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Editor’s Note: The sweet spot for finding the best 27″ monitor is under $300 (in our opinion). There’s a ton of great options for 27″ monitors under $300 that accommodate most preferences. We cover the 5 best 27″ monitors under $300 in this review. Our favorite? Dell’s Professional P2717H monitor. It’s a no-frills professional monitor with beautiful colors, a versatile bezel, and amazing color reproduction. It’s perfect for editors, photographers, and businesses. If you’re a gamer, the relatively unknown (but surprisingly good quality) Sceptre brand has an unbelievably good value in their 27″, 144Hz, Freesync enabled, and 1800R curved gaming monitor. Want a no-frills curved monitor? Check out Samsung’s Curved 27″ slim bezel monitor – it’s beautiful. Want more pixels? ASUS’s pB277Q has dominated the ‘under $300‘ space for 27″ monitors. Our personal favorite monitor we reviewed? Monoprice’s 27″ 4K HDR monitor priced at $324.25 as of 2019-05-23.

Best 27″ Monitor Under $300 In 2018

Finding a good monitor at any price that accommodates your unique preferences and uses isn’t easy. Even more, trying to find one that’s 27″, looks good & is priced under $300? Much more difficult.

We believe the ideal sweet spot for 27″ monitors is under $300. It’s a good balance between durability, screen size, features, and versatility

The good news? We scoured the internet for the 5 best 27″ monitors under $300 and we found 5. These aren’t 5 random monitors with decent ratings. These are the 5 best, most up-to-date monitors in 2018 that have the newest components, best specs, and overall best value all for under $300.

Our 5 criteria for finding the best monitors under $300 are:

  1. Monitor must have been released in the past 2 years (no old models)
  2. Monitor reviews must exceed a 4.0 rating or above
  3. Monitor sound quality must be acceptable or better
  4. Monitor bezels must not be too intrusive
  5. Monitor must be in-stock on Amazon

The 5 best 27" monitors under $300 in 2018 include:


Dell Professional P2717H 27' Screen LED-Lit Monitor 

4.4  328 Reviews



Sceptre C275B-144MN 27' Curved 144Hz Gaming LED Monitor AMD FreeSync, 1800R Curvature, DisplayPort HDMI DVI, FPS RTS, Metal Black (v.2018) 

4.1    55 Reviews



ASUS Curved 27' Full HD 1080P DP HDMI VGA Eye Care Monitor 27-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor (VZ27VQ) 

4.3   20 Reviews



ASUS PB277Q 27' WQHD 2560x1440 75Hz 1ms HDMI DVI VGA Eye Care Monitor 

4.0  1,700 Reviews



LG 27UD58-B 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync 

3.5      9 Reviews


  1. Best 27″ Business Monitor Under $300 (1080p) – Dell Professional P2717H 27
  2. Best 27″ Gaming Monitor Under $300 (144hz + 1ms) – ASUS Full HD 1080p 144Hz 1ms
  3. Best 27″ Curved Monitor Under $300 – ASUS Curved 27″ Full HD 1080P
  4. Best 27″ 1440p Monitor Under $300 – AOC Q2778VQE 27-Inch Class 2560×1440, 1ms
  5. Best 27″ 4K HDR Monitor Under $300 (IPS + Freesync included) – LG 27UD58-B 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync 

Dell Professional P2717H 27" Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Date of last product update: 2019-05-23 | Current price: from $135.20 | Reviews: 328 Reviews | Rating: 4.4
  • No frills
  • Slim bezel design
  • Rotates, tilts, and adjusts
  • Extremely good color reproduction not often seen under $300
  • Only displayport connection produces the most accurate colors

Verdict: The Dell Professional P2717H 27″ Screen LED-Lit Monitor series monitor is in a class of it’s own when it comes to pure no-frills 27″ monitors under $300. It has a slim edge border design (making it ideal for dual or tri-monitor setups), pivots, tilts & adjusts any way you need it to, and the matte panel itself is gorgeous. Color reproduction is extremely good for a VN panel, staying very bright at virtually all angles. Since color reproduction and accuracy is very good on Dell’s 27 “Professional monitor, this is a solid choice for photo editors, photography enthusiasts, and anyone that sits in front of a computer screen for several hours at a time.

Note: Keep in mind, only Displayport connections produce the most accurate colors. HDMI will leave you with subpar color accuracy. 

Ideal for people that want:

  • A no frills professional monitor – There’s no real fancy bells or whistles on Dell’s 27″ monitor. It’s just a really well build monitor with a good color reproducing panel. 
  • Good color accuracy – Even though Dell’s 27″ monitor isn’t an IPS monitor, sometimes good monitors don’t need IPS technology to look good. Dell puts good technology in their VA panels that allow them to vividly reproduce crisp images & accurate colors.

Sceptre 27 Inch Curved Gaming LED Monitor AMD FreeSync 144Hz, 1800R Curvature

Date of last product update: 2019-05-23 | Current price: $229.99 | Reviews: 55 Reviews | Rating: 4.1
  • 144Hz
  • 1800R curvature
  • AMD Freesync enabled
  • Flicker-free & anti-glare
  • Super slim bezel design
  • Non adjustable base

Verdict: The Sceptre C275B-144MN 27″ Curved 144Hz Gaming LED Monitor AMD FreeSync, 1800R Curvature, DisplayPort HDMI DVI, FPS RTS, Metal Black (v.2018) is the best 27″ gaming monitor under $300 from a brand you’ve never heard of. Sceptre is not a well known brand with not nearly as much publicity and popularity as BenQ, ASUS, or Dell. Don’t misttake that lack of popularity from build quality & value. Our opinion? We think Sceptre’s 27″ gaming monitor is the best value in 2018 for 27″ gaming monitors under $300. But make no mistake, the Sceptre 27 inch 144hz 1800R monitor is unbelievably well built for it’s price. It’s also one of the beefiest spec’ed monitors under $300 we’ve come across, period. Why? It comes with Freesync, 144hz, 1800R curvature, and a flicker free antiglare VA panel. No other monitor we’ve found packs all these specs in 1 – Sceptre manages to do it. This monitor regularly goes on sale for Black Friday too – so always keep an eye on it. Other notable features include a really good color contrast ratio, making a very crisp monitor, and a 3ms refresh rate (not a noticeable difference from 1ms in real world scenarios). 

The only real con we could find is it’s non adjustable monitor stand. This isn’t a big deal for most people, but if you need an adjustable monitor stand – this is not the right monitor for you. 

Ideal for people that want:

  • Want an incredible price-to-value ratio
  • Want a beefy spec’ed monitor 
  • Play fast games and need 144Hz

Samsung CURVED 1920x1080 HDMI VGA Monitor, White, 27"

Date of last product update: 2019-05-23 | Current price: from $395.00 | Reviews: 45 Reviews | Rating: 4.3
  • No frills
  • 1800R curvature reduces eyestrain
  • White, minimalistic look
  • No bells & whistles

Verdict: The Samsung Curved 1920×1080 HDMI VGA Monitor, White, 27″ is about as no frills a curved monitor as it gets. Unlike the previous Sceptre gaming monitor we reviewed, Samsung’s curved monitor is a little less expensive and has a more minimalist look. This monitor is perfect for office environments & home use without heavy game play intentions. The curve makes it much more visually appealing, and it’s white bezel really jumps out in an elegant and expensive-looking way. The curved matte screen also does an amazing job reducing eye strain if you’re someone that stares at a monitor screen for several hours at a time. The picture itself is crisp, and color reproduction is accurate.  

Ideal for people that want:

  • A no frills curved monitor on a budget with little sacrifice to quality 
  • A minimalist, white monitor that matches the aesthetic of their room 
  • Want to reduce eyestrain over long viewing periods due to the 1800R curvature 

ASUS PB277Q 27" WQHD 2560x1440 75Hz 1ms HDMI DVI VGA Eye Care Monitor

Date of last product update: 2019-05-23 | Current price: from $211.99 | Reviews: 1,700 Reviews | Rating: 4.0
  • 1440p + 75Hz + 1ms
  • Blue light filter + flicker free for reduced eye strain
  • VA panel brings out more vibrant & accurate colors
  • Ergonomic stand that tilts, swivels, pivots, and height adjusts
  • Price

Verdict: The ASUS PB277Q 27″ WQHD 2560×1440 75Hz 1ms HDMI DVI VGA Eye Care Monitor is one of the best price-to-performance ratio 27 inch 1440p monitors under $300 in 2018. Why? A few reasons. For one, there’s no other monitor we came across under $300 that has 1440p resolution, 1ms, and 75Hz. These combination of factors easily make this the best 1440p monitor under (or around) $300. ASUS’s PB277Q also does a very good job reducing eyestrain, equipped with a flicker free & blue light filter that works wonders in real world cases for reducing eye fatigue over time. The stand is good too. It’s ergonic, and it tilts, swivels, pivots, and height adjusts. One of our favorite features? It’s easy cable management system behind the monitor that allow for easy organization. 

Ideal for people that want:

  • One of the best price-to-performance ratio 27″ 1440p monitors under $300 out there in 2018. 
  • Faster refresh rate for movement intensive games (like counter strike or racing games)
  • Reduced eye strain over time with ASUS’s monitor technology that increase blue light & make flickering occur less frequently

Monoprice 27in 4K ActiveHDR Desktop Monitor with Aluminum Bezel

Date of last product update: 2019-05-23 | Current price: $324.25 | Reviews: 9 Reviews | Rating: 3.5
  • IPS panel
  • 4k resolution
  • HDR enabled (10-bit)
  • Unreal level of crisp , pixel dense detail
  • N/A

Verdict: The Monoprice 27in 4K ActiveHDR Desktop Monitor with Aluminum Bezel monitor is one of the best 4k monitors under $300 in 2018. Why? A few reasons. For one, Monoprice, like Sceptre,is not a well known monitor brand. The good news? They don’t have to be for their monitor to be an amazing value with great build quality. Monoprice somehow managed to pack a 4k HDR monitor (10-bit color) under (or around) $300. We don’t know how they did it, but they did. This is the perfect monitor for console gamers, future proofers, people with Netflix (with HDR-enabled content flooding into Netflix almost on a daily basis), and so many more. HDR (high-dynamic range) is the future of TVs and monitors. You get brighter whites and deeper blacks that legitimately make a monumental difference in viewing experience.  We’ve seen HDR tech in TVs in 2017 & 2018, and now they’re making their way into monitors. HDR-activated monitors are much more advanced than HDR-enabled TVs, so you’ll get even crisper colors, better response times, and more detailed images with Monoprice’s HDR enabled 4K monitor. Our favorite feature (aside from HDR capability) is it’s IPS panel & Freesync capability. If you PC-game in any capacity & have a AMD video card, Freesync will make a ton of difference & offset any shortcomings from Monoprice’s slower (60Hz) refresh rate. 

Ideal for people that want:

  • 4K HDR (10-bit) capability under (or around) $300 
  • A great console gaming monitor for Xbox One or PS4 – 
  • Freesync capability – 
  • The best value 27″ 4k monitor in 2018 – 


Best 27" Inch Monitor Under $300 FAQs

  1. Minimum Requirements For The Best 27 Inch Monitor Under 300
  2. Ideal Resolution For 27 Inch Monitor Under 300?

Minimum Requirements For The Best 27 Inch Monitor Under 300

The best budget 27 inch monitor under $300 must:

  1. Have been released in the past 2 years (no old models)
  2. exceed a 4.0 rating or above
  3. Have at least minimum decent sound quality for us to consider it
  4. Have non intrusive & overwhelming bezels

Ideal Resolution For 27 Inch Monitor Under 300?

Resolution is supremely important when picking your next monitor. Determining the best resolution for a 27 inch monitor under $300 depends on several things, including:

1. 1080p resolution for the best 27" monitor under $300

1080p is the ideal resolution for 3 main groups of PC-goers:

  • gamers
  • budget-conscious users
  • people with less than ideal video cards.

In all 3 cases having a 1080p monitor is a better choice than 1440p. While 1440p and 4k monitors are significantly more pixel dense and crisp than 1080p monitors, 1080p still looks good, especially if you snag a 144Hz 1080p monitor. A 1080p + 144Hz monitor is significantly better than a 1440p + 60Hz monitor if you play games, or have a less than ideal GPU.

2. 1440p resolution for the best 27" monitor under $300

1440p is the minimum acceptable monitor resolution for people that edit photosvideos, or are serious about photography in any way. Anything less than 1440p and colors will look washed out and images won’t be as crisp as 1440p and 4k resolutions. 1440p is our minimum threshold for gamers that want to fully appreciate their gaming environments. This comes with a caviet, however. Don’t get a 1440p monitor if your video card won’t support it. Google your video card benchmarks on the most popular games you expect to play on your future 1440p monitor. If benchmarks are lacking? Either upgrade your video card (which is hard to do in 2018), or consider a 144hz 1080p 27″ monitor, like Sceptre 27 Inch Curved monitor on our list at #2. 

3. 4k resolution for the best 27" monitor under $300

4k is the pinnacle of obtainable monitor resolutions in 2018. The problem? 4k resolutions require a really, really good video card. Cards that cost over $1000 in 2018. The good news? 4k is still a fantastic choice if you don’t play GPU intense games. 4k HDR monitors are the next step forward, and if you want a monitor to appreciate the best consumer technology in digital imagery, we strongly recommend taking a look at our #5 pick. 

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