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4 Best Mattresses On Amazon Compared In 2018

Each year more people purchase a mattress online. Visiting an mattress store to try a bed for 5 minutes is less and less enticing in 2018. This is where Amazon comes in. Amazon is surprisingly one of the best places online to buy a mattress. Fast shipping, simple return policies, and a wide selection. It’s easy to see why more & more people are buying a mattress on Amazon in 2018

We found the 4 best mattresses on Amazon. Each mattress we selected on our list is best in-class for all 4 general mattress types. These mattress types include innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, & latex

Each style offers pros and cons depending on your individual preferences

These 4 general mattress types include:

  • Innerspring mattresses are tried-and-true styles that offer durability, resilience, and firm bouncier support. 
  • Memory foam envelopes and contours to your body, making for fantastic pressure-point relief & improved blood flow.
  • Latex feels more bouncy and responsive, and doesn’t envelope each pressure point the same way memory foam does, but it still offers some unique characteristics

Editor’s Picks:

Continue below for 4 best amazon mattresses in 2018.

1. Best Innerspring Mattress On Amazon

Best value, firm support, and durable coil system

  • Reversible design
  • Firm Feel (6.5 - 7/10)
  • Best value innerspring mattress on Amazon
  • Encased coils for less motion transfer + support
  • Some initial smell

Summary: Signature Sleep’s Contour does a lot right for such a ridiculously good value. It’s reversible, uses high-density foams, independently encased coils for comfort & motion reduction, and uses a soft breathable cover. It’s about a 6.5 – 7 on a 1-10 firmness scale. Perfect for back & stomach sleeping with some side. If you want a tried-and-true coil mattress with durable foams & good support, we strongly recommend giving Signature Sleep’s Contour line a look

Verdict: Signature Sleep Contour does several things right. This includes their reversible design. Most mattresses shy away from this design type over the past few years, but it’s still a great way to build a mattress. Reversible mattresses allow you to reinvigorate your mattress by flipping it every several months or each year. The mattress holds up very well, using dense top foams and sturdy coil base construction with individually encased coils. These encased coils do a great job reducing motion transfer & applying unique pressure to your tension & pain points. The benefit? Simple, better blood flow & deeper REM sleep.

best mattress on amazon - Signature Sleep Contour 10 Inch Reversible Independently Encased Coil Mattress with CertiPUR-US certified foam, Queen - firmnessFirmness & Support:  Signature Sleep’s Contour mattress is firm. It’s not anywhere table top firm, but it is on the firmer side. It’s about a 6.5 – 7 on a 1-10 firmness scale. It’s perfect for back & stomach sleeping, with occasional side sleeping too. This is not ideal if you’re primarily (or exclusively) a side sleeper. 

Support is extremely good for such an inexpensive coil mattress, with sturdy edges & thick coils.

Signature Sleep Contour is best for people that:

  • Want a innerspring coil mattress that has sturdy, resilient support.
  • Want a budget mattress that doesn’t cut too many corners & offers an amazing value.
  • Want a flippable mattress that allows you to reinvigorate it’s comfort by not only rotating, but having the option to flip too.

2. Best Memory Foam Mattress On Amazon

Best cool gel memory foam mattress + free pillow

  • Soft breathable cover
  • Long 20-year warranty
  • Medium-firm feel (5.5 - 6/10)
  • Gel memory foam that sleeps cool
  • Some initial smell (not strong)

Summary: Live and Sleep’s Resort Ultra memory foam mattress has a ton of value packed into such a low price point. Not only does it sleep cool and have a soft, breathable cover, it uses durable foams that are CertiPUR-US Certified. The best part? They throw in a free queen-size pillow! We consider Live & Sleep’s Resort Ultra the best mattress on Amazon if you’re looking for a budget memory foam option

Verdict: Live & Sleep’s Resort Ultra line is one of Amazon’s most well-reviewed memory foam mattresses, with over 90% 5-star reviews. Memory foam is good at relieving tension & pressure at various pressure points in your body. It does it better than innerspring, latex, and some hybrids. Live & Sleep made it an easy choice for us to name it the best memory foam mattress on Amazon. While their construction is a simple 2.5″ airflow foam on top of 8.5″ of high-density support foam, sometimes simple is better. A two-foam layer construction means more opportunity for airflow to occur, without running the risk of trapping hot air and causing bacteria growth. Live & Sleep also uses a very soft “flex” cover that’s easy to wash, and almost feels like a soft cloud. It also is antimicrobial + hypoallergenic, and is build to last 10+ years. Our favorite part? The mattress comes with a free queen-size pillow. Not too shabby!

best mattress on amazon - Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Queen Size, 12-Inch Medium-Firm Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Premium Form Pillow, CertiPUR Certified - overview

Firmness & Support: Firmness is about a 5.5-6 on a 1-10 firmness scale. This is a medium-firm mattress. Best for all 3 sleep positions, including side, back & stomach. The top memory foams do a surprisingly good job completely aligning your spine. Since it’s memory foam, pressure points are targeted & relieved, and overall blood flow is improved. One of our favorite aspects of Live & Sleep’s Resort Ultra is it’s 20-year warranty. This is a testament to Live & Sleep’s commitment to standing behind their mattress; defects included.

Live & Sleep Resort Ultra is best for people that:

  • Want amazing value – Want the best memory foam mattress on amazon with value in mind. Live & Sleep’s Resort Ultra is not the most expensive or the best overall quality memory mattress on Amazon, but we believe it’s far-and-away the best value
  • You want a healthy mattress – Live & Sleep is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, sleeps cool from it’s gel top layer, and does an amazing job supporting your body. We’re not overstating how good we think this mattress is. Our sentiments echo already verified reviews
  • You want a free high-quality memory foam pillow – One of the coolest perks of buying this mattress on Amazon is it’s free pillow. Live & Sleep throws in a high-quality memory foam pillow with your purchase. We love little perks like this and we’ve seen overwhelming positive reviews on the comfort & firmness of their pillow. Read more about their pillow here
  • You want a mattress that’s built to last with a long warranty – Live & Sleep comes with a 20 year pro rated warranty. They stand behind their mattress & completely back it for the full 20 years. It’s a testament to the mattress build quality; especially at this price point. 

3. Best Hybrid Mattress On Amazon

Best spring + foam hybrid mattress with cloud-like pillow-top feel

  • Ultra-value hybrid design
  • Amazing support + relieves pressure points
  • Sturdy coil support + classic plush pillow top feel
  • Not for people that don't like a plush pillow top feel

Summary: Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top Cool Gel Foam and Innerspring Hybrid is a budget-oriented hybrid mattress using gel foam and innerspring coils all nestled under a plush pillow top. This is a fantastic value for people that want a best of both worlds feel between springs & foam. It accommodates all sleep positions very well, and does a fairly incredibly job relieving tension & pressure for various pain points in your body. This is easily the best overall hybrid mattress on Amazon in our opinion.

VerdictClassic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top Cool Gel Foam and Innerspring Hybrid is everything you’d expect out of a value oriented mid-quality hybrid mattress on Amazon. It’s substantially built, sitting at 12″ in thickness, and build quality is surprisingly good for it’s price. Since it’s a pillow top, you’ll feel firm resistance from coils while being enveloped and cradled by a plush pillow top above. The result? A mattress that accommodates all 3 sleep positions very well, including side, back, and stomach. Other notable mentions include CertiPUR certified foams, and Classic Brands 10-year warranty. 

best mattress on amazon - Classic Brands Mercer 12-Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring MattressFirmness & Support: Firmness for Classic Brand’s Mercer Pillow-Top Hybrid is about a 6 on a 1-10 firmness scale. Although it sits a little more toward the firm side, you’ll never feel the springs. The plush pillow top allows you to comfortably sleep on top without feeling any coils below. The pillow top accommodates and encapsulates your shoulders, hips, and other pain points to accommodate all sleep positions very well (especially side). Since this is a hybrid mattress with coils, support is extremely good. Coils are built to last 10 years, and Classic Brands stands behind that durability with their 10 year warranty.

Classic Brand’s Mercer Pillow-Top Hybrid is best for people that:

  • Want a best of both worlds feel – Classic Brands combines a classic innerspring coil design with memory foam. The coils provide resilient, durable support. Foam above captures pressure points & alleviates pressure throughout your body. 
  • Want to feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud –  Mercer’s pillow-top does an amazing job cradling your body and relieving tension and pressure for pain points throughout your body.
  • Want a traditional feel – Since Classic Brands combines a pillow top with springs & memory foam, you’ll get classic innerspring support without actually feeling coils beneath you. Coils are built to last at least 8+ years, and CB stands behind that claim with their 10 year warranty.

4. Best Latex Mattress On Amazon

All natural USA made latex mattress

  • 2" of 100% natural latex
  • Amazing pressure point relief
  • Extremely comfortable + supportive
  • Not for people that have latex allergies

Summary: Best 2 Rest’s 10 inch natural latex mattress takes our spot for the best latex mattress on Amazon. It’s made in the USA, has 2″ of all natural latex foam on top, and the best part? It accommodates all sleep positions extremely well, including back, stomach & side. Since it’s all natural latex, expect it to be completely dust mite & allergy proof, along with breathability. You’d be hard-pressed to find a latex mattress on Amazon that’s priced less & more comfortable. Our opinion? You won’t. 

Verdict: Best 2 Rest’s 10 inch natural latex mattress is easily the best value latex mattress on Amazon in our opinions. Why? For one, it’s latex. Latex mattresses are one of most interesting mattress technologies in 2018. They’re as natural a mattress as you can get. They’re not only dust mite & allergy proof, but they breath extremely well. The result is a very cool, unimpeded sleep. Keep in mind the entire mattress is not latex. The top layer is 2″ of natural latex. Below is 1″ of gel infused foam, and 7″ of high density support foams. The natural latex on top does an amazing job cradling the body and responding to all major pressure points & weak points in your body. The result is a much more refreshing sleep that’s difficult to obtain with other mattress types. Other notable features include it’s organic cotton cover. 

Firmness: People rave this is one of the most comfortable mattresses they’ve ever sleep on. This is largely due to it’s latex top layer. It might not be as good as $6000 all-latex mattresses, but it comes close for being priced 90%+ less. Firmness is about a 5.5 on a 1-10 firmness scale. It’s soft enough for side sleeping, and firm enough to give resistance when back & stomach sleeping. 

How We Picked The Best Mattress On Amazon

We narrowed down the 4 best mattresses on Amazon with 3 simple criteria. 

  1. Value – Price/value ratio is important. We don’t like recommending $1000+ mattresses unless they’re justifiably priced. This is why the mattresses we recommend here are generally priced under $500.
  2. Positive Verified Reviews – Our top recommendations have to be well reviewed. Any mattress with a 4.0 rating or lower is not considered. Verified reviews reflect customer sentiment. This is an often overlooked piece to a very confusing puzzle of finding the right mattress for you.
  3. Availability – Not every mattress sold online is available for prime or fast delivery. We made sure each option we picked had fast, free shipping available fulfilled by either Amazon or a reputable 3rd party.

Whatever decision you come to ultimately leads down the same road – picking a mattress that works best for your individual needs. This includes innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, or latex mattresses. 

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