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10 Best Cool Things & Gadgets To Buy On Amazon Under $10

Last Price Update: 2019-03-20

Editor’s Note: There’s no need to overspend for cool things on Amazon. There’s a ton of cool gadgets on Amazon to buy under $10. Cool items to buy on Amazon priced under $10 is usually a happy medium. It allows you to find items that are different and practical without sacrificing quality much. We collected our favorite 10 cool things & gadgets on Amazon under $10. The goal is simple; help you find those lower cost items that are unique & interesting. Our favorite cool thing or gadget to buy on Amazon under $10 is Dabest’s Mini Multitool Stainless Steel Pocket Knife Tool 5 in 1 with Keychain. It’s not only practical & useful, it’s also a fantastic gift. This 5 in 1 keychain, knife, screwdriver, and smaller screwdriver is an item you shouldn’t do it without. There’ll be times you wish you had this in your pocket. Whether it comes down to using your bottle opener at a party with friends, or equipping the small knife in an emergency safety situation. It’s built to last with an aluminum frame and stainless steel body.

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10 Best Cool Things & Gadgets To Buy On Amazon Under $10

Below is our 10 favorite Best Cool Things & Gadgets To Buy On Amazon Under $10. We spent hours screening through several thousands products on Amazon under $10. The final result is a curated list of interested, fun, and ultimately cool items to buy on Amazon under $10. 

The best part is these items on our list are universally cool. Interesting to mostly all types of people and preferences. 

We hope you agree too!

Editor's Pick

The best cool thing to buy on Amazon under $10

Last Product Update: 2019-02-19 | Current Price: from $21.99 | Reviews: 98 Reviews | Rating: 5.0
  • Versatile
  • 5-in-1 tool kit
  • Built to last many years of good use


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There’s nothing quite having a useful gadget like a multi-tool. Multi-tool’s are convenient to take everywhere with you. Whenever you’re in a bind, need a screwdriver, bottle opener, or knife, you’ll be prepared. Dabest’s Mini Multitool Stainless Steel Pocket Knife Tool 5 in 1 with Keychain is a fantastic little gadget that’ll last you many years of great use. It’s built to last and you’ll notice no signs of it slowing down. 

For the person who loves gadgets… it doesn’t get much better than this for it’s price. It’s durable,  lightweight, and once you figure out where everything is, very accessible. It’s a great pocket knife to have with you, too. Overall, it’s a fantastic gadget everyone should carry.

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2nd best cool thing to buy on Amazon under $10

Last Product Update: 2019-03-20 | Current Price: $13.99 | Reviews: 2 Reviews | Rating: 2.0
  • LED bulb
  • 2 light sources for day & night use
  • Flexible goose-neck that easily shifts
  • Easy clamp that doesn't damage furniture

The Akaho Desk Lamp on Amazon is the best light we found under or around $10. We love it for several reasons. The primary reason for us is the warm and white light combo. Having 2 light source spectrums really makes a difference for daytime and nighttime use. Use the warm light as you wind down at night. White light for studying, focusing, and general daytime use. 

It has a simple and flexible gooseneck that you can shift into any position, and it comes with a table lamp clip with a non-slip bar. It’s anti-skid inter-layer is especially useful because it protects your furniture from serious damage. We found this cool item on Amazon to buy under $10, and we  weren’t disappointed.

A final feature & benefit we really enjoyed is how the high-quality LED light source. It’s not incandescent, which means the quality difference is very clear. 

This is one of the most useful gadgets we found on Amazon under $10!


3rd best cool thing to buy on Amazon under $10

Last Product Update: 2019-03-20 | Current Price: $16.00 | Reviews: 256 Reviews | Rating: 4.8
  • Waterproof & ventilated
  • Perfect for relaxation & stress reduction
  • Separate hidden compartment w/ zipper
  • Inside divider for books, clothes, and more

We know what you’re thinking… a backpack. This isn’t cool! Trust us, we understand. But give it some consideration. There’s some  serious use-cases for a simple drawstring backpack. Nike’s Brasilia Gymsack on Amazon is especially useful because it’s ideal for not just gym use, but school and outdoor use too. It’s fantastic for any situation you find yourself needing extra storage. It’s water-resistant, has great ventilation with it’s mesh panel bottom, and even has a small zip pocket for easy access to smaller items like your keys or cell phone. We especially like the interior divider to separate your clothes @ the gym or books for school. The use-cases are vast.

You really can’t beat the price on something like this. We hope you agree that Nike’s Brasilia Gymsack on Amazon is a fantastic item to buy on Amazon under $10!


4th best cool thing to buy on Amazon under $10

Last Product Update: 2019-03-20 | Current Price: $10.99 | Reviews: 104 Reviews | Rating: 4.9
  • Weighted with good balance
  • Surprising quality given it's price
  • High carbon german stainless steel

Professional chef knife’s usually demand a higher price tag. GYY’s 9 Inch Chef Knife on Amazon is by no means the best chef knife in the world for $10, but the value can’t be matched. It’s made with high carbon stainless steel, and it’s genuinely build to last a long time. Sure, you might have to sharpen it a little more, but not much more than any other higher quality chef’s knife. It’s razor sharp, crafted well, has simple handling, and it’s surprisingly strong & stable given it’s low price.


5th best cool thing to buy on Amazon under $10

Last Product Update: 2019-03-20 | Current Price: $13.99 | Reviews: 38 Reviews | Rating: 5.0
  • Durable design
  • Super lightweight
  • Incredibly convenient

There’s nothing quite as useful for cooking meat like a digital meat thermometer. Once you use one, you’ll swear by it for the rest of your life. We scoured the internet and found the best digital meat thermometer on Amazon under or near $10. It gets very quick reads, has a memory function that records previous minimum & maximum temperatures, and it’s food-grade stainless steel. The LED light works great for seeing temperatures at night, and it’s IP67 waterproof, so no worry about getting it a little wet. 

This is ideal for all meats, including beef, chicken, pork, fish, lamb, and turkey. 

We love the concept of a cheap and effective digital meat thermometer that doesn’t skimp on quality. This is a must have gadget to buy on Amazon under (or around) $10. 


6th best cool thing to buy on Amazon under $10

Last Product Update: 2019-03-20 | Current Price: $11.99 | Reviews: 78 Reviews | Rating: 4.9
  • Unbreakable
  • Large 20 oz design
  • Lightweight & built to last

Labvon’s 12 OZ Insulated Stemless Glass, Double Wall Vacuum Stemless Wine Cup on Amazon is one of the most practical cool gifts you can buy on Amazon under $10.  This 12 oz stemless glass is a double wall vacuum insulated bumbler that does an amazong job keeping drinks cool and fresh for up to 9 hours. Hot drinks stay warm up to 3 hours. We noticed users commenting on drinks staying warm well past 3 hours. 

Quality is surprisingly good for a item on Amazon under or around $10. It’s made with stainless steel and a top lid that fits a straw. These are not only fantastic for personal use, but make very useful and practical gifts also. 

If you’re looking for a cool item under $10 on Amazon that allows you to have a glass of wine by the pool without worrying about the possibility of a broken glass, this is it! It’s handy, convenient, and overall fantastic value.


7th best thing to buy on Amazon under $50

Last Product Update: 2019-03-20 | Current Price: $15.99 | Reviews: 3,568 Reviews | Rating: 4.8
  • Durable steel construction
  • Proprietary rocking motion tech
  • Supports up to 250+ lbs

HIKPRO’s 20L is a serious powerhouse in hiking backpacks. It’s a fantastic minimalist design that does an amazing job staying functional yet lightweight. The pack itself only weights a surprisingly low 7.5 oz. It easily folds into a small sandwich size for transport. It has 3 zippered compartments, with one large pocket, one smaller outer pocket, and an inner zippered pocket which doubles as a storage pouch. This storage pouch is ideal for cash, credit cards, and anything else that’s important. 

We love that it’s water resistant and durable. These are specifically designed for day hikes and treks. 

We love this compact & versatile hiking backpack. It’s well-made, and undoubtedly one of our favorite cool and useful items to buy on Amazon under $10. 


8th best cool thing to buy on Amazon under $10

Last Product Update: 2019-03-20 | Current Price: $9.99 | Reviews: 3,105 Reviews | Rating: 4.3
  • Extremely soft
  • No lint or peeling at all
  • Incredibly warm and lightweight
  • Comes out dry and fresh every wash cycle

VicTsing’s 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse is exactly what you think it is. A highly functional gadget  that gets the job done in a reliable and small profile. It comes in a slim, portable design, tracks well, and has a smooth glide on most surfaces. It’s surprisingly silent from every review we’ve read, making little to no clicking noise. 

Our favorite feature is it’s auto-turn off feature to save battery life. Not something you find in mice 3-5x the price. 

This is a fantastic gadget for under $10 on Amazon!


9th best cool thing to buy on Amazon under $10

Last Product Update: 2019-03-20 | Current Price: $9.99 | Reviews: 1,340 Reviews | Rating: 5.0
  • Perfect for travel
  • 10,000mAh of charge
  • Latest Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 tech
  • Charges most phones 3-4 times over in 1 charge

DAVICHE’s Mouse Pad Wrist Support on Amazon is truly a necessity if you currently don’t have a mouse pad for your wrist.  Carpel tunnel is a serious problem for a lot of frequent computer-goers. If you aren’t properly aligning your wrist in relation to your keyboard, your medial nerve will bend and over time cause inflammation. This is why you feel tingling in your wrist after many hours of continued computer use. This mouse pad is padded with soft  foam to prop your wrist up correctly and remove any possibility of inflammation occurring in your wrist. 

This is lightweight, large in space and size, and it’s quite frankly an office essential everyone should never do without. It fits most computers and laptops with no issue.



10th best cool thing to buy on Amazon under $10

Last Product Update: 2019-03-20 | Current Price: $14.99 | Reviews: 1,555 Reviews | Rating: 4.8
  • Water resistant
  • Durable & built-to-last
  • Perfect size for all ages
  • Holds up to a 15" MacBook Pro

This Travel Money Belt on Amazon is proof that fanny packs are back in style. Securing your belongings is crucial, especially during travel. Placing important items like your wallet and passport in your pockets just doesn’t work. Having this money belt works wonders for your piece of mind. It also comes equipped with complete RFID protection. This means electronic thieves can’t scan your pockets and get a hold of your credit card information. 

Overall it has a very thin and lightweight design. We personally think this is one of the smartest cool items you can buy on Amazon under or around $10. Let us know if you agree too!


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