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Best Cheap Amazon Add On Items

best amazon addon item
Best, Cheap Amazon Add-on Items

Amazon add-on items serve a great purpose. They’re not only products deeply discounted from normal Amazon prices, they also allow you to reach the $25 minimum free-delivery threshold when you place an order. Since they can only be added on to an existing purchase, you won’t be able to buy just Amazon add-on items.  

The result? A lot of people find this feature frustrating. Our goal? Removing a lot of that frustration by listing legitimately useful add-on products not easily found. A lot of our readers buy Amazon add-on items when they stock up on common household goods, or happen to come across an unusually cheap item. We did our best to gather the absolute best Amazon add-on deals of 2018

We looked at hundreds of Amazon add-on items across a few dozen categories on Amazon. The goal? Helping you find the absolute cheapest & most valued Amazon add-on items to help you speed up your Amazon experience & reach your $25 minimum.

Below we cover:

Best Amazon Add On Items & Deals

We broke out the best Amazon add-on items in one convenient location. Why? So we can help you make the easiest choice as you try & find the ideal add-on item to combine with your order to reach that $25 threshold. 

How did we do it? We took every Amazon category & selected the best Amazon add-on items using carefully selected criteria. What do we think is the best? The best (for us) includes the ideal combination of value, usefulness, and overall price

Continue below for our list of the best Amazon add-on items by category (filtered by best reviewed first).

Amazon Add-On Selection Criteria

Our filter is simple. We consider the best cheap Amazon add-on items must:

  1. Be under $2.50
  2. Have some functional use
  3. Have real user verified reviews
  4. Have an Amazon product review rating over 4.0

40 Add On Items Under $2

Below we picked the 4 best add on items across 10 categories that are practical & useful. Each product we picked is:

  • Under $2
  • Has a product rating over 4.0
  • Has a practical application
  • Has at least 1 verified customer review

2a. Electronics

2b. Beauty & Personal Care

2c. Home & Kitchen

2d. Office Products

2e. Health & Household

2f. Tools & Home Improvement

2g. Toys & Games

2h. Sports & Outdoors

2i. Pet Supplies

2j. Garden & Outdoor


Best Amazon Add-On Items FAQs

Below is the top 5 questions our readers & internet users had about add-on FAQs. If we missed one, let us know down below!

1. Amazon Prime Add-On Items - Are They Prime Eligible?

Yes! Some Amazon add-on items are Prime eligible! Even Amazon themselves says this on their Prime add-on FAQ page. The problem? There aren’t that many prime eligible add-on items; especially at low prices. Click here for our pre-set filters to find all eligible Amazon prime add-on items. This is your best bet in finding the best prime add-ons. 

Prime Members: You do in fact receive Prime shipping benefits on add-on items that are prime eligible. If you’re not a prime member, you can sign up for Amazon’s Prime free trial here & get the benefits of all prime shipping without full commitment. 

2. Adding An Amazon Add-On Item To An Existing Order

Adding an Amazon add-on item to an existing order is quite simple. Follow these 3 steps to combine your add-on order with your existing order.

  1. Add your new add-on item to your Shopping Cart. Click ‘Proceed to Checkout‘. 
  2. Visit the ‘Order Summary‘ in ‘Your Account
  3. Click the ‘Want to combine orders‘ button. This button only shows up when you have 2 or more open orders (that can be combined). 
  4. Click the ‘check box‘ next to each order you wish to combine. Once you do that, click ‘Combine orders‘ when you’re done.
  5. Make any final revisions to your newly combined order. Once done, click ‘Change‘ next to the information you want to edit. 
  6. Finally, click ‘Confirm Order‘ button to completely process the newly combined order.

Wasn’t so bad now, was it?

3. Can't Buy Add-On Items + Can't Checkout?

Note: If your cart contains a mix of Add-on items and other items with a total value of less than $25, you can check out with the other items, but your Add-on items will automatically save for later. In the future, they’ll be added to your next qualifying order that contains $25 of items shipped by Amazon. You also have the option to designate any add-on items that you previously saved to be added to your next qualifying order that contains $25 or more of items shipped by

4. Can You Buy Add-On Items By Themselves?

Good news! Amazon allows you to buy add-on items by themselves! The problem? There’s a slight catch. You still need to make sure your total order value exceeds $25 for shipping eligibility. If your order is less than $25, you can’t checkout & place your order.

You can learn more about this from Amazon themselves in their help center here

5. What Does Add-On Item Even Mean On Amazon?

Add-on items on Amazon are simple. Add-on items are everyday items that are cheaper than average; all sold directly by Amazon. The catch? You can’t just add a random add-on item to your cart & checkout. Why? Amazon requires you to purchase at least $25 before checking out with an add-on item in your cart. 

For some people this can be frustrating if they only want to checkout with that add-on item. Fortunately, Amazon sells such wide-ranging products with a near limitless amount of uses, we’re confident you’ll find something on Amazon to fit your $25 threshold.

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