include: quality materials, overwhelmingly positive verified user feedback, prime shipping eligibility, comfort & support, minimum 10-year warranty, and most importantly, priced under $500.  We chose 2 mattresses for each size. These categories are:
  • Best Quality Under 500 (by size) – Our best overall pick is simple. We consider this selected mattress to be the best overall mattress money can buy under $500. Period. We carefully scanned through thousands of options for Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. Our best pick accounts for features, benefits, construction, free shipping, customer feedback, comfort & support, and warranties & return policy.
  • Best Value Under 500 (by size Unlike our best overall pick, our best value pick accounts for price / feature benefits. Our team analyses hundreds of mattresses across a $300 – $500 price range to determine which mattress is the ultimate value for Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. While our best value pick under 500 may not be best in all categories, it is the best bang for your buck.  
Continue reading to find which size and type work best for you!

Best Twin Mattress Under 500

Twin size mattresses are always less expensive than their bigger brothers. The good news? You can pack a lot more value in a Twin size mattress under 500. These options offer pretty incredible values at a great-budget prices. Every option we recommend is listed on Amazon. We enjoy the concept of buying a mattress on Amazon because shipping is fast & freeprime eligible, and most times Amazon offers great sales that bring mattress prices below normal levels.

Our 2 Twin mattress under 500 recommendations are

1. Best Quality Twin Under 500

Gel Memory Foam 10 inch Mattress Made in the USA by eLuxurySupply - Twin

Gel Memory Foam | Medium-Firm Comfort | 10″ Profile | 10-year Warranty & Long 120-day Sleep Trial

  • 120 night trial (one of longest)
  • Great pressure-relieving support
  • Accommodates for all 3 sleep positions
  • $50 Coupon On Amazon (drops to $449)
  • May have slight initial odor
  • Too firm for only side sleepers

Summary: eLuxurySupply’s 10″ gel memory foam mattress is a tough Twin-size value to beat under 500.  They do a lot of things right without complicating their simple 2-layer design. It’s a substantial mattress at 10″ in height, allowing heavier sleepers full support while lighter sleepers can take full advantage of pressure relieving properties. 

Construction + Support  eLuxurySupply uses a simple 2-layer design, something you generally see in mattresses 3-5x in price. Their layers include:

  • Soft Waterproof Cover that does a great job protecting the mattress and keeping the top layer cool with good airflow
  • 3″ Gel Memory Foam as a top comfort layer to keep the mattress cool. This gel layer also does an amazing job keeping the body’s pressure points fully encapsulated and relieved (especially for the price)
  • 7″ High Density Support Foam that acts as a strong, durable support base. It doesn’t have any fancy features to complicate the support (which we like)

Firmness + Comfort – On a 1-10 scale, eLuxurySupply’s firmness is a bout a 5.5 – 6 on a 1-10 scale (with 10 being table-top hard). While this mattress doesn’t support only side sleeping, it does a great job if you occasionally sleep on your side. They have a 10 year warranty that stands behind their mattress’s good support. We recommend reading more Amazon reviews mentioning their firmness & comfort here.

Amazon Reviews – Our subjective opinions aren’t enough for you to make a determination on which mattress is best for you under 500. That’s why we recommend reading additional  eLuxurySupply’s 284+ verified Amazon reviews here. The good news? Verified customer’s sentiments reflect our opinion – this is the Best Twin Mattress Under 500.

2. Best Value Twin Under 500

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress with Quilted Cover

Memory Foam | Medium Comfort | 12″ Profile | 20-year Warranty

  • Made in the USA
  • CertiPUR certified
  • Light, cradling comfort
  • Supports heavier sleepers well
  • Fantastic for all sleep positions
  • Not for spring lovers
  • Too firm for only side sleepers

Summary: Shiloh’s 12″ memory foam mattress is our best value mattress under 500 for several reasons. It’s a fantastic mattress for all sleep positions – ranging from average to bigger bodies. Sleep Innovations offers several other designs on Amazon, but we determined their Shiloh mattress is the best reviewed and best designed mattress of them (in our opinion). Benefits for their mattress include: aligning the body well, keeping a cool, temperature regulated sleep, all with fantastic support backed by their 20-year warranty (something we’re genuinely impressed with). 

Construction + Support – Like most mattresses under 500Shiloh’s 12″ mattress keeps a simple 2-layer design called their DuoComfort Design (2). The best part? All their foams are CertiPur-Us certified. Their layers include:

  • Shiloh’s Cover comes in 2 options. Their Quilted Cover & their Smooth Cover. Both options are genuinely soft and comfortable. Each choice comes down to preference. Quilted if you want a softer, luxurious feel. Smooth if you want a soft, cradling feel without many frills
  • Top Comfort Layer with 2.5″ inch SureTemp memory foam layer designed to align your body’s spine and provide fantastic pressure point relief 
  • Base Support Layer with 9.5″ inches of their Support Plus Foam that does a fantastic job keeping your body supported. This is a very thick layer of base foam for a mattress. This is a testament to how serious Sleep Innovations is about providing a long-lasting value option

Firmness + Comfort – This is a medium firmness mattress. On a 1-10 scale, Shiloh’s 12″ is a 5 – 5.5 on a 1-10 scale. It’s specifically designed to lightly cradle the body and keep the spine properly aligned. Both layers combine to create a simple, yet extremely effective design. 

Amazon Reviews – There’s an endless combination of body shapes, sizes, and preferences. That’s why we prefer our readers scanning through Shiloh’s 3700+ verified Amazon reviews. Not all of them are stellar – we encourage you to read through negative experiences also. But for value under 500, we’re convinced Shiloh’s 12″ memory foam mattress is the best value mattress under 500 ($330 to be exact). Hands down. 

Twin Mattress Set Under 500

Our readers asked us to recommend not only the best twin mattress under 500, but the best twin mattress set under 500. The good news? Pairing support with a twin mattress is easy. You can use a box spring, metal frame, or any variation of platform beds on Amazon. 

Our 2 recommendations for best Twin mattress supports under 500 are 

Check our support recommendations below to find which Twin-size combo works best for you. Don’t love our recommendations? We encourage you to check all results for Twin size mattress frames on Amazon here.

Twin Mattress Under 500

Editor's Pick - Best Twin Overall
Editor's Pick - Best Twin Value

Twin Base

Editor's Pick - Best Twin Base
Editor's Pick - Best Overall Base

Best Full Size Mattress Under 500

Like the Twin, there’s a good selection of Full size mattresses under 500. Since the Full size is 15″ wider, prices tend to be a higher. The good news? Some Full sizes on Amazon are priced abnormally low.

Our 2 Full mattress under 500 recommendations are

Lets take “full” advantage of that low pricing and look at which full size mattresses across a range of styles are best under $500

3. Best Quality Full Under 500

Tuft & Needle Mattress, Full Mattress with T&N Adaptive Foam

Green Tea Memory Foam | Medium-Firm Comfort | 12″ Profile | 10-year Warranty | 3135Verified Amazon Reviews

  • Made in the USA
  • Accommodates all 3 sleep styles
  • CertiPUR & Oeko-Tex 100 certified
  • Soft & supportive with great bounce
  • 100 night trial with a 10-year warranty
  • Gel and graphite infused foam for a surprisingly cool sleep
  • May temporarily smell
  • May be too firm for only side sleeping
Summary: Tuft & Needle is a name most people heard at some point during their mattress shopping experience. This is an easy pick for us. Why? Several reasons. Tuft & Needle’s adaptive foam technology mimics the bounce from latex & pressure relief from memory foam. This is a very unique type of technology Tuft & Needle created. Is it superior than memory foam and latex? Definitely not, but it offers a unique feel. T&N’s gel and graphite technology does a fantastic job keeping the mattress uniformly cool at night. 
Continue reading for a closer at T&N’s features, benefits, & construction. 
Construction + Support – Tuft & Needle has a simple 2-layer foam design. With that simple design they do a lot right. Their layers include: 
  • T&N uses their Adaptive foam tech in their cover, too. It allows the cover to breath very well, keeping you cool
  • 3″ Top Comfort Layer of their Adaptive foam to create a memory foam and latex like feel. Pressure relief and contoured support from their memory foam-like feel, and a supportive, bouncy feel from their latex-like comfort
  • 7″ of High-Density Bottom Support foams to keep the top layer from collapsing in. This layer is essential for longevity, and T&N does a good job finding the right height to achieve this support

Firmness + Comfort – Tuft & Needle is a moderately firm mattress. On a 1-10 scale, T&N is about a 6.  It’s soft enough to conform to side sleeping positions with great pressure relief. The good part? It also accommodates back & stomach sleeping well too since it’s a little on the firmer side. You don’t feel like you’re sinking into the T&N, which we really like. 

Amazon Reviews – Tuft & Needle has over 3100 verified Amazon reviews. We strongly recommend reading through some to get an idea of positives & negatives from real customers. We’re confident most of our readers will come to the same conclusion; Tuft & Needle is the best Full mattress under 500

4. Sweetnight 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress, CertiPUR-US Certified, Queen

Best Value Full Under 500

Dual-Sided Memory Foam  | Medium Plush & Medium Firm Comfort | 10″ Profile | 10-year Warranty | 47+ Verified Amazon Reviews

  • CertiPUR certified
  • Gel memory foam for a cool sleep
  • Unique 3 zoned comfort foam design
  • Flippable design with dual comfort levels
  • $40 coupon on Amazon (drops to $358)
  • May have an initial odor
  • Flipping may be a hassle for some

Summary: Sweetnight’s 10 inch cool gel memory foam is a surprisingly great value that’s comparable to mattresses 3-4x in price. Sweetnight isn’t a well-known brand name like Tuft & Needle or Live & Sleep, but they manage to create a feature rich mattress at an unbelievable price. Their mattress is flippable, has zoned layer comfort allowing additional support in the body’s midsection, and they use gel memory foam to keep the mattress cool. To top it all off, their foams are CertiPUR US certified with a worry-free 10-year warranty. 

Construction + Support – Since Sweetnight’s design is very different than other mattresses under 500. They use a 3-layered foam design that’s very supportive and comfortable. Their layers include:

  • Sweetnight’s Cover is soft & removable made with their premium cotton blends and knit. The cover has a surprisingly luxurious feel. While the cover isn’t washable, it has an easy zip-off design if you dirty it
  • Top Comfort Layer is 2″ of gel infused memory foam. This is designed for 2 things – sleeping cool and feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Pressure points are relieved very well on this top most layer
  • Middle Comfort Layer is 5″ of their comfort foam. This layer is unique for it’s price because it uses a split 3-zone design. This design keeps a firmer middle to ease pressure points and keep hips supported. This design is generally seen inside much more expensive mattresses 
  • Bottom Support Layer is 3″ of high-density support foam that does a good job isolating movement. It’s high-density allows for good motion isolation that absorbs body movement for a quiet & motionless night’s sleep.

Firmness + Comfort – Since Sweetnight’s matrtress is flippable, both sides accomomodate different sleep styles. Their firmer side is designed for back and stomach sleeping. On a 1-10 firmness scale it’s about a 7. On the flip side, their softer foams accommodate side sleeping very well. On a 1-10 scale, their soft side is about a 3.5 – 4

Amazon Reviews – Although Sweetnight has much less reviews than more popular styles, their ratings are universally positive. They have no 1 – 3 star reviews. This is something we rarely see. We recommend reading through their 47 verified reviews to understand some pros and cons (as few as those cons may be). Features, benefits, design & overall price allow us to confidently rate Sweetnight’s 10″ gel memory foam mattress as the best value mattress under 500

Full Size Mattress Set Under 500

Finding a cheap Full size mattress set under $500 comes with some sacrifices. The good news? We don’t need to sacrifice much.  We recommended 2 Full size mattress sets under 500.

Our 2 recommendations for best Full mattress supports under 500 are 

Check our support recommendations below to find which Full-size combo works best for you.

Full Size Mattress Under $500

Editor's Pick - Best Full Overall
Editor's Pick - Best Full Value

Full Support Under 60

Our Full Base Pick
Best Bunkie Board

Best Queen Mattress Under 500 (FS/0/500)

There’s several great options for the best Queen mattress under 500. The good news? We made your life easy. We took all queen mattresses under 500 on Amazon and evaluated every feature, every benefit, and every review. All in one place. There are Queen-size options that don’t sacrifice much in the name of quality. Even better, there’s a few options that are very comfortable for it’s ultra-budget price.

Our 2 recommendations for best Queen mattress supports under 500 are

Lets take a look at our 2 best picks for the best queen mattress under 500.

5. Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Queen Size, 12-Inch Medium-Firm Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Premium Form Pillow

Best Quality Queen Under 500

Cooling Gel Memory Foam | Medium-Firm Comfort | 12″ Profile | 10-year Warranty | 4675+ Verified Amazon Reviews

  • Bonus free pillow
  • CertiPUR certified
  • Quilted memory foam
  • Great for back & stomach sleeping
  • $40 coupon on Amazon (drops to $439.95)
  • May be too firm for side sleeping
  • May have slight initial odor

Summary: Live & Sleep’s Resort Ultra 12″ line is a medium-firm cooling gel memory foam mattress that takes our top spot for the best queen mattress under $500. Aside from it’s stellar reviews, this mattress doesn’t have many Queen-size equals. Live & Sleep’s Resort Ultra breaths very well because of it’s soft-flex cover. Their foam layers combine to create amazing airflow and coolness with a thick profile (12 inches) to create maximum support.

Construction + Support – Live & Sleep uses a 3-layer design, including:

  • Live & Sleep uses a Soft Flex Cover designed for easy removable with a green footprint. It’s easily washable and it’s designed to have a cloud-like sensation.
  • Top Comfort Layer is a 2.5″ premium air-flow memory foam that’s designed to relieve pressure & tension points in the lower back and general pain points.
  • Top Transitional Layer of 1″ gel-infused foam to ease the transition between the top memory foam layer & bottom high density support layer
  •  8.5″ thick layer of High Density Support Base Foams. The thickness of their bottom layer makes a big support difference. 

Firmness + Comfort – Live & Sleep Resort Ultra is a medium-firm mattress, not a hard mattress. It does a good job accommodating all 3 sleep positions. If you only sleep on your side, this mattress may be too firm.

Amazon Reviews – We recommend reading Live & Sleep’s 535+ verified reviews. They’re all very resoundingly positive, and we’re fairly astonished at how good of a value this mattress is. These verified review comments confirm our sentiments, Live & Sleep’s Resort Ultra is in our opinion the Best Queen Mattress Under 500.

6. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress with BONUS 2 Pillows, Queen

Best Value Queen Under 500

4-layer Ventilated Gel Memory Foam | Medium Plush Feel | 14″ Profile | 25-year Warranty | 1163+ Verified Amazon Reviews

  • 25-year warranty
  • CertiPUR certified
  • Ventilated gel memory foam
  • 4-layer design for maximum comfort
  • Bonus 2 free shredded memory foam pillows
  • May be too soft for exclusive back & stomach sleepers
  • May be too high (14") for some

Summary:  Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Memory Foam Mattress is another extreme budget option on Amazon that does an amazing job combining comfortable benefits & features into a value price.  It’s 14″ height is substantial and allows Classic Brands to tinker their layers to accommodate all 3 sleep styles very well. They use aerated cool gel memory foam with high density support & pressure relieving memory foam to release tension & pressure points. Back & stomach sleepers are kept floating on top of the mattress. The best part? It comes with 2 comfortable shredded memory foam pillows

Construction + Support – Classic Brands uses a simple 4-layer design. These layers include:

  • A beautiful Luxurious Stretch Knit Cover that conforms well to the layers & sleeps very cool. 
  • 2″ of Ventilated Gel Memory Foam to wick heat away from the body at night and maintain a uniformly cool sleep. Most mattresses don’t use ventilated gel memory foam as a top layer. This makes a huge difference
  • 2″ of Regular Memory Foam underneath to maintain a softer feel on top that supports side sleeping extremely well
  • 2″ of soft Comfort Foam to act as a transition layer between to memory foam and bottom high density support foams
  • 8″ of High Density Poly Base Foam to act as support for the mattress. This layer gives the mattress firmness it needs to support back and stomach sleeping very well

Firmness + ComfortClassic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress is about a 5 on a 1-10 firmness scale. It’s 14″ height and 4 layers allow it to accommodate side sleeping extremely well. Pressure points are completely relieved on this mattress. Back & stomach sleeping is well accommodated and pain points are relieved in the lower back, shoulders, hips. and side. . There’s a uniform level of support so you’re not sinking into the mattress at any point in time. 

Amazon Reviews – We strongly believe in our readers scanning through verified purchaser reviews on Amazon. It allows you to read hundreds of subjective opinions that work to paint an overall picture of how the mattress may work for your individual needs. You can read all 1163+ verified Amazon reviews for Classic Brands here. Classic Brands cool gel Queen mattress is 14″ in height, has 4 layers of aerated and ventilated gel memory foam, comes with 2 free shredded memory foam pillows – all for under $370. It’s value is some of the best we’ve seen under 500.  That’s why we named Classic Brands our Best Value Mattress Under 500

Best Queen Mattress Set Under 500

Finding a great Queen mattress under 500 is difficult enough. Finding a support base to go with it? It becomes more difficult. The good news? We’ve scanned every possible combination to bring you the lowest cost options for foundation support for your brand new mattress under 500.
Our 2 Queen mattress supports under 500 recommendations are:

Both options serve as a sturdy, inexpensive solutions to properly support your mattress.

Queen Mattresses Under 500

Editor's Pick - Best Queen Overall
Editor's Pick - Best Queen Value

Queen Support Under 65

Our Queen Base Pick
Best Bed Frame Value

Best King Mattress Under 500 (FS)

Finding a King mattress under 500 is much easier in 2018 than it was several years ago. There’s literally hundreds of King size mattresses to choose from under 500. The good news? We scoured the internet and found the 2 best quality & value options under 500. 

Our 2 King mattresses under 500 are

We expect both mattresses to perform well for 8-10 years (minimum). Lets take a look at why we chose them.

7. LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress - Ultra Plush - Individually Encased Coils

Best Quality King Under 500

High-Gauge Individually Encased Coils + Memory Foam Hybrid | Medium Plush Feel | 12″ Profile | 10-year Warranty | 18+ Verified Amazon Reviews

  • Adaptable 2" gel memory foam for a soft, adaptable top layer
  • Heavy-gauge 8" coils for amazing support
  • Hybrid design to bring best of both worlds from innerspring & memory foam
  • CertiPUR Certified
  • Hybrid design isn't for exclusive innerspring or memory foam lovers
  • Not as well-reviewed as other options

Summary: Linenspa’s 12″ gel memory foam hybrid is not a very common type of bed in a box.  Most bed in a box mattresses on Amazon are memory foam because it’s easier to ship in a box. Linenspa’s able to achieve the edge support of an innerspring with the comfort t and adaptability of memory foam. They use heavy-gauge 8 inch coils with transition foam and 2 inches of gel  memory foam on top. Their mattress is the softest bed in Linenspa’s lineup.

Construction + Support – Linenspa uses a hybrid design with coils on bottom and gel memory foam on top – all with a comfort foam layer in between. They really do an amazing job creating a “sink in” feel while supporting your body structure. This is the appeal of Hybrid mattresses. A closer look at their layers include:

  • A Soft Polyester Cover that breaths well and keeps a plush accommodating feel
  • 2″ Layer of Gel Memory Foam that uses softer foams to keep a cloud-like feel on top. Since this is a hybrid mattress, most of the firmness comes from innerspring coils below
  • 2″ Transition Foam between the top comfort layer and bottom support coils
  • 8″ of Heavy-Gauge Coils to keep a firm support for the mattress. Edge support is fantastic because it’s coil-edge design
Firmness + Comfort – This is Linenspa’s softest mattress in it’s lineup. The result? It’s about a 4 – 5 on a 1-10 firmness scale, with 10 being table top hard. This does a surprisingly good job accommodating all sleep positions well.
Amazon Reviews – Since this is Linenspa’s least reviewed mattress, there isn’t many users reviews. The good news? There’s at least 18 verified reviews to read through. All Linenspa’s hybrid reviews are stellar praise, and is one of the many reasons why we rate this mattress the best quality King mattress under 500. 

8. Arctic Dreams 12" Cooling Gel Mattress Made in the USA, King

Best Value King Under 500

1″ Gel-Infused Memory Foam + 4″ High Density Support Foam | Medium Firm Feel | 5″ Profile | 10-year Warranty | 2457+ Verified Amazon Reviews

  • Made in the USA
  • CertiPUR Certified
  • Unique Energex™ gel foam
  • Best for side sleepers
  • May be too awkward for stomach sleeping
  • May have some initial off-gassing

Summary: Arctic Dream’s 12″ Cooling Gel mattress from Dreamfoam Bedding is our best value pick for a King mattress under 500. Dreamfoam Bedding created this mattress for people with a tighter budget in their mind.  It’s a substantial 12″ cooling gel memory foam mattress designed with cool gel infused breathable foam, and a unique fast response Energex gel foam.

Construction + Support – Arctic Dreams built their gel memory foam mattress with 3 separate layers. These layers include:

  • Top Layer (padding & comfort) uses a little less than an inch (.75″) of super soft foam designed to keep pressure points relieved for shoulders, hips, and sides
  • Middle Layer (comfort & support) uses 3″ of their Energex gel foam. This gel foam acts similar to latex – giving additional bounce, cooling & overall support
  • Bottom Support is their 6.25″ high-density support foam. This final layers supports the rest of their mattress. It gives good, deep compression for heavier sleepers.
Firmness + Comfort – This mattress is a little softer than other mattresses on our list. It may be a little awkward for primary stomach sleepers, but side & back sleeping is accommodated extremely well.  Arctic Dreams describes their mattress as a medium/soft comfort level, which is about a 3.5 – 4 on a 1-10 firmness scale. 

Amazon Reviews – We recommend starting here to read through Arctic Dreams over 2457+ Amazon reviews. While we didn’t grant this mattress our best overall quality pick, the combination of USA made, cool, supportive sleep, and price tag under $400 made this a relatively easy pick for our best value King size mattress under 500

King Size Mattress Set Under $500

Finding a King mattress under 500 is not easy work. King size mattresses are big, and ultimately expensive to manufacture. The good news? We’ve found 2 amazing options that appeal to both quality & value sleepers. If you’re looking to add a mattress support for your King mattress, we scoured the internet and found 2 – both under $75.

Our 2 King mattress support recommendations are: 

King Mattress Under 500

Editor's Pick - Best King Overall
Editor's Pick - Best King Value

King Support Under 75

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