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6 Best Built In Gas Grills For Summer 2018

Editor's Pick

Best Overall Built In Gas Grill

Weight: 125 lbs | Dimensions24.1 x 30.2 x 21.2 inches | BTU’s: 60,000 | Construction: Stainless Steel | Reviews: 18+ Verified Reviews

Best High End Built In (under $4000)

Weight: 205 lbs | Dimensions: 30 x 41 x 33.5 inches | BTU’s: 69,000 | Construction: Stainless Steel | Reviews: 3+ Verified Reviews

Best Mid-Level Built In (under $2000)

Weight: 180 lbs | Dimensions: 22x33x25 inches | BTU’s: 75,000| Construction: Stainless Steel | Reviews: 37+ Verified Reviews

Best Budget Built In (under $1000)

Weight: 92.3 lbs | Dimensions34.2×25.7×24.5 inches | BTU’s: 61,000 |Construction: Stainless Steel | Reviews: Be the first to review!

Best Napoleon Built In

Weight: 92 lbs | Dimensions25x29x23 inches | BTU’s: 48,000 |  Construction: Stainless Steel | Reviews: 1+ Verified Reviews

Best Weber Built In

Weight: 233 lbs | Dimensions: 32x31x49.5 | BTU’s: 48,000 | Construction: Stainless Steel | Reviews: 10+ Verified Reviews

Built In Gas Grills

Built in gas grills are the pinnacle of grilling technology. Gas grill technology has come a long way. Drop-in gas grills have better heat distribution than any other grilling platform available. Pricey? Of course, any high-end product is, but what you lose in price you make up for in taste, convenience, and unparalleled cooking ability. 

PS: We’ll take the blame for your friends & family constantly bothering you to come over for summer outdoor barbecues. 

Continue below for our 6 best built-in gas grills reviewed.

1. Editor's Pick - Best Built In Gas Grill

Bull Outdoor Products 87049 Lonestar Select Natural Gas Drop-In Grill Head

  • Twin-lighting system
  • Easily cleaned
  • Clear installation instructions
  • Thermometer reading may be inaccurate

Weight: 125 lbs | Dimensions24.1 x 30.2 x 21.2 inches | BTU’s: 60,000 | Construction: Stainless Steel

Verdict: The Bull Lonestar drop-in grill brings a modern look with simplicity to your backyard. Unlike others, this grill has a twin lighting on either side of the hood for easy night-time cooking. Easy disassembly, large grease trap, a spacious warming rack make it an easy choice for the best drop-in grill under $2,000. 4 welded stainless steel burners heat quickly & distribute evenly. The burners are very durable and are likely to last years to come.
Construction:  Constructed of stainless steel, the Bull Lonestar drop-in grill is built to last. Each of its 4 burners uses a Piezo ignition, a simple method that requires no electricity. Yet, you can elect to use the lighting system which does need electricity.
Ideal For: This grill is ideal for anyone looking for a simpler and classier way to grill in their backyard. The spacious cooking area allows you to get all your grilling done in one round. If you are having a big BBQ, you can make use of the warming rack. An elegant option for any backyard patio.

Propane Gas Alternative: If you primarily use liquid propane gas, Bull’s propane version is the way to go. It’s around the same price, and it has all the same great feature’s it’s natural gas drop-in brother has. 

Lynx L600PS Sedona 36-Inch Built-In Natural Gas Grill with Pro Sear Burner

  • Ceramic Briquettes
  • Hood lifts easily
  • Halogen cooking surface lights
  • Burner tubes may rust over time

Weight: 205 lbs | Dimensions: 30 x 41 x 33.5 inches | BTU’s: 69,000 Construction: Stainless Steel

VerdictLynx products are known for being “the world’s greatest grills” for a reason. Their wide array of grills of all types secure them as one of the premium grilling brands in America. The ceramic briquettes placed over the burners allow for even heat distribution across the grilling surface. The ProSear burner uses infrared technology to sear your favorite foods (including seafood.) Using the grill is simple. The grill’s hood assist kit allows you lift it with only the force of one finger. The sure-fire ignition system (with battery back-up) promises a reliable start every time. Equipped with halogen surface lights, evening BBQ’s are no problem.

Construction: Thick gauge stainless steel construction ensures that this grill will last. The quality of the grill shines in the continuous weld. This welding method eliminates moisture and grease build-up.

Ideal For: It’s ideal for anyone looking for an easy to use the built-in grill. The stainless steel cooking grates give you a cooking area of 618 square inches. Perfect for poolside and backyard parties. Sear your meat and eat on the patio with no unnecessary trips inside.

Lion Premium Grills L75625 32" Propane Grill

  • 4 burners w/ lifetime warranty
  • Easy to read temperature gauge
  • Includes many accessories
  • Inconsistent spark ignition

Weight: 180 lbs | Dimensions: 22x33x25 inches | BTU’s: 75,000Construction: Stainless Steel

Verdict Lion Premium built-in grill is the best built-in grill under $2,000. Why? This grill comes with more bang for your buck. The grill includes many accessories including a cover, rotisserie, smoker box, griddle & griddle remover. 2 interior lights make night cooking simple. The large temperature gauge makes it easy to read. The only issue? Inconsistent spark ignition. This may be a deal breaker for most, but it did not happen enough for this Lion Premium grill not to make our list. It’s commercial size push-to-turn knobs make lighting simple. 830 square inches of cooking area ensures you can cook for your entire family at once.

ConstructionThe entire construct of this grill is 16 gauge, polished stainless steel. It’s cast stainless steel burners are backed by a lifetime warranty. This commercial grade grill will bring simplicity to your backyard BBQ year after year.

Ideal ForThis BBQ is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable built in grill. This grill comes with all sorts of accessories so there is no need to buy them seperately. Lion Premium grills give you a lasting BBQ at an excellent price.

KitchenAid 740-0780 Built-in Propane Gas Grill

  • No assembly required
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Even heating system
  • Natural gas conversion may be difficult

Weight: 92.3 lbs | Dimensions34.2×25.7×24.5 inches | BTU’s: 61,000 |Construction: Stainless Steel

Verdict:  KitchenAid consistently gives us great budget options for best built-in grills under $1000. With 775 inches of cooking area, it is smaller than more expensive competitors. Being only a few inches smaller, it doesn’t stop it from making our list. KitchenAid grills use an Even-heat system which heats your grill evenly with no hot or cold spots. Electronic ignition guarantees that it will light the first time, every time. The best part? Although it is a propane grill, it comes with a natural gas conversion kit. Some buyers have found it difficult to convert from propane to natural gas. This didn’t seem to occur enough to reconsider KitchenAid for our 7 Best Gas Grills list.

Construction:  KitchenAid uses a corrosion-resistant stainless steel exterior for extra durability. This also makes upkeep simple and cleaning a breeze. The main burner has a 10-year warranty guaranteeing the life of the product.

Ideal For: This built-in grill is ideal for someone on a budget who is looking to add a touch of class and ease to their backyard.If you prefer natural gas, this grill comes with a conversion kit. The no-assembly required design makes set-up simple. 

Napoleon BIPRO665RBNSS Built-In Prestige PRO Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

  • Easily converts to a smoker
  • Double walled lid
  • Battery powered knob lights
  • Smaller cooking space compared to alternatives.
  • Easily converts to a smoker
  • Double walled lid
  • Battery powered knob lights
  • Smaller cooking space compared to alternatives.

Weight: 92 lbs | Dimensions25x29x23 inches | BTU’s: 48,000 |  Construction: Stainless Steel 

Verdict:  Napoleon grills are some of our favorite here at HGA. While many gas grills are manufactured in China, Napoleon grills are manufactured in North America (with offices in Canada and Kentucky). It’s 4 stainless steel tube burners do an amazing job evenly heating the grill surface. Equipped with a jet-fire ignition system, this grill lights every time. Its hood is double-walled and is perfect for converting into a smoker or slow-roasting. You can elect to buy the charcoal tray and smoker tube separately for an easy smoker conversion. Stainless steel cooking grids create perfect sear marks that ever grill master lusts for. You can operate each burner individually with the battery-powered light-up knobs. You can cook a variety of things at once with the 675 inches of cooking space. With less cooking space than more expensive competitors, this is still one of the best built-in grills under $1000.

ConstructionConstructed entirely of stainless steel, this built-in grill is a steal. Durable and well constructed, it’s built to last at least 5-10 years.

Ideal For: Perfect for anyone looking to buy a quality built in gas grill build in America. This is a durable and modern option for a drop-in grill under $1000.


Propane Gas Alternative: If you primarily use liquid propane gas, Napoleon’s propane alternative is the way to go. It costs a little more, but it has more burners, commercial grade, and comes with stainless steel sear plates next to a high-intensity ceramic infrared bottom burner (for searing). 

Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas in Stainless Steel Grill

  • Easily converts to a smoker
  • Double walled lid
  • Battery powered knob lights
  • Smaller cooking space compared to alternatives.

Weight: 233 lbs | Dimensions: 32x31x49.5 | BTU’s: 48,000 Construction: Stainless Steel 

Verdict:  Weber comes to the stage with this built-in grill being one of our favorites. Its roll-in design takes the fuss out of installation. With a primary grill area as well as a warming rack, the total cooking area is 580 sq inches. This is significantly smaller than it’s competitors. But, it offers something that other drop-in grills do not. Weber has added a grill cabinet. Easily store utensils, spices, grill cover, and any other grilling necessities. Access grease trap from the front; it’s simple and makes for easy cleaning. It’s sear burner, heavy-duty rotisserie spit and smoker box bring versatility to backyard BBQ’s. 

ConstructionWeber, like all of our favorite built-in gas grills, is constructed of stainless steel in entirety. Some buyers did find that the exterior stainless steel did stain easily. Keeping your grill clean and covered when not in use may help to prevent this problem. The temperature gauge is built-in to the hood like the others as well.

Ideal ForWe think this grill would be ideal for anyone looking for a simple, yet modern built-in BBQ. Costing around $2,000, this grill offers you cooking versatility. Converting from a grill to a smoker and to a rotisserie with ease.


Propane Gas Alternative: If you primarily use liquid propane gas, Weber’s liquid propane Summit-S660 is your best bet. 

Why Are Drop In Grills So Expensive ?

Drop in gas grills are the highest quality grills money can buy. Nothing comes close. Can you make one yourself? Sure. How much time, energy, and ultimately money will that cost? A lot. Most people don’t have the patience to build one themselves. The next best thing is buying one. Yes, they’re more expensive compared to normal gas grills. Much more, in fact. But what you lose in price is made up in a luxury experience that takes your grilling to the next level.

Ultimately, built in grills are so expensive because:

  • They last longer vs free standing grills
  • Some people love the styling & aesthetic of built ins
  • People want a luxury grilling experience

3 Best Built In Gas Grill Brands Reviewed

There’s 3 main built-in gas grill brands worth mentioning. Napoleon, Weber, and KitchenAid. Both have pros and cons that separate themselves from each other. One isn’t necessarily better than the other. Although some may offer more features than others. You may find higher end brands are more durable and worth the money. While others may be looking for a well-priced option that offers a lot of features. Our Best of Built-In Grills list offers a wide range of grills for any budget.

1. Napolean Built In Grills

Napoleon started as a steel fabrication business called Wolf Steel in 1976. They are the largest North American dealer in many different categories, including gas grills. A privately owned company that is dedicated to providing high-quality products and service.

  • Built in America
  • Built to last 5-10+ years
  • Known for superior quality
Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 Built-In Natural Gas Grill With Infrared Rear Burner - BIPRO665RBNSS-2

2. Weber Built In Grills

Weber has been manufacturing grills since 1952. George Stephen got the idea to create a grill while making buoys. He was a father of 12 and a lover of the BBQ. You may call him somewhat of an expert in grills and grilling.

  • Wide range of pricing options
  • Fantastic heating-technology
  • Feature rich & known for amazing price / value offerings
Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas Grill With Rotisserie & Sear Burner

3. KitchenAid Built In Grills

KitchenAid is a relatively new entry in the built in gas grill space. They have 2 primary models, their 4-burner propane gas with a searing main burner, and a 4-burner propane gas built-in grill with no main searing burner. If you enjoy searing over a grill, their searing main burner option is a no brainer. Otherwise? Saving the $200+ is worth downgrading to their no-searing alternative.

  • Best budget built in options
  • Perfect entry-level built in option
  • No frills + great quality under $1000
KitchenAid 30-Inch Built-In Natural Gas Grill With Rear Burner (Ships As Propane With Natural Gas Fittings) - 740-0780

Built In Gas Grills Are Ideal For People That:

If you’re looking to step away from a freestanding grill, built-in grills are for you. Built-in grills add class to your patio and most are built to last. The best part? Customize your base any way you choose.

  • Want a luxury experience – Being able to customize your base makes your grill completely unique to you. You can elect to buy one or build your own.
  • Want best of the best – Built-in grills are durable and will last you for years and years. While some of these grills are costly, you won’t have to worry about purchasing another BBQ for at least 5-10 years with good care.
  • Want the convenience of a gas grill – Gas grills light quickly and easily with the push of a button. Many of the built-in grill options offer guaranteed first-time start.
  • Want a gas grill that will last many seasons – Since built-in gas grills are permanently mounted to a custom grill enclosure. These grill enclosures withstand elements and rust extremely well. Expect reliable, continued use for many years.
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