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Editor’s Note: The sweet spot for finding the best laptop is under $700. There’s a ton of great options for users of all types in 2018. Our favorite? Acer’s Swift 3. Why? It comes with a fast current generation i5-8250U, 8GB of DDR4 ram, a huge 256GB SSD, and the best part? Full HD IPS screen. Build quality is sturdy & battery life is over 10 hours. The best part? It’s under $700. It’s designed for a tight budget with flexible capabilities for both personal & business use. You’ll be hard-pressed finding a better deal in 2018 for a laptop under $700. Don’t forget to check our other 4 picks below – they’re no slouches.

Best Overall

153 Reviews | 3.9


Best Portable

298 Reviews | 4.1


Best Storage 

11 Reviews | 3.6


Best 2-in-1

32 Reviews | 3.3


Best For Speed

30 Reviews | 4.2


5 Best Laptops Under $700 (only 2018 models)

Finding a good laptop at any price range isn’t easy. Finding a good, affordable one under $700? Much more difficult. Even worse, companies frequently try tricking consumers into buying old stock by changing product titles to ‘2018‘. Fortunately, we make sure our readers don’t fall for that. 

The sweet spot for laptops in our opinion is under $700. It’s a good balance between durability, acceptable battery life, fast processing power, and at least 8GB of memory. Most importantly, a solid state drive (SSD) is a must.

The good news? We scoured the internet for the best laptops under $700 and we found 5. These aren’t 5 random laptops with some good ratings. These are the 5 best, most up-to-date laptops for 2018 that have the newest components, best specs, and overall best value all for under $700.

Editor's Pick

The 5 best laptops under $700 in 2018 are:
  1. Best Laptop Under $700 Overall – Acer Swift 3, 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U
  2. Best Laptop Under $700 That’s Thin, Light and Portable – ASUS VivoBook S Ultra Thin and Portable Laptop
  3. Best Laptop Under $700 With 13.3″ Screen – Dell Inspiron 13 7000 7370 Laptop
  4. Best Laptop Under $700 That’s 2-in-1 – Lenovo Flex 5 14-Inch 2-in-1 Laptop
  5. Best Laptop Under $700 For Speed (i7-8550u) – HP 15.6″ HD Touchscreen Notebook (2018 Newest)
Our 6 criteria for finding the best Laptop under $700 in 2018 are:
  1. All major components must be current generation parts.
  2. Battery life must meet or exceed 8+ hours.
  3. Processor must be at minimum a quad-core.
  4. Reviews must exceed a 4.0 rating or above.
  5. Must have at least 8gb of DDR4 ram.
  6. Must be in-stock

Screen: 15.6″ Full HD IPS | CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U | Ram: 8GB DDR4 Memory | Storage: 256GB SSD | OS: Windows 10 Home | Battery Life: 10-hours

Date of last product update: 2019-05-24 | Current price: from $639.99 | Reviews: 153 Reviews | Rating: 3.9
  • IPS display
  • 256GB SSD
  • 10-hours of battery life
  • Extremely quiet + cool to the touch
  • Sound quality isn't great

Verdict: The Acer Swift 3 is about as close as you can get to a macbook without the hefty price tag. It’s incredibly quiet, stays cool even under heavy loads, and comes with minimal bloatware. One of our favorite aspects? Only 3.3 lbs. It’s light enough to be easily portable. Other noteworthy features include a back-lit keyboard & 10+ hours of battery life under normal use. Screen display is another important aspect to mention. This is an IPS display, which makes for very clear & bright images. The screen also has a higher resolution & display density than a MacBook Air. We searched for hours to find the best laptop under $700; Acer’s Swift 3 made that an easy choice.

Best Laptop Under 700 - Acer Swift 3, 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U, 15.6 Full HD, 8GB DDR4, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Home, SF315-51-518SNotable Components: The Acer Swift 3 has all up-to-date components as of 2019-05-24. This means a fast 8th generation Intel i5-8250U, 8GB of DDR4 (with room to upgrade), and our favorite feature; a 256GB SSD. Acer’s Swift 3 boots up in 5-10 seconds with this SSD. It’s extremely fast & makes all the difference in day-to-day usage. 10 hours of battery life and Windows 10 home make this a familiar experience for Window users.

Screen: 15.6″ Full HD IPS | CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U | Ram: 8GB DDR4 Memory | Storage: 256GB SSD | OS: Windows 10 Home | Battery Life: 10-hours

  • Large 256GB SSD
  • Beautiful exterior
  • Thin bezel & WideView display
  • USB 3.1 &USB Type-C connections
  • Light, thin, portable, and very compact
  • Not as powerful as other options

Verdict: The ASUS VivoBook S Ultra Thin & Portable Laptop is one of our favorite laptops of the 5 on our list. It’s the perfect laptop for students. What makes this laptop unique is it’s combined portability & power. It has a fast 8th gen i5-8250U yet it’s profile is extremely slim – sitting at .7″ thin and 80% screen-to-body ratio. It’s also really light, sitting at 3.7 lbs. For a 15.6″ laptop – that’s insanely light.  It’s display is wide & rich with a WideView display & nano-edge bezel. Other notable features that separate ASUS’s VivoBook from the pact it’s extensive connectivity, coming with USB 3.1 port and reversibile USB Type-C connections. It also has an ergonomic backlit keyboard, a fast touchpad fingerprint sensor, really beautiful visuals with ASUS’s Tru2Life video technology, and refined audio that legitimately sounds good for a laptop in this price range. 

Notable Components: The ASUS VivoBook S Ultra Thin and Portable Laptop has all up-to-date components as of early 2018. I5-8250U, 8GB of DDR4, and 256GB of SSD storage. Most laptops in this price range have 128GB of SSD storage, so twice the storage in the VivoBook allows you much more wiggle room with personal storage space. Battery life is also strong for such a thin laptop under $700. You’ll get about 6-8 hours of normal use out of it before needing to charge again. This the ideal battery life amount for college students & people that need a portable laptop on a single charge. 

Screen: 15.6″ Full HD IPS | CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U | Ram: 8GB DDR4 Memory | Storage: Hybrid 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD | OS: Windows 10 | Battery Life: 7-8 hours

  • .89" thin
  • 128GB SSD + 1TB hybrid storage
  • Full HD IPS + TrueLife LED back-lit
  • USB 3.1 + USB Type-C
  • No frills option

Verdict: Dell’s Inspiron 5000 is one of Dell’s newest and best laptops under $700 in 2018. It comes in a 15.6″ screen profile that’s a Full HD IPS screen using Dell’s TrueLife LED-backlit touchscreen technology. Dell’s TrueLife tech makes for a brighter, more accurate screen that genuinely makes a difference during longer viewing sessions. Other notable features are it’s backlit keyboard, bluetooth 4.2, a very precise touchbad, USB 3.1 Type-C, and our favorite feature; it’s thin profile. .89″ thin to be exact. It isn’t as thin as a few other options under $700, but it’s thin enough to make it a worthwhile compromise. 

Notable Components: The Dell’s Inspiron 5000 comes with all the expected features for a high end laptop under $700. Latest gen. i5-8250u, 8GB of DDR4 ram, and one of it’s definiting features; hybrid storage. Dell uses a 128 SSD for Windows 10 combined with 1 TB of slower storage. This makes a huge difference in load times in real world settings. Once you experience it, going back to anything that doesn’t have an SSD will be nearly impossible. 

Screen: 14″ Full HD IPS | CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U | Ram: 8GB DDR4 Memory | Storage: 256GB SSD | OS: Windows 10 Home | Battery Life: 10-hours

Date of last product update: 2019-05-24 | Current price: from $534.89 | Reviews: 32 Reviews | Rating: 3.3
  • 256GB SSD
  • Flexible 2-in-1 design
  • Beautiful 14" IPS screen
  • Long 10+ hours of battery life
  • Accurate fingerprint reading technology
  • Not as many connections as alternatives

best laptop under $700 - Lenovo Flex 5 14-Inch 2-in-1 Laptop
Lenovo Flex 5 14-Inch 2-in-1

Verdict: The Lenovo Flex 5 14-Inch 2-in-1 is easily the best 2-in-1 laptop under $700. It’s extremely versatile, has epic battery life, can bend 360-degrees (hence the name), and it has surprisingly good speakers. It comes with a sleep aluminum finish in Onyx Black, and it presents itself in a clean, modern look. It’s touch pad comes with a security & fingerprint reader designed to login instantly without typing in any passwords. This is a big convenience for a lot of people; especially if you’re not used to this technology. All-in-all the Lenovo Flex 5 is perfect for someone that’s on the go, doesn’t want a bigger 15″+ screen, wants a laptop with long battery life, and can utilize it’s flex design built for portability & flexibility. 

Notable Components: Like every other laptop on our top 5 list, we set strict spec requirements to make sure we genuinely pick the best 5 laptops under $700. As a result, the Lenovo Flex 15 comes with all the hardware specs you’d expect for the best laptop under $700. Current gen. processor, fast 128GB SSD with a 1TB drive for storage, and a beautiful 14″ IPS screen designed for longer battery life. The only real drawbacks is no USB Type-C connections. This is a deal breaker for a small % of laptop users, but if you’re one of them, we recommend looking at #3 on our list instead.

Screen: 15.6″ LED | CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U | Ram: 8GB DDR4 Memory | Storage: 256GB SSD | OS: Windows 10 Home | Battery Life: 10-hours

Date of last product update: 2019-05-24 | Current price: from $849.00 | Reviews: 30 Reviews | Rating: 4.2
  • 256GB SSD
  • Large 15.6" screen
  • Incredible multitasking capability with an Intel i7-8550u
  • No frills

Verdict: HP’s 15.6″ HD Touchscreen Notebook is HP’s latest iteration in their touchscreen notebook line for 2018. One major difference between this laptop and any other laptop under $700 is it’s i7 processor. The Intel Core i7-8550U processor is a multitasking beast. It handles tasks multiple times more easily than 8th generation i5 processors that are standard in this price range. This makes HP’s 15.6″ HD touchscreen notebook perfect for students, programmers, engineering students, and more. This is about as no-frills as it gets. You don’t get a super HD resolution screen, battery life is good, not great, and you get 256GB of fast SSD storage; nothing more. 

Notable Components: As we mentioned above, the multitasking capability is why you’d want to purchase HP’s 15.6″ HD Touchscreen Notebook. It crushes other laptops under $700 for pure multitasking capabilities with it’s i7-8550u. It comes with all the other standard-fare under $700 that’s expected. 256GB SSD, good battery life, acceptable screen resolution, and decent portability. Nothing spectacular outside it’s processing power. To be honest, nothing else needs to be spectacular with an i7 in a laptop under $700. For most people, that’s all you need. 

Every laptop under $700 should have certain expectations. Our criteria for finding the best laptops under $700 is simple. They must have:

  • Current generation parts (not old stock) – Buying a laptop under $700 with new, current generation parts is important. It means you get more shelf life out of your laptop; they’re not only more future proof, but you get the best benefits in the present for choosing parts that are closer to current technology. For laptops under $700, we require them to have at least 8th generation CPUs.
  • Minimum 1-year manufacturer’s warranty – warranties are important. Laptops are no different. Most laptops come with manufacturer warranties, but some don’t. We only include laptops that have a minimum 1-year manufacturer’s warranty in our top 5 best laptops under $700 list. If it doesn’t have it? We don’t even consider it. It’s that simple. 

Tied into our expections of laptops under $700 with current generation parts, we break down what exactly that means below. The best laptop under $700 needs:

1. Processor 

The best laptop under $700 needs at minimum an 8th generation Intel CPU. This means 1 of 2 processors is what you should expect in a laptop under $700 in 2018. 

  • Intel i5-8350u – This is Intel’s i5 processor line released in Q3’17. It’s significantly faster than Intel’s 7th gen CPUs from 2016-2017, and it consumes much less power. Any laptop under $700 should have at minimum Intel’s i5-8350u. 
  • Intel i7-8550u – Like the Intel i5-8350u, the i7-8550u was released in Q3’17. It’s on average 4-8% faster than it’s i5 brother, but consumes a little less power & draws less heat. The difference between both is not staggering, and real world difference is barely (if at all) noticeable. 

2. Video Card

Mostly all laptops under $700 outside of gaming laptops will not have a video card them; especially if you’re a student, programmer, or businessman. If you’re a gamer, recommendations in this article are not suited for you. We recommend looking at gaming laptops with dedicated video cards. As a result, don’t worry about this section. Intel’s integrated graphics technology in their processors are more than enough to run basic tasks & play relatively simple games. 

3. Hard Drive

Hard drives are some of the most overlooked pieces of hardware in a laptop under $700. Our criteria for the best laptop under $700 is simple; it must have at least a 128GB SSD. Not having an SSD in a laptop under $700 is doing a massive disservice to your hard earned money. They’re one of the biggest everyday convenient pieces of hardware you can put into your laptop. An SSD can increase load speeds anywhere from 3-10x, including boot up. Boot up times on most laptops under $700 with a good SSD can go from 30 seconds to a minute, to 3-5 seconds.  

4. Ram

Ram is another often overlooked piece of hardware in a laptop under $700. Our criteria for ram for the best laptop under $700 is 8GB. We don’t feel comfortable recommending a laptop with RAM under 8GB. Any laptop for everyday use approaching $700 will run into too many bottlenecks with ram under 8GB. 

5. Battery Life

Battery life in laptops improves every year as processors become more efficient, SSDs become more and more commonplace, and screen technology improves. Laptops under $700 in 2018 have made some of the best iterations on battery life. The 5 laptops on our list at minimum operate at least 7+ hours at normal loads until battery empties. The Acer Swift 3 has one of the longest battery life’s on our list, sitting at around 10 hours of battery life operating at normal use. 

6. Bloatware

Fortunately bloatware has gotten better with laptops under $700 over the years. 2018 is the best year we’ve yet seen for bloated software specs in laptops. All 5 laptops on our list have minimal bloatware that won’t noticeably slow down your everyday use much, if at all. 

7. Portability

All the laptops on our list are at least somewhat portable and compact, even 15.6″ laptops. While 15.6″ are not ideal, the several we recommend on our list are still relatively light (under 1 lb.), and thin (under 1″). Portable is crucial for everyday college students, businessmen, and everywhere in between. This is a big mistake most people make when they purchase a laptop. They think portability won’t matter as much to them if they’re sitting for hours at a time. Our opinion? It absolutely does. 

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